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  1. Even if it was technically feasible to import psp2i bosses/enemies into PSU, you'd run into the issue that psp2i enemies are designed around the player being able to guard and dodge roll. Most psp2i bosses would be miserable to fight in PSU.
  2. You can view updates on the wiki, it's quite helpful if you don't use Discord. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Updates
  3. Zeta

    Two Years

    Been quite a ride, hasn't it? I just want to say that it's amazing to finally have GAS on Clementine - I can only imagine how much work it must have taken to get it working properly. Beckoning Woods was also a ton of fun to play - by far the best time I've had with a custom event mission so far. Anyway, just wanted to show some appreciation to Gnome and everyone else on the Clementine team (and a special shout out to those of you who maintain the wiki - I'd be so lost without it).
  4. Zeta

    Solo boredom

    Doesn't the right panel of the status screen show the three most popular lobbies? You might have to scroll down to see it.
  5. I'd debate this one. Sub 7* crafting materials generally sell for almost nothing, you're pretty much wasting your time picking them up (and sorting through / selling them later). You'd end up with more meseta if you just spent that time running more missions. I'd suggest grabbing a floor reader ( https://sites.google.com/view/psufr is good ) and using it to sort through the items on the ground so you're not wasting time with stuff that sells for like 15 meseta. In my experience, Rumbling Ruins is the best mission for exp and Fantastic Voyage is the best mission for leveling PAs. However both of those missions are probably way too hard for a fresh account to tackle, unless you've got some friends backing you up - so I'd stick to the stuff the above poster suggested to start out.
  6. This is just a quick overview, and is just how I played WT so it won't cover absolutely everything (like, I never bothered with whips so I don't know how good they are and I didn't get around to leveling Sa-technics), but here you go: General advice: - Always keep yourself buffed with Megistar, it makes a huge difference. Giresta's regen is great too. - Get an SUV weapon if you don't have one, they're quite useful. - Use the right tool for the right target. As a wartecher your strength is in versatility. If an enemy has high/low DFP or MST (or resists a type of damage), pay attention to that and use whatever's the most effective for that target. - Rumbling Ruins is a great map for EXP, I think it's faster than visitor's memory. Use a handgun with Dark bullets to inflict virus/infect on the enemies in the final room (or a handgun with fire bullets when you face the dark enemies, since they're immune to infect). TECHNICs: Obviously a wand with PA boost is best, but if you can't afford PA boost wands just grab whatever you can afford that has the best TP value. - Gi techs are often your main offensive. - Nosmegid is very useful against Light enemies. Nosdiga is great single target damage, even against non-thunder enemies. - Line technics are also quite useful. - Ra technics are ok if you don't have anything better to fill the second slot on your wand with. - Use Foverse to apply TP/MST down to enemies (I have it stuck on my TCSM on every wand/tcsm pair) for more damage, it makes a lot of difference. - For dark enemies I tend to just use striking/ranged weapons. Ranged / Striking: - A Southern Cross and the elemental bullets should give you good enough ranged damage. That's the same bow I used. Not much else to say here. - For striking, I was using a set of A rank Sabers and Infinite Storm. A rank claws and Senten Kanzan-ga might be good too, it's quite potent after the recent buff. Either way, get a full set of whichever weapon you choose (one of each element) in as high element% as you can find. Either way it shouldn't be too hard to find or buy A rank sabers/claws. - Zalure everything, it's +19% damage. I like to use 1 handed weapons + TCSM so I can zalure everything without having to swap all the time.
  7. Are you sure that it didn't work? Start up the game and check your GPU usage in task manager. I had the same issue and setting it through NVIDIA Control Panel works, even though the options menu still says "Intel(R) UHD Graphics"
  8. I definitely don't agree with every decision the Clementine team has made, but thank you for all the time and effort you've put into this server. Regardless of if I stick around in the future or not, I've had a lot of fun playing here.
  9. As sad as I'll be to see this patched because it's hilarious: Weisheit is currently able to hit any number of targets with its normal attack.
  10. Twice in the last two days I've had Rumbling Ruins S2 glitch up on me and become incompletable. Both times it's happened in the south area (the one with the laser fences around the edges of the room) - enemies simply wouldn't spawn, and I couldn't do anything but abandon the mission. Both times were fairly late in the mission, too. I've ran Rumbling Ruins fairly heavily in the past and never had this happen before, so I suspect it's the result of a recent update (though I can't be 100% sure). Will post again if I figure out how to reliably reproduce this. Edit: Just happened to me a third time, this time in the east area. Edit #2: And then it happened three runs in a row, all in different blocks. Guess it's time to find another mission to run. Also, this fail condition isn't working If any party members are incapacitated without Scape Dolls, the mission will end. I can die, go back to lobby and re enter the mission fine (well, 'fine' - it causes infinite loading unless I was in the final room already, in which case it does let me re enter fine).
  11. The wiki claims Version Ambition of the Illuminus But at the same time I can't find anything about it on Re-PSUPedia or any old videos on youtube. Just looking for quick confirmation on if this is an original SEGA developed mission, or if it's a new Clementine custom mission.
  12. I wouldn't mind the rare mission rate boost staying on forever, given that rare missions are incredibly rare and I've still only seen one rare mission despite playing daily all event. Rare enemies are similarly something you rarely see in regular play, so wouldn't mind that either. I also wouldn't mind the grind success chance staying. The existence of 'grind boost events' just encourages people to never grind anything unless it's a grind boost event (or to only do very small amounts of grinding outside boost events). And 'nope, shouldn't grind my weapon now better to leave it at 0/10 until boost event' isn't really fun. Voloyal coins, whatever. Even the meseta boost I'm not opposed to, because it helps offset the cost of consumables for non-tech using classes (though I'd prefer just addressing the cost directly). EXP, MP, PA EXP - please do not. Some of us enjoy leveling progression and maxing PAs/types and do not want to be rushed through it with globally boosted exp rates. Events once in a while are one thing, but always on fast progression is another. I could maybe see a small exp boost given to missions that are currently bad for exp, since it would mean you could level on maps other than Fantastic Voyage or Rumbling Ruins without it taking too much longer. There's a fairly large gap between optimal exp missions and the rest, and I wouldn't mind seeing that evened out a bit.
  13. Zeta

