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  1. Is there a way to do this or are we stuck with the +50% whether we like or not? If not, i'd like to suggest that it's an added feature in the future. Rushing to max level is the result of the modern online game zerg mentality and not something that every player desires from their experience. I've played on both WoW and PSO private servers that allow you to toggle custom exp boosts in case you want a more authentic experience. That sort of thing is greatly appreciated by players like me who enjoy playing games as they were originally intended to be played by the developers. Anyway thanks for any info on this. I can't find a command to toggle it anywhere. Apologies if I'm just blind.
  2. For the second problem I'd say instead, remove/nerf all "movement" PAs like tornado dance since using them to travel faster is exploiting the game in the first place. It kills the RPG feeling of the game when everyone dashes through the stages as quickly as possible. That's one of PSO2's biggest problems. Make it slower, not faster. That's one reason PSO1 is so superior.
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