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  1. I like the idea overall. I would argue giving AF 50 skills though if they're actually competing with a FM in some ways , or at the very least , higher tier then other types other then FM. Is it really good to give them more of an edge? I would also argue that a GT would be more of a support techer then offense. I mostly use crossbow for sure along with a wand for some support or attack techs when needed. Maybe instead of 40 attack they could get 40 support instead. Or do both WT/GT 40 atk/ 40support. (50 support is AT territory , and 50 atk is definitely more for a FT) That aside I'm still in support of this idea. Would shake things up a bit for all nearly all types to help play catch up with those FM.
  2. Made a few changes to the chart. Some things seemed to have changed for Damage over Time effects.
  3. Weird the level 4 infection I tested (dark shot bullet 41 but capped as GT) and the longbow dark bullet which I only have at 31 hit A rank delsaban 12 times. I could have sworn that at lvl 5 infection was only ticking 10 times. Unless I miscounted several times? But if it was lvl 1 , it would be ticking 2 times ( 4 now?) I'm so confused. I thought I had figured the burns / infections level now. But if the status effects are not what they say that would explain having trouble or no chance at all with a non trap to inflict some statuses. Edit: From the looks of it lvl 1 inf hits 8 times, lvl 2 is 9 , lvl 3 is 10, lvl 4 is 12 , and lvl 5 is 14. With each of those ticks are possibly 2% of max HP but I can't tell for sure. Different from when I last checked by quite a bit. No idea why .
  4. I guess when they fixed something with HP affects power, they accidentally broke something else. As for the bullet / tech SE not working. Is it because the difficulty ? I haven't played those high tier difficulties. Maybe the STA of the enemies there makes them immune and should probably be looked at.
  5. Seems to need more testing. It could the variance of that xbow like other weapons, is just not right so if you are getting damage increases , would probably be difficult to see. Maybe it is "right" even if it's still overall wrong. Whats needed is a weapon with low variance to begin with, tested before and after grinding. That might just answer whether or not grinding for specific particular weapon is working / not working though and not answer if its bugged all around. (Btw weapon variances suck. Thanks SEGAC >.< )
  6. A fair compromise might be to instead make a 6 player party have a lowered HP bonus to say what 4 is now or around it. As well as adjusting the 2-5 party bonus accordingly. But a drawback would be bosses HP if they use the same system rather then bosses having their own set of bonuses. As it is a party with more members makes enemies more difficult to kill. (Damn dark gargoyles!) Bosses though still seem to go down easily, sometimes too easily in comparison of the run to it. (Relatively to types / damage/ and difficulty of course)
  7. I wanted to try AF for a bit and wanted to know what weapon types and PAs anyone would suggest? Was going to to make new character either cast or human , so I have room for whatever bullets and skills I'll need. Edit: I should mention I haven't made a melee heavy character in a while .
  8. Does variance have anything to do with it ? It's listed as 610 on psupedia , highest of any other rifle I saw . A "Working as intended" thing?
  9. Hmm. Then the multiplayer multiplier doesn't give any boost to drops? I wanted to see those stats for each level of it. Based on those stats , thought there might be a sweet spot of party members to drop rate / enemy Hp. As in enough to get decent bonuses but not too much that enemies are taking too long to take down. I played for I don't know how long by now on Clementine, yet I was completely oblivious to the PSO2 drop system we have. I mean I knew but I forgot. If that makes sense. So those random "why is this consumeable item in my inventory" things are just me picking up too much crap without realizing it I guess.
  10. Is there a list somewhere that I missed about the bonuses we get for more then 1 member parties? Did I miss that information on this forum ? The bonuses for each + member added that affects HP/XP/ Enemy Drop rates? Is the set in order , random, give finder commands at the start of missions working currently ? Meseta sharing, normal item sharing ? The Rare settings? Any of those.
  11. Core

    Bugs List

    To be honest I thought that the master list was for mods to have a compiled list made by LadyRena , which the list was taken from the posts. Either way seems to be working . The bow Masei-sou 's PA ,that is supposed to knockdown isn't knocking down currently, or wasn't last I checked. It still stuns though. There was also a gun PA I can't recall, that also has a knockback. It probably doesn't work either.
  12. Thanks, I had forgotten about most those bonuses, so needed some info to fill in what I'd forgotten. Appreciated
  13. Is there a current list for race and type bonuses? Such as Humans get bonuses for GT/WT and AF? (among other things)
  14. Core

    New hotspot?

    I like to just hang around Sleeping Warriors. It's fairly easy to get through with not many enemies you can accidentally miss. Most of all no megid dodgeball. I wouldn't mind doing some other missions if I wasn't always having to just do them alone. One of the best missions we've had so far was one of those Limited Time Colony missions that had paths you could choose. You could even choose the bosses (Minus a bugged one or two). It at least gave some variation of different enemies and areas , or at least the illusion of variation, without having to travel to said areas. Imo, I think we need more like that. Missions in a area but with different enemies / drops within it. It would be the same but not as running a single mission.
  15. I haven't got to play as much recently, but what I have started to play of GM, I can see the very noticeable change in speed from fortegunner that I was playing. (That rifle speed ) There's also quite a number of existing videos of the master classes showing their power on the old JP servers. I thought these + PA bonuses would make other classes too strong, but I think it's more to help non masters close the gap (If only a little) in effectiveness. So if the PSU mods would care to consider PA boosts, then I for one would be all for it. I can see leveling PAs being a bit easier at least this way. Masters are strong, but damn do they drain PP in exchange. So leveling a rifle bullet for example would be a little easier for getting 41-45 because of their reduced bullet cost so more shots per rifle. IMO anyway. Seed Express had it on point on this.
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