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  1. Sweet! I hope one day there will be an option, to see the ID number on the blacklist page. Because I wouldn't like to invite blacklisted player's alt (from same account) on a rare, neither accept an invitation, if a blacklisted person is in the party. If they did something "worthy" for a spot on my blacklist, then the ten feet distance, please. Thanks for taking your time answering!
  2. Obviously... But what dose it mean in this game? Chat blocking, Party blocking, Room visit blocking, Trade blocking, or either or all? Ahh sweet.
  3. 1, Hows the blacklist works in this game? 2/a, If I blacklist a person, with a popular name, do i blacklist all of them? 2/b If it's name only, do i must blacklist all of their toon? 2/c, If it's bound the card, without the card number. How can i manage the blacklist?
  4. Your bot cannot follow ya yet, cause it's not coded. If she would be coded, then at least lv 80.
  5. Ahhh yes, important note! Playing as FT, if you're kind enough to give buffs, if there's no AT. Then you should use wand + mag for speed.
  6. Pfff.... A wand can have 2 slot of the same element, a rod can have 4. Much higher damage bonus you will recieve on the opposite element, not to mention, end game rods such as EPD, have boosted % modifier if you add the same elements. Check this out EPD vs Glass hammer + Enferna Maxed out EPD has: 2020 PP 1820 Tech Maxed Glass hammer has: 1900 PP 1400 Tech Maxed Enferna has: 1880 PP 1020 Tech EPD already excel in Tech, but read this. EPD: Has a 50% power modifier as opposed to the normal 20% modifier inherent in all rods. Glass hammer: Boosts the power modifier of all photon arts used with this weapon by 20%. Enferna: ... Nada Lastly: Har / Quick is a thing, and later there will be better units for it.
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