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  1. With the help of H CAZ in his above comment, I have replaced the 5th floor texture with an unmodified version. This should prevent texture issues from occurring. Killroy has also provided some fixes to the Dulk Fakis 2 and Dark Falz 2 arenas. You can download the latest update here.
  2. The way the game works is based off of your fps. Animations will play like normal if you are running at 60 fps. So you should try to get your fps as close to that number as possible. If you are on an older system this could potentially be difficult, but try lowering your graphics settings. If your system is relatively modern and you are sure you should be getting 60 fps, make sure your "Frame Skip" is set to 0 in the launcher settings and make sure your monitor's refresh rate is set to at least 60.
  3. Hey, it's been a while. Finally got around to posting an update. Killroy helped a ton with this one, popping off with A LOT of areas. Hope you enjoy! P.S. We know about the Upgrade & Repair area breaking the 4th floor and moatoob, but as far as we know, there isn't anything we can do about it. Download the latest update here Patch Notes
  4. Depends on the mission, generally speaking, if an area is heavily infected with seed, there will be stuff in the air. Also new update Soon.
  5. Finally finished the Guardian's Colony. The event lobbies will have to wait as they are being troublesome. Patch Notes
  6. Found a work around for crashing, so the time it takes to upscale should be a lot faster now. Dark Falz 2 arena is looking really good! IF YOU ARE UPDATING TO THIS VERSION: Change the graphics option "High LOD models" to 32 in the clementine launcher. If you do not do this, you WILL crash. Patch Notes Preveiws
  7. Tracked down some elusive files with the help of Killroy! With this, Fantastic Voyage is upscaled and looking really good. Working on getting Dark Falz 2 boss arena upscaled. Patch Notes Previews
  8. Valen's Upscaled Textures This project is an idea I had gotten inspired to do after seeing Bando's textures. This project aims to upscale everything eventually. That being said, that is a huge undertaking and I am taking this slow and as a hobby, so updates may take a while. This project is now in a "Beta" state. It appears that this project should be possible. Upscaled Areas: Guardian's Colony, Moatoob, Falz Memoria, Fantastic Voyage, Almost all boss arenas, Hive, PSO Areas, Seabed Relics, Inherit Laboratory. (Falz Memoria doesn't look the best in my opinion and it needs to get touched up.) If you notice any issues or want to give feed back, please let me know! P.S. We know about the Upgrade & Repair area breaking the 4th floor and moatoob, but as far as we know, there isn't anything we can do about it. Install Guide How to install: 1. Backup your DATA Files before installing. 2. Download Here 2.5. If you already have the previous version of the mod, you can download the update Here. 3. Open the zip file and extract the contents of the folders you want into your DATA folder. (If you Time Attack, you may not want the Missions as it adds a fair bit of load time.) 4. Change the graphics option "High LOD models" to 32 max in the clementine launcher. (If you don't, you WILL crash). Changelog Credits Thanks to Bando for inspiring this project. Thanks to Killroy for helping me test and upscale things. Thanks to Gotanks for redrawing some assets. Thanks to Marm for telling me some elusive file names. Thanks to Agrajag for the parser. H CAZ for helping with the texture issues. Previews
  9. If you don't believe or trust it, do the math yourself. If it's too complex to get into, why are you discussing the damage then?
  10. Acrotecher Getting an additional 10 levels to its skills will not make them "Attila the Hun and Ultimate Warrior". Acrotecher's main Skills they use for damage is Infinite Storm and Vivi Dezza. Using the formula here: http://psupedia.info/Formulae.html you can calculate how much damage they deal. maximum damage = floor(crit x (total atp x pa x (1 + ele) x buff - enemy's dfp) / 5) calculated atp = 1758 divine kamui att = 848 cutie crown att = 371 kamui ele = .34 cutie ele = .29 divine kamui pa boost = 1.1 cutie crown pa boost = 1.2 20 infinite storm pa = 2.75 30 infinite storm pa = 2.86 20 vivi dezza pa = 3.6 30 vivi dezza pa = 3.72 enemy dfp = 656 20 infinite damage = 3461 30 infinite damage = 3608 20 vivi dezza damage = 3570 30 vivi dezza damage = 3695 calculated with crit / JA because you should always JA. As for what you said earlier "Give Acrotecher LV31 attack techs and lock it at 31 because LV31 vs LV40 Diga is mega powerful." maximum damage = floor(crit x (rod x tp x pa x (1 + ele) x buff - enemy's mst) / 5) calcualted tp = 2302 kakwane madog tp = 611 ele 30 tech = .31 ele 40 tech = .38 diga 30 pa = 2.8 diga 40 pa = 2.9 enemy mst = 656 diga 30 damage = 2582 diga 40 damage = 2829 calculated without crit / JC because it isn't guaranteed every time. Note: these numbers aren't what you would see in game because clem's formula is a little different. However, the damage difference is basically the same at 20 and 30. if you are dealing roughly 100 more at 20 on clem, you will be doing roughly 100 more at 30. That's currently how it is for every damage type, at all levels. We are doing more damage on clem then we are supposed to be, but again, its more at all levels, and roughly the same number increase at all levels.