    Melee PAs

    Comparing Blade Destruction to Retsuzan Souhi-jin feels a bit odd to me. It's kind of apples and oranges. Blade Destruction is a 3-4-4 target melee attack. Retsuzan Souhi-jin is an infinite target ranged attack. If you've got 3-4 enemies right in front of you, Blade Destruction absolutely should be better. If you've got 5+ enemies spread out in a line across the room, then Retsuzan should be better than having to run around and individually blade destruction things (or lure them into melee, etc). Now, if it actually is faster to run around and individually Blade Destruction 5+ spread out mobs then yeah maybe that needs looking at.
  14. Zeta

    Melee PAs

    Yeah, there are a lot of striking PAs, and experimenting with them involves getting a full set of the relevant weapon + getting the PA to level 40, and dealing with the fact that there's a 36 PA limit. The game isn't really set up to allow you to try everything out easily. There's a fair chunk of PAs I'm not too familiar with either. Anyway, Senten Kazan-ga works great against dragons. I generally hug the neck / front body and go ham on it (just be careful on Zoal Goug since its neck can block you from moving under it during some animations.) Falz/Fakis Final, I typically use other PAs - though since the recent buff I've been playing around using Senten some. If you can get underneath the thing on Falz/Fakis' tail (dunno what it's called), you should be able to hit 4-5 hitboxes without too much trouble.
  15. Zeta

