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  1. Did you get it figured out? If not I can help you out via the discord. I'm Lil Asian (shilo) on there. Shoot me a message and I gotchu. Sorry that I just saw this.
  2. it's just a hot fix. A few things were not working right after the last update. It wont take long from what I am seeing.
  3. Hey Marm, In all seriousness though. I think we should come up with a way to fix current broken weps if this is going to be the case (an item you can find or earn maybe? exchange?). Anyone who has a 6/6 P wand for example will NEVER be able to sell it after this update. No one is going to buy it or want to keep it now. all broken weapons are 100% worthless and I have a bots and pallets full of them. Everything I have is now trash other than my 10/10s and 0/10s. I wouldn't mind grinding to fix some of these weapons. After all of the weeks and weeks I have spent spamming relics to make all of my P wands just for me to do it all over again after this update is a bit frustrating. Some of these weapons are hell to make and im 100% fine grinding for everything and spamming missions 12+ hours a day. However, Its frustrating to know that a lot of what I have for sale or on my pallets is only going to be good for NPC or bot food or HEAVILY undercut on the market. I know its hard to please everyone but this is extremely annoying to know it was mostly in vain.
  4. Ew on the grind cap changing. I think the help on success is fine . Feel like it spits on the people who earn a 10/10 and means if you are rich then a 10/10 is guaranteed but hey, I appreciate all of your hard work.
  5. Eh, I'm not big on stuff being handed to me. 10/10 would not mean anything if everyone could just get them like that. The RNG is frustrating as hell a lot of times but that's just the name of the game. Its how its always been. Maybe they could add a super rare item to fix weapons as mentioned above but I dont want anything handed to me like that. You dont NEED 10/10 (its great with the GAS 10/10 perk though). Its high risk / high reward (most of the time). I am about at the point where I would have nothing else to do atm and id be bored if I wasn't grinding for a perfect pallet. I broke 50+ plantain leaves and 6 P wands (among MANY MANY other things) and its still all good. On to the next one. Ive gotten a plenty 10/10s with all of the breaks and while I agree the RNG seems to work a little more against me than id like it to...I dont want the CORE mechanic removed. Its a HUGE part of this game. Devaluing the market and hard work of people isn't the solution. I would not be opposed to a tweak or some item to help when breaking a really rare item but that's about it. This game is SILLY easy compared to how retail was (especially in the very beginning). What more do they need to hand to us? Without the grind the game isn't much.
  6. Don't even know why I commented. This is how I feel for the most part tbh. its either youtube and grind / chill or SPEEEEEEEEEED.
  7. I can see where you are going with the drop % thing and I think many can agree on that. However, a lot of those changes with the classes (while cool) just aren't what the game ever was. I know this is a different server and they can control some things but at the same time Its an old game that was never really that "balanced". If they do something like that then cool but its cool without it as well. I can understand wanting to keep it fresh but I just play what / how I want anyway. This game is a godsend to me. I'm glad we got it at all. I like and dislike MANY of the changes (I want the damn charm on my shotty) but at the end of the day I still keep coming back because I enjoy it. I think its good to vent and get this out there but I am honestly impressed at how far the small team has come and I am perfectly fine with them chipping away at things like they are. Again, I am just glad I can play this games online version somewhere and actually feel safe enough to grind. Travel PA's? Not a huge deal to me. I never really used them anyway.
  8. 1000% that's half of the game for me. I would feel pointless and unrewarding otherwise.
  9. Whoa! Thanks for letting me know! I could have gotten in trouble! I dont want to get banned for something so silly. Id freak if I got banned for something like that.
  10. I always love a boost! Thank you #StackThe5th
  11. Since we dont have any bots we can add to our party... I had a friend help me out a little bit leveling my resta and reverser on some traps. I mentioned that I should create another account on my laptop to help speed up the process by having another character there. I was told by this friend that it wasn't allowed or was frowned upon to use another character like a bot? Is this true? I dont want to get in trouble with anyone or anything but I really want to go ahead and level these PAs. Its going to take ages either way. Is there any harm in this? I just want a bot to heal so I can think about other things. Back in the day I would invite max bots and go to dancing birds or something with traps and spam them for hours. I didn't see a rule about it and also dont see the harm since you still need to spend a ton of time grinding it out. Anyone have any insight on this or is my friend just silly? Thanks for taking the time to let me know.
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