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  1. Would you mind posting a copy of the files? I definitely have wanted to play the mission packs he had set up.
  2. I'm aware its not part of clementine but it seems they are offering him the space here for his project since there is this section in the forums . Especially since all the download files link to the clementine ftp server. However the files cannot be downloaded which is the reason I posted here to begin with. I'd post on psumod regarding it but its been locked down with no way to post regarding download links not working.
  3. Since PSUmods has basically been locked to prevent further posts and it seems Agrajag is hoping to move the project over to these forums. I wanted to ask if he could post a topic with all the current files for missions? All the links he posted link here to the clementine server but its not possible to actually download the files. It would also be really nice to have a thread again like on Psumods where we could comment and ask questions about the project.
  4. While I know there is third party programs that can enable or hackish exe files but it would be a lot nicer/convenient to have the option for borderless windows built in to the launcher options.
  5. I've noticed that the type/class information from the lady on the 5th colony is incorrect. Going for fighgunner, said I needed lvl 5 hunter and lvl 3 ranger yet I had to lvl up my hunter to 7 before I could switch over. I'm not sure if there is other misinformation from her, but it would be nice to get her text updated to reflect the changes that have occurred to the type/class requirements.
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