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  1. Had thought of removing them, but keeping them does seem better. Maybe frags would work around 20ish range maybe higher, for each of the Shifta+ and Deband+. To make use of buffs already leveled , could probably have some kind of trade in quest. Lvl 50 shifta & lvl 50 retier for the shifta+ . Lvl 50 deband & Lvl 50 zodial for deband+. Either fragments along with them, or the frag way could be standalone for those not wanting to level the buffs. As for cast time , as long as it's overall quicker than 4 techs, with a higher but not too much higher PP cost added (support is
  2. Not sure if it's possible but I'd like it if Shifta added Accuracy/TP bonus of Zodial/Retier and Deband got Evasion/MST of Zodial/Retier. If they could be combined, it would save time. Also free up 2 PA slots.
  3. Not 100% if it's a bug or not but the number of Svultus at the end of sleeping warriros , at least on A can vary from 1 or 3 I think. It seems odd, because for each difficulty wouldnt it be normal to see +1 more for each tier? Only sometimes the Polavohra gets replaced by a Svultus and then after the Golmoro the 2 Svultus show up. If it was some kind of rare rappy map variation wouldn't they be their rare variant instead? Haven't done higher than C yet of lightning beast, but on C you sometimes get a handful of Gainozeros at the end of block the block / exit. Other times , again on C, there
  4. I was actually thinking of Level sync, but that creates even problems. Ideally a sync to leader, but keeping whatever equipment your non capped level can use/ SUV /Beast mode. I can't even guess how difficult that would be. Seems like more work than necessary, when so much work being put in already. I hadn't thought of that, if someone reached past that cap , or the person who made the party, they would get kicked ? Hmm. Which is why I thought some command would be better, but maybe not then. I will say though that a lot of times people don't read descriptions that are right there. Even in
  5. I'll admit it certainly became a bit easier getting meseta from higher rank missions, but before that it was a bit tough starting a Ranger for those 5k bullets, which there's quite a few. There's this whole "technics and melee PAs should cost more" thing that they're doing now. I thought ultimately the goal was to bring back PSU to like it was or as much as they're able to (Improvements always welcome OFC) . Or nah , make spiral dance cost 45k (was 10k) and increase its * to 4 when it was 1 and make gravity dance 1* now and cost 10k. Spiral dance was really good for what I used of it. Grav
  6. I feel like I'm in the minority here , but I like to actually party and help kill things not just have someone else do it while I try and not die . Granted getting leveled or boosted I think is an accurate term, can be great. Especially for getting early EXP/MP. With high level help can grind those very quickly. Other times I do actually like to play though. And take into account the longer the mission takes, the more hits you get in which is more PA XP as well. If everything dies too fast can't really get as much. Which would force even more Solo PA leveling. Could always be that person that
  7. Is there a reason that the PA prices were hiked so high? Techs it seems all across the board. Resta , 2.5k why? Especially because of that current formula for attacks, more heals are required than ever. Also HU PA's are overpriced or price swapped rather. RA PA's are actually okay though, at least that I can tell. Was there some suggestion from the community that made the mods change them so much? Techs alone are most expensive in that you need basically all of them at some time or another so you'll need those if you plan to be a serious Techer. Sure makes getting a techer going far more
  8. There is a tool that let's you make items inside your PM storage. You can edit things like a weapons stats /PP/ requirements. But not the PP rate. Can that be changed with a memory editor or something? Is there a some mod or patch that will have all the free missions available from the start of a new character? Or again, something I can just edit each character? EDIT: the offline version
  9. Anyone used this? Do you have to donate high star items or will cheap consumables work for a chance at the items?
  10. Can we get the in game mission timer again? Last server we had it, and I kind of liked it. Helps time buffs, but also let's you see your time during runs without having to open the menu. Can you add Block crystals to the last 2 blocks of military subway? I can't think of a reason that SEGA never did. Other than their motto: "it's working as intended" .
  11. Not sure if SUV is always supposed to burn 100% (assuming target can burn ofc) , but it does seem to have decent chance of not burning. I'm using the human version, sturm bustec. Not sure it's intentional or not. May be because it's not technically a "real" SUV? Infection still doesn't flinch as it did on vanilla servers. Was just a small hit, like smacking it with a sword, enough to flinch a little. Just damage tick currently. Which leads me to next problem: flying enemy knockdown. Infection did to do that as well, if a hit would otherwise knock an enemy out of the air just like yo
  12. Ah ok. Well maybe they can add it in so it affects resta / giresta as well. Not sure how much 4/8/12 would help, but every bit helps. Especially on races that have low TP base stats. Ugh that formula. I'm not a big fan of it guess, this is just another side effect of it then.
  13. Ah ok. I'm still assuming though that the % is actually 5% . Still overall DoT feel better than last Clementine server.
  14. If retier increases TP shouldn't it increase heal numbers too ? Did I remember incorrectly? Same with element bonus. Such as 4 light techs in a rod. Shouldn't that increase it too or no?
  15. I thought the DoTs were working now. Infection ticks aren't working the right # of ticks now? Infection should be : 1= 5% x 5 ticks, 2= is 5% x 6 , 3= 5% x 7 ticks, and 4= 5% x 8. According to psupedia. Those aren't hitting the X times 5% they should for their level? Twin handguns are 2 SE capped for elements I believe though.
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