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  1. Honestly you can argue that GM is even a support they have lv 5 debuff and a lv 5 stun pa with shotty MAGA horrible pa idea should be reverted to what it was originally.
  2. Add grinding system to the list lol. Shotgun ty for contributing with your helpful comments very insightful.
  3. Guntecher all the way AT with no pa travel cant even keep up with GT. If AT had PA travel it would be closer.
  4. Weapons not breaking ruins the market and its not fun sitting there for 2 hours til you get a 10/10. Grinding used to be exciting you dont need to have all 10/10s to beat missions only some weapons needed to be that but maybe they could just change the weapons to be more grinding friendly. Many others feel the same but dont care enough to make a forum post and I know some ppl that are not playing because its boring when everyone has a 10/10. I understand why the system got changed because of cry babies spamming the forum with how flawed the old system was but until they could come up with a better system they should of just left it cause this isnt the answer. Incap is flawed right now (RNG to kill monsters lol) but ppl wont mention that because its 'fun'. Maybe they should make it only work on robots kinda silly to one shot a monster with 55k+ hp.
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