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  1. It adds shaders and fixes various parts of the graphics like sharp edges, blends text better, etc.. I was only asking because I ran into the same issue on someone else's laptop and started thinking if it was related or not.
  2. I had the same issue when I went into someones room and tried to place an item in the box on the floor, I assume any room decoration that has an interaction dialog will do this.
  3. You can try the Xbox One/360 controller guide: I am pretty sure you can edit some settings and get any controller to work with Joy2Key, maybe try there first but good luck regardless
  4. When you get enough money you can buy a open shop ticket from the 2nd floor in the colony and sell it in your player shop, set prices and sell whatever you want without the risks of people scamming you. Alternatively you can ask a trusted friend to sell it in their shop because 100,000 meseta can take time to build up just starting out if you play solo.
  5. I searched for other posts about it yesterday before posting but no results were found but I found this thread today by going to another page in the reports section.. Does anyone know if the searching function is working properly or possibly I did not search properly before making a post about a bug already known.. regardless sorry for the double report.
  6. According to rule 3 on discord rules. 3: Do not share or abuse exploits involving PSU or Clementine - On our platforms or otherwise. Any exploits are to be immediately reported to the core Clementine team. Any deviation from this rule will result in a ban. Interestingly enough they talk about the abuse of exploits but the guides from google cache and way back machine are cheats/hacks not base glitches or exploits so maybe a little tlc on the rules and pin this in the F.A.Q for people but that is just my opinion.
  7. I am unable to find a place to put this bug report so this seems to be the best place thus far... I am trying to goto different pages in a sub-thread/topic but the first page is displayed but trying to load pages 2,3,4,5,6 does not seem to work, only the "last page" and "first page" buttons are working and I have to put /page/2/ in the url and change the number to view other pages in the bug reports sub-thread for example. I use the Firefox browser, I did not try another browser to see if it was just Firefox or not.
  8. I was on Satsuma at 6:51 - 6:52 pm e.t. and I bet two gold on 1-12 and 13-24 each and four silver on 0. the result was 24 but I received no payout.
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