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  1. Keystone, you're addressing something that isn't a problem, as if it were a problem. This doesn't need to be solved - Phantasy Star Universe ran for six years with majority human/newman techers under SEGA, and it continued to do so under Clementine's staff. I could look at all the parts of my response that you ignored to make your point; I could posit that you don't have a response to those parts and were cherrypicking; I could point out all sorts of things here, but it's not worth it because it detracts from the main deal, which is that we are arguing over something that's not even an issue in the grand scheme of things. The 'problem' put forward is that "CASTs and Beasts are too weak at using Technics". They have other specialties that their weaknesses balance against. That is how game balance works. Unless we restructure the entire game to work like PSO2, where racial stat differences are so very minor and everything is determined by class and gear, CASTs will never be good Techers and Beasts will never have amazing accuracy. Because that's a core part of the game's balance.
  2. Congratulations, you just got the point of the racial stat imbalances in PSU: you're not supposed to rely on technics as a CAST or Beast over bullets and skills, respectively. Let's get down to business. Beasts have the lowest accuracy and already suffer early on in the melee game. Technics not relying on ATA is already part of their entire package - and part of the reason to consider technics as a Beast at all. Until you're high enough level where the ATA just doesn't matter anymore, Beasts couldn't reliably land hits with technics. Sure, they can equip arm slots - but no arm slot is going to make "based on accuracy" jump to "never misses", like the other options. I literally suggested that Technics should be affected by accuracy before and was shot down by everyone who read my suggestion. Yes, I know for a fact from that experience that "technics using ATA" is unpopular. It's very apparent to anyone who spends any time listening to the community. As to a higher-than-100% mod...doesn't having to suggest that just prove that Beasts don't have the ATA to make it work? People thinking that CAST TP is too low is not the same as making "let's add a unique CAST Line Shield that makes using technics drastically different" a good idea. Of course not everyone would feel the same way, but the people who play CAST Techers are a minority in the community, because again, the game is centered around each race having strengths and weaknesses. Humans are the "average joe" race, Beasts are the "strong-but-inaccurate" race, CASTs are the "good-but-magically-inept" race, and Newmen are the "fragile-but-magical" race. If I don't like it, I'm fully allowed to express my opinion and point out that the game itself is designed around the opposite of what you're suggesting; I don't have to wait for it to be added and then pointedly ignore it. Hoh, you're bringing politics in to a PSU discussion? Real wise move there. Real good stuff. If you're worried about the CAST TP thing, just suggest that CASTs get a higher TP score, instead of a custom item that modifies how the techer classes play entirely...It's a lot of extra work, especially considering they're focusing on base functionality, not custom content.
  3. I flat-out wouldn't. Part of the unique charm of PSU is that the races are good at different things. Making CASTs and Beasts better at teching is directly in contest with the concept of making a character of that race, which is that you should be making a Gunner or Fighter if you wanted ideal damage output, respectively. Making Technics affected by accuracy is also never going to be popular in any capacity, no matter the circumstances of it; It would also fuck over Beast Techers way more than any bonus this would give. I respect the drive to contribute, Keystone - I really do. But this suggestion is, in my opinion, something that goes directly against the general makeup of PSU's core gameplay mechanics.
  4. Looks that way. I'm not against changing the name of the S-Rank to what SEGA named it, but it seems pointless unless we end up with the A-Rank as well.
  5. No...its original name is literally Girasole, and it was renamed Kronos Scythe in PSU because Girasole had already been released as an A-Rank: http://psupedia.info/Girasole.html It's got the model of Girasole. It's got the name of Girasole. Veterans of PSOBB know it as Girasole. I do not see how this is wrong.
  6. Midori, this isn't necessarily a "possible better way", because that says that it can be done, and we don't know that. It'd be a really nice feature, but I just don't think that the server is malleable enough to handle it, and even if it is is, why should it be the focus right now? It doesn't seem like something that has been enough of a problem to need changing so soon, if at all. Additionally, the client doesn't like it when you do things in ways it doesn't understand. The server has to cooperate with the client on a whole lot of stuff, including sending packets to update your stats. I really don't see how Marm's going to get past that - not to doubt his ability, but more to doubt the client's ability to play nice with your idea's required code. Lastly, I would sincerely and genuinely advise you to pick up a coding language. It doesn't matter which one, though if you want the best understanding of what happens with Clementine I'd advise C++, or at least something in the C family. Working with code yourself will give you insight in to what you're suggesting and how it would work, and in turn how much effort it would be to make it happen. TLDR Cool idea, it'd probably be a pain to implement, and I can't say as I see a problem that needs fixing here.
  7. Press backspace on your keyboard a few times, it's probably stuck when the game booted.
  8. This happens when foes are killed next to the boundaries of a map. Simply try to deal the finishing blow somewhere else, and it won't happen. I'm afraid that's all you can do until this can be fixed.
  9. In the future, if this happens, you have been hit with an inventory desync. It is usually resolved by logging out, closing the game, and logging back in, and sometimes by changing universes. In other words, forcing your client to re-synchronize with the game server.
  10. Kat and Aelphasy are correct - Meseta and Mission Points are awarded at the moment you clear the mission, which is when you slay a boss or the last enemy, or open the last locked door. Opening the alert just lets you know how much you got. If you are certain you are missing meseta, please check your money just before killing the last monster in a quest like Unsafe Passage and then check again after. If your meseta does not increase appropriately to the rank you received, then PM me and I will add it to the list.
  11. Thank you for the report - this will be added to the list!
  12. I can't honestly say I fully understand what the bug you're reporting is; Boma Maga is supposed to inflict Freeze on hit, 70/80/90/100% of the time to 1/2/3 targets per this chart, with a 25% accuracy rating? Is it not freezing at all or something?
  13. Whew, this topic took off when I wasn't lookin'. All non-dropping requests tallied and added to the request list, but let's please remember to be reasonable in what we ask for; while I've still added all these requests to the tally, I don't think we have much of a chance of getting top-end items added as purchasables.
  14. Oh I was around when it was launched and was given the link lol.
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