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  1. I haven't got to play as much recently, but what I have started to play of GM, I can see the very noticeable change in speed from fortegunner that I was playing. (That rifle speed ) There's also quite a number of existing videos of the master classes showing their power on the old JP servers. I thought these + PA bonuses would make other classes too strong, but I think it's more to help non masters close the gap (If only a little) in effectiveness. So if the PSU mods would care to consider PA boosts, then I for one would be all for it. I can see leveling PAs being a bit easier at least this way. Masters are strong, but damn do they drain PP in exchange. So leveling a rifle bullet for example would be a little easier for getting 41-45 because of their reduced bullet cost so more shots per rifle. IMO anyway. Seed Express had it on point on this.
  2. Simple question I've wondered about . Currently freeze isn't working as it was intended to on SEGAs servers. Freeze to my recollection was supposed to have a time limit but also a "hit break limit" (number of times an enemy or player could get hit and broken out of freeze) so which ever occurred would get an enemy out of freeze. Not including right now how some status effects can overwrite a freeze which is a bug to be worked out. Personally I always thought freeze was pretty weak in PSU the way SEGA had it. With attacks happening so often , a frozen enemy wouldn't stay frozen long enough to be of much use. Especially because of how frozen targets were considered a priority target that got everyone's attention. So I for one think it's better as it , over powered at times but still more useful all around.
  3. From the look of that picture, that armor should be able to equip arm, body, and extra slots. . Psupedia has it with all slots minus the head slot. That legless rainbow seems bugged either as a unit or maybe just with that armor for some reason. Edit: I should have also asked . Did you have other body units to try with the armor, to see if they worked? Did the arm and extra units equip properly? Do you have a S rank amor to see if the legless was considered an S rank unit because of a bug ? Forgot to mention that it has happened to me where it seemed like I was able to "equip" a unit but I really wasn't. Happened on some B rank armor that didn't have a head slot but seemed like it could equip. (Even when it really didn't) Why it happens I couldn't say.
  4. I didn't get to play JP servers so it looks like I've missed out on quite a lot of enchantments that it offered. Even especially from GAS which I'm just now seeing what it can offer. GM I want to say I used , but it must not have been alot so I can't remember. I just remember them being a bit difficult for me to play mostly do to lack of good S rank equipment. I liked having a xbow (ice) along with an elemental saber for some of the tougher ranged resistant enemies from fG though. Hopefully I'll get GM soon and see some of what I was missing .
  5. I think 41+ even to only 45 might tip the balance of power of forte classes compared to their master class counter parts. If a person had fortegunner and gunmaster leveled to a point where their atp was equal but fG had a 45 bullet to a GMs 50, wouldn't their damage not be to far off from each other? Not sure how close their damage %s would be then. I think it would be too close. Maybe I'm wrong though. Why be GM over fG then? Lose some speed but gain more power. Be fortes for less risk. Also 41 means stronger SE. A level 5 rifle bullet should be GM territory for example. Something like bullets for AT , fF, and fT does seem reasonable. As well for other classes to pick up some of their lower PA caps as opposed to making their strongest abilities even stronger.
  6. This gives more questions than answers. Xbox has been around for quite a while, so why only now are they bringing it over. Maybe it will be for the next Xbox ? I don't keep track of PSO2 , doesn't it already have a release on console, why aren't those being brought over here (US) or Europe now? I'm thinking Japanese are going to have their servers and some for everyone else now that ultimately won't be treated as well. We've been down this road before with PSU. Wasn't the PSU Us/EU like several months (if even) behind compared to Their real servers? Still we should try to support this move if we can. "Thanks SEGA" kind of stuff. It could help bring more stuff to US/EU in the future. Edit: seems I pretty much just restated what Nikki already said. Oops.
  7. Core

    Is Shop Glitchy??

    Now that you say that, it would explain why I was finally able change the price and sell my weapons. I think I took them off and put them back on with the proper price.
  8. Core

    Is Shop Glitchy??

    I have noticed once that when something I put for sale didnt sell, I tried to lower the price. After an unkown amount of time it reverted to what it was originally priced at when I put it on sale in the first place. Maybe that may be what happened ? Otherwise, we may have a big problem.
  9. Core

    Turret Techs

    Sounds better that way then. Especially being a cast I always feel allergic to status effects I don't need more things killing me with status effects. I thought they did react like kagajibari. I know I had slami throw a diga or two at my face back in the day. Seeing that there was a post about kagajibari , not working I guess it makes sense that if one doesn't counter techs, the other isn't able to either.
  10. Jeez. Then those seem even more annoying the they already are.
  11. It may be normal. Since stun doesn't stop enemies immediately like freeze, they usually get to finish their animations. Bil de vear I'm sure was one of those. If it would start it's spin attack, but get stunned in the middle of it ,it would continue spinning then be "stunned" after it was done.
  12. Core

    Turret Techs

    From footage from some old Xbox video , slami are supposed to Incapacitate. I could of sworn they would react to elements so they wouldn't cast megid though. (That was a thing right)? It seemed a little odd getting frozen by turrets and getting KB by them. With freeze as it is, even being able to wiggle out , you can get stuck in their attack most times. Are you sure the megid turrets didn't kill though? Sounds annoying so something SEGA would do.
  13. Added a little bit more information to what I already had.
  14. I had done a little testing and posted my results (Im assuming the enemies max HP based off a Kill shot which was 2345 on A rank Delsaban of Unsafe Passage) which may or may not be right currently. But if they are, the % of Burn, Infection, and Poison are off. Burn % I think is equal to the Burn level right now. (level 4 burn = 4% of Max HP) Which isn't how it's supposed to be. Burn % is supposed to be Burn level +1 .Infection is dealing 2% of Max HP, instead of the normal 5% . Poison is dealing 3% when it should be dealing 2%. That was with a trap though which is supposed to be Poison SE level 3. Maybe the higher or lower poison % are dealing different % then they should on the other levels too. I don't think I can test poison though, isn't it always SE3 poison from players from Techs/ Bullets? So in short, things seem off just a tiny bit with Damage over Time. Shame, that was my favorite way to deal damage on SEGA servers. Edit: As for that the dark shot and dark prism acting the same, I can't say. I used the Bow version for testing when I did it instead of Lasers/ Rifles for infection. (handgun for the level 1) Think Status Effects are buggy all around then.
  15. A known bug of being able to use Photon Charges unless you use it in your pallet. Another bug though makes using pallet items impossible sometimes. I couldn't even use mates and other consumables from directly from my inventory. Why this bug happens, I couldn't say, just happens sometimes. Maybe some form of lag or something.
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