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  1. Midori, this isn't necessarily a "possible better way", because that says that it can be done, and we don't know that. It'd be a really nice feature, but I just don't think that the server is malleable enough to handle it, and even if it is is, why should it be the focus right now? It doesn't seem like something that has been enough of a problem to need changing so soon, if at all. Additionally, the client doesn't like it when you do things in ways it doesn't understand. The server has to cooperate with the client on a whole lot of stuff, including sending packets to update your stats. I really don't see how Marm's going to get past that - not to doubt his ability, but more to doubt the client's ability to play nice with your idea's required code. Lastly, I would sincerely and genuinely advise you to pick up a coding language. It doesn't matter which one, though if you want the best understanding of what happens with Clementine I'd advise C++, or at least something in the C family. Working with code yourself will give you insight in to what you're suggesting and how it would work, and in turn how much effort it would be to make it happen. TLDR Cool idea, it'd probably be a pain to implement, and I can't say as I see a problem that needs fixing here.
  2. Press backspace on your keyboard a few times, it's probably stuck when the game booted.
  3. This happens when foes are killed next to the boundaries of a map. Simply try to deal the finishing blow somewhere else, and it won't happen. I'm afraid that's all you can do until this can be fixed.
  4. In the future, if this happens, you have been hit with an inventory desync. It is usually resolved by logging out, closing the game, and logging back in, and sometimes by changing universes. In other words, forcing your client to re-synchronize with the game server.
  5. Kat and Aelphasy are correct - Meseta and Mission Points are awarded at the moment you clear the mission, which is when you slay a boss or the last enemy, or open the last locked door. Opening the alert just lets you know how much you got. If you are certain you are missing meseta, please check your money just before killing the last monster in a quest like Unsafe Passage and then check again after. If your meseta does not increase appropriately to the rank you received, then PM me and I will add it to the list.
  6. Thank you for the report - this will be added to the list!
  7. I can't honestly say I fully understand what the bug you're reporting is; Boma Maga is supposed to inflict Freeze on hit, 70/80/90/100% of the time to 1/2/3 targets per this chart, with a 25% accuracy rating? Is it not freezing at all or something?
  8. Whew, this topic took off when I wasn't lookin'. All non-dropping requests tallied and added to the request list, but let's please remember to be reasonable in what we ask for; while I've still added all these requests to the tally, I don't think we have much of a chance of getting top-end items added as purchasables.
  9. Oh I was around when it was launched and was given the link lol.
  10. This is a thread for keeping track of items that have been requested to be added at the Dallgun Viewing Plaza shop. WEAPONS Emperor Axeon Cross - 3 Emperor Axeon - 2 Tsumikiri Hyori - 1 Ely Sion - 1 Edel Arrow - 1 Edel Fucil - 1 Rebellion - 1 Rabbit Wand - 1 Siren Glass Hammer - 1 Nanoblast Edge - 1 Gabridant - 1 Cursed Mistilteinn (bullet power boost) - 1 Twin Dil Edges - 1 Divine Raikou - 1 Angelic Breath - 1 Opaopa - 1 Eye of Rykros - 1 Dol Vaverg- 1 Enferna - 1 Gal Wind Burst - 1 De Golus Bow - 1 Rykross Baton - 1 Divine Amaterasu - 1 Eternal Psychodrive - 1 Plantain Staff - 1 Chao Staff - 1 Twinkle Star - 1 Dark Meteor Shot - 1 UNITS Puyoment Aura - 4 Rappy Mode - 4 Black Heart - 2 Electro Heart - 2 Hizeri / Concentrate - 2 Feril / Cronos - 2 Vijerina / Hit - 2 Lumirus / Kaos Knight - 2 Rappy Down - 1 Brightness Circle - 1 Flame Garment - 1 Red / Knight - 1 Orpad / Legs - 1 Feri / Force - 1 Gerard / Shot - 1 SUVs Ascension Gift - 2 Inferno Panzer - 1 Starlight Cluster - 1 Post below with your requests and they will be formally added to the tally.
  11. LateNightBuddha is correct. Interactions are currently broken.
  12. Oh, this is an easy one - it's because Marmalade adjusted the EXP rates of those Photon Arts, so the values you had weren't in line with the new ones. Unfortunately all you can do is work off the negative EXP, but once you do it won't come back. As to it not letting you use the second combo...that's definitely odd. I'll ask Marm about that?
  13. I tested and all RCSMs are liable to do this, but not Twin Sabers, so presumably only RCSMs are affected. I'll add it to the list; thank you!
  14. In my experience, the issue is that weapons come with specific PAs attached; the one giving the weapon has to be careful to remove any linked Photon Art before dropping, or desync will occur. I have had this exact scenario twice now under those circumstances.
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