    Melee PAs

    I don't necessarily think you're wrong overall - it's definitely a good thing to keep an eye on this. If a PA doesn't have the hitbox to reliably hit its new target count, buffing the target count won't help too much. However, in the specific case of Senten Kazan-ga... I've been using that PA as my main AoE on Acrofighter since the level cap was 59 and making it 3 hitbox would completely kill it. If other people are having trouble hitting things with Senten then I'd much rather see it gain a slightly more generous hitbox instead of it becoming yet another 3 hitbox PA. It isn't hard to hit all 5 targets with the second part of Senten. The first part is a bit more difficult to land but it's possible too, especially if you're using Senten on bosses.
  16. Having something in between Gratia and Red / Knight would be nice too.
  17. Hype levels rising. Can't wait to get my hands on them. Pretty cool. Time to farm some sabers for Infinity Storm.
  18. Well it'd ignore the boosted DFP, so it'd just be like if you were attacking an enemy without a shield buff... though you'll still have to deal with the boosted EVP that (some?) shield enemies get. Gaozoran's entry claims that it halves ranged damage instead of boosting EVP but I'm guessing that's an odd special case. Does Ikk Hikk ignore DFP? Because it doesn't say anything about that on the wiki.
  19. As a striking player, the things I'd like to see are: - Address the 'meseta cost per run' of being unable to use support TECHNICs. On a run with my AF I could spend up to 10k on consumables. On a run with my WT I often spend 0 meseta on consumables, sometimes 1k or 2k on photon charges alone. The cost of buff items has been significantly increased from retail. Agataride et al used to be 150 meseta, whereas Megistaride was 300. At the very least this should be reverted. A reduction in the cost of trimates would also be nice (to 300, maybe?) - A Level 150 enemy on retail has 1017 EVP. A level 150 enemy on Clementine has 1117. So the enemies have boosted base EVP, which when combined with enemy levels generally being higher in Clementine results in too many zeroes. At the least we should revert enemy base EVP to retail values. Maybe even a touch lower than retail to make up for the boosted enemy levels. - Shield buff and strike resist should not stack (probably true for bullet resist too). Doing half damage against something is one thing, doing one third damage is another. There's just no reason for this. Strike resist alone is enough to encourage you to use a different damage type (and or status ailments / SUV). - Spread the line shields out to missions that are not filled with strike resist bots. It's fine to have different types do better with different missions, but when striking does badly on pretty much every mission that drops the best line shields... yeah it sucks. Buffs to lesser used/weaker striking PAs would be nice too.
  20. Nah, I go without deband on some easier missions. Stuff like Unsafe Passage S2 or Scarred Planet S2 are fine with no deband. Saves meseta and means I don't have to deal with the backlash damage of megistaride, which is definitely more annoying when you're not a techer with (gi)resta. I've swung around some Kronos Scythes on my low leveled FM (leveling on White Beast) and it's nice when it procs. Not really into the 'spam off element incap attacks just for the incap proc' gameplay but I'll probably cave on that eventually and buy megid for WT. Might farm Demonic Muramasa sometime, but getting a whole set in acceptable element%s will be a pain. Though that's just life as striking. I main Human Acrofighter actually. I have a Newman Wartecher (ex-Masterforce) that I made because some missions just aren't reasonably doable as a striking class (that and because I just like leveling new characters and trying different types.) Striking main is pretty much playing PSU on Hard Mode. Harder to gear, harder to play, meseta inefficient because of consumables. I love it anyway but some parts of the striking experience are not exactly great right now. And this is one of them.
  21. Ah okay. I thought I saw you post a screenshot in another thread where you had no buffs on so I wasn't sure. And using Agatarides to save meseta on easier missions is a legit enough strategy.
  22. Oh, I forgot to mention this in my previous post but I think 'enemy EVP' is one of the things that could use looking at. It does feel like there are a lot of zeroes in general, even when using fairly accurate options (I'm still using my old Gratia unit on my Acrofighter tbh). From what I hear Clem has higher enemy levels and higher base EVP than retail did? And Lupophobia, do you use buff items? Just Agatarides? Megistarides? If you're not that'd definitely be making things harder on you. (And trust me I understand if you feel like you can't afford to chug megistarides. Double Time GAS can't come quickly enough).
