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  1. Having the other grinders be more useful would be amazing! I'm glad you guys are seeing these concerns and are willing to improve on it. It def is rough for most people and a think a change for the better with grinding would be the biggest quality of life improvement
  2. I don't think this is better than Nick's proposal, or better for anyone in general. Grinding 10/10, especially S ranks is extremely hard as it is. Some ppl are RNG carried for sure, but many people in it's current state take 20/30/40 even 50 attempts to see a 10/10... At least with Nick's system those people that are having trouble don't have to constantly buy/find that weapon over and over and they can decide what is worth getting to 10/10. The market will become less saturated with broken weapons and this will especially be good for fighters. Some of these items I'm sure later on will become extremely rare to get and you have to spend a lot of time just finding a good % and element you need on top of that. At least with the others you don't have to suffer if it doesn't grind well cause you can keep trying if you find it to be worth it to get it to 10. Imagine finding a weapon like the Agito Repca for instance and you grind it and it ends up going to 2/2 or 3/3... you would be crushed, anyone would. That weapon you worked hard for just became utterly useless and you might as well NPC it. Do you even know probability that well to even come up with these percentages for grinds?
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