  11. I don't think any other class should get any kind of 41+ buffs. If LB ever got implemented, or something similar, you would just use Fortecher over Acrotecher because it would do way more damage. Debuffs are useless right now. The only one that actually works properly is Jellen, and even then, you would only use it on S4 on big mobs or in niche scenarios on S3 to not get knocked down / knocked back. As Marm had stated "Rentis and Dizas have been changed and now reduce a fixed percentage of damage. This is to restore JC functionality for classes that depend on it. Level 6 reduction will reduce incoming damage as much as 30% (Subject to change).". Now, I'm not entirely sure if its just a flat 30% reduction at 41+ or if its working as intended. But either way, currently they are only really helpful if used in conjunction with high % Line Shield with Vijeri / Rainbow and Deband / Retier. Reverser is just bad. Everyone in your party gets 20 Sol Atomizers, and the range is huge. It also is much faster to use one then swap to a weapon that has Reverser equipped.
  12. I can see those Acrofighter changes being fine, but you also have to realize that Acrofighter's damage right now is their end game. It isn't going to get much better than this (aside from the little bit of damage from the remaining levels). Once Fighmaster gets Bloodspear Vlad Bram, they will be out damaging Acrofighter by a fair margin, since they will have their 3 weapons to suite most situations. Acrotecher's damage isn't high by any means, using high 40% Divine Kamuis, I'm hitting around 3.7k on the last part of Infinite Storm and around 4.2k with Vivi Dezza with a 40% Cutie Crown. I think that increasing it to the full 30 / 30 / 40 / 50 would be fine. As for Fortetecher, I don't think that would end Master Force by any means. Master Force gets 5% more base TP and faster casting speed. Sure, bullets gives them more utility for flying enemies, but MF still gets Noszonde and Nosmegid (which I do understand that bullets can in some situations out perform). Support TECHNICS will put Fortetecher ahead in TP, but the cast speed of Master Force should still out dps them, or at best, make them even (which is the point of the PA cap increase).
  13. It won't power creep the server because it's only increases the PA cap on Expert Types and not Master Types. You could make an argument for not increasing Acrofighter (for the reasons stated in the first post), but the other classes are so far behind currently, that increasing their cap would make the gap between them and Master Types smaller. The other Types should have a place in a party, but as it stands the only Types that are used in any kind of efficient group is Acrotecher, Fighmaster, Acrofighter, Gunmaster, and sometimes, but rarely, Protranser.
  14. True, but it wouldn't really be game breaking to do all of them, and I don't think that they have a way for us to choose what we want.
  15. Many of the Expert Types' PA damage is locked in later PA levels that aren't currently obtainable (usually the 41 - 50 range). If we increase their PA level caps, like how it was done with GAS, it will help close the gap between them and Master Types. Keeping in mind, that on JP, Expert Types were on par in many cases with Master Types. Expert Types: Fighgunner, Guntecher, Wartecher, Fortefighter, Fortegunner, Fortetecher, Protranser, Acrofighter, and Acrotecher. PA level caps with GAS: Fighgunner: 50 Skills, 40 Bullets. Guntecher: 20 Skills, 50 Bullets, 40 Attack TECHNICS, 30 Support TECHNICS. Wartecher: 50 Skills, 30 Bullets, 40 Attack TECHNICS, 30 Support TECHNICS. Fortefighter: 50 Skills, 30 Bullets. Fortegunner: 30 Skills, 50 Bullets. Fortetecher: 20 Skills, 40 Bullets, 50 Attack TECHNICS, 40 Support TECHNICS. Protranser: 40 Skills, 50 Bullets. Acrofighter: 50 Skills, 40 Bullets. Acrotecher: 30 Skills, 30 Bullets, 40 Attack TECHNICS, 50 Support TECHNICS. I'm only bringing this up because Fighmaster got Ultimate Chain and Cursed Dark Flow, which puts them pretty far ahead. Acrofighter is able to keep up as well with Gleaming Trickster and Furinkazan, even outshining them in some cases, but the other Expert Types were left in the dust. With HP Affects PWR also getting nerfed, Guntecher, Fortegunner, and Fighgunner got hurt a decent bit as well with Crossbows. Gunmaster / Fortegunner was hurt in the meta as well, Acrofighter and Fighmaster basically does their job for the most part (not counting the vertical ranged ability of gunners on bosses), by keeping up with their damage on Half Damage enemies if they have their weapons. Edit: Since a lot of people keep pointing out that GAS had you pick specific weapons to level up, and not just a flat 10 PA levels for everything, let me point out that last time I heard, Marm does not have the packets to recreate GAS. It would probably be unlikely that they can in some way have you choose what PAs we want increased. If we were to force specific weapons, then that wouldn't really be fair for people who want to use something else.
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