  23. Never played retail. If I had to slap a single label onto Clementine's current difficulty, I'd call it "Normal." But really, it varies widely depending: - Some missions are quite easy - such as Mad Creatures. Some are quite difficult, like Castle of Monsters. Most are somewhere in between. Some missions vary in difficulty depending on what types of damage you can bring, too (try doing Sacred Stream S2 as a striking character and then as a TECHNIC user.) - If you solo, the game is more challenging than if you play in a large party. My experience with 3+ member parties is that they generally just roll over enemies and clear missions much more quickly than solo. Duo is in between. - And then it depends on how tanky your character is. If you play a Wartecher you'll be quite durable, and the game will be significantly easier than if you play the ridiculously fragile Masterforce. As I've mentioned before I actually switched from MF to WT because I was dying too much as MF. Being highly mobile (ex: able to fire while moving) can also make the game easier than if you have to commit to being stationary to attack. - If your character has access to support techs, the game is a fair bit easier than if your character doesn't. Being able to Megistar/Giresta/Resta + debuffs makes a huge difference. (characters with support techs are also a lot more meseta efficient than characters without them, which is something I'm really not fond of). - Progression. Your level, type level, gear, how well you know the mission and your skill at the game in general. Adooma's post addressed this quite nicely. A lot of the fun in PSU (at least to me) is progressing and mastering missions that I used to struggle on, going from 'I died twice' to 'I can do it without dying' to 'sweet I got my clear time down to 13:27 new record'. I remember the first time I rolled into Military Subway as an Acrofighter waaay back in the day, with no clue what I was even getting into. It took me 70 minutes to complete the mission, and I didn't have a single consumable left in my inventory when I somehow managed to claw my way to victory. In contrast, I can complete Unsafe Passage in sub 10 minutes with no danger of dying whatsoever. And like I'd mentioned in a prior thread - I used to use neutral armor prior to S2, and that made the game harder for me than it would have been for someone who a full set of elemental armor. I don't think making the game easier overall is the solution, especially if we're going to achieve that by ripping mechanics out of the game or slashing enemy HP. I personally wouldn't mind some reduction in the damage that enemies deal on S2, but that's more based on how much of a difficulty jump S2 is than 'it's too hard/easy'. If anything I think we should be addressing outliers. For example, fighting strike/range resist + shield buff enemies is utterly miserable unless you can use TECHNICs (or the number of such enemies is so low you can handle them with SUVs and DoT status, but that tends not to be the case). I haven't used incap a lot myself, but maybe it's also an outlier that needs to be taken down a notch. If @Lupophobiais struggling that much, maybe we need to examine his playstyle/type/used photon arts and buff some of it to be more up to par. Likewise if someone is breezing through the game, maybe we need to examine their playstyle and what options they're using to see if some of it needs adjustment.
  24. I'm not complaining that the game is too hard or anything, just pointing out how much of a spike that S -> S2 was. It's a much bigger jump than any of the previous difficulties, and we still have two difficulties to go. What will enemies on S3 and S4 be like? I'm curious to know. Yeah, it's not fun to break clear boxes and get things that are effectively worthless. I wouldn't complain if photons and other sub 7* crafting materials disappeared from clear boxes completely. I think everyone can agree that buffs to less appealing PAs and weapons would be great to see. In particular I'd love to see more use out of one handed sabers. They're super stylish but they aren't good at mobbing (which my single claw is good at) and they're outclassed by daggers or assault crush for multi hitbox enemies. The main use I've found for them is to Spinning Strike tanky single hitbox enemies (like bal soza). And yes I know 'farm incap sabers', but come on I want to use them against things that aren't vulnerable to incap too.
  25. My experience with difficulty and enemy damage... Prior to S2 I used to run around with neutral armor. Both because I couldn't be bothered to farm new armor (doing Military Subway for Armas Lines was not a fun experience for an acrofighter), and because it made things more exciting and challenging. There are some situations that this didn't work so well in (Castle of Monsters for sure. Dark Falz Final was also pretty dangerous), but generally I could make neutral armor work out if I was careful and kept on my toes. Enemy TECHNIC users with sword boosts were a serious threat that often had me playing evasive with twin handguns (and yes I mean you, packs of Olgohmon), but I'm guessing that sword boost enemies are supposed to hit like trucks. Back then I often used Agatarides instead of Megistarides, to save meseta. Come S2 and the neutral Armas Line I dropped like 3m on is collecting dust. S2 feels like a huge jump. Now I have to have a full set of elemental armor, and I find myself having to chug Megistarides for the damage reduction on top of that. A -> S was cool because whoa suddenly all the enemies are faster and I have to adapt and learn to deal with it. S -> S2 is more like 'whoa suddenly all the enemies are level 150+ and hit like trucks'. Pretty big jump, makes me wonder what exactly S3 and S4 are going to be like. I'm a pretty big fan of dangerous enemies and challenge, but at the same time I rolled my newman off Masterforce to Wartecher because I was tired of dying 1~3 times per Sacred Stream S2. Having to Jellen 20 the sword buff Shinowa Hidoki so I can just barely avoid getting 2 shot even with light armor is a bit too much for even me. Though now that I'm playing Wartecher instead I'm generally not in any danger of dying on that mission. Yeah these two things should definitely not stack. I had to level up my newman alt to cap so that I could run Sacred Stream S2 with its horde of strike resist + shield buff robots. Going through that mission as a non-TECHNIC user is basically not an option given how the bots take like 1/3rd damage from anything but techs.
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