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  1. What type are you? You might have reached the PA limit for that type. Force for example gets attack techniques and support techniques only to 20. Compared to a Forte Techer that can get them to 40.
  2. Tried to post about this before, it wasn't all that great. Trying again with a bit more information to work with then last time I don't know how to make things look all nice and organized (sorry) Used on A rank Delsaban which I didnT't know until now have 2345 Max HP This is what damages I got. The % deffinetly seems off. Don't have GM to try 41 bullets yet so couldn't get those. Burn should be ticking only 5 times but level 4 was ticking 6 and level 1 was ticking 4. Infection should be 5% a tick. Only the amount of ticks for overall damage should change. 5% should be 117 it seems. Burn lvl Burn % Damage /Ticks Infection Infection % Damage/Ticks 1 2%? 23x4 1 5%? 46x2 2 3%? 46x5 " " 46x4 3 4%? 70x5 " " 46x6 4 5%? 93x6 " " 46x8 5 ??? ???? 5 ??? ???? If 5% is 117 , then 4% should be 93, 3% should be 70, 2% should be 46. If I did math right. I usually don't.
  3. Or unsafe passage A The whip having a really bad kill rate does sound about right. Only the most lowly of creatures were affected if even those in higher difficulties.
  4. Seems to work for me kind of ? Tried on enemies in unsafe passage . Enemies that seem affected by the incapacitate got what looks like a critical for 2k damage. ( My strikes were doing 100 ish) maybe those enemies are just hard to KS. As for the seed , it may be immune to certain status effects from weapons / bullet / techs but traps work. Only one I'm almost positive about is vandas that had the shield buff on SEGA servers would cut ranged damage in half and became immune to my bullet status effects but traps still worked. But I have to think so far back , maybe that seed is buggy and I'm wrong. Edit: the critical I'm seeing is actually damage equal to their max HP. White beast level 45 ollaka have 5388 hp ? Kakwane 4974 . Komazli 8290
  5. Had done a couple White beast runs too with not much as well. Thought it was just the lower difficulty . Oh well , hopefully they have it fixed soon .
  6. The cast / beast techer strategy is a good one. I used to do that quite a bit back in the day. My place to level was most of the time unsafe passage A. Enemies have a decent enough of HP to work with and besides sendillian , the pannon and delsaban are easy to target with most techs. Gi techs were decent for sendillians too since they tend to gather around you. I might also suggest at least for getting techs to 30 to change to acrotecher . They are by far the least squishy of the techers. Deband for some defense and jellen acan help a little bit too. Don't forget the importance of a good % armor to help survive better. A lower rank armor with higher % would sometimes be better for reducing certain elements than a higher rank armor with less or no % . That depends on how strong you are and/or how strong the enemy you choose to level techs on are. Edit: For noszonde and nosmegid it's most effective to be right in an enemies face if you can. If you're hit while casting or block, the nos spell goes off right there. So repeatedly getting hit while casting casts them a bit faster. KAMIGENO: "If you can, be an Acrotecher" I should of read your post more thoroughly, you offered that advice already. I also agree that ultimately getting technique xp is more important than finishing missions. It's nice to multitask tech xp , character xp/mp. But I think it's best most times to focus on leveling the tech as effectively as possible. Mission completion or not. Or solo or not. (Quotes are difficult on a phone)
  7. Hadn't been able to do many S ranks mission . Now that I tried an S rank plains overlord , did 2 runs and boxes had some 3 * handgun. Was that just an unlucky roll on my part ? Do X difficulty boss / area clears have appropriate rewards in the boxes ?
  8. I used to use debuffs mostly to counter enemies that buffed themselves. Outside that hadn't really. To be fair, I only played an AT for a while on Sega servers. The problem with debuffs is enemies have physical attacks with elements attached. So reducing their atp which still leaves the elemental portion untouched. Likewise, zalure reduced an enemies defense but not the elemental resistance. Since we attack and get attacked with physical and elemental damage I think it makes a difference. That or maybe 27% reduction just isn't that good for some other reason. Curious, does Clementine still have that bug where a debuff that should be able to hit all enemies in a group still somewhow ends up missing at least one ? Maybe it wasn't a bug but rather something SEGA chose to have.
  9. Hmm. Lot of questions but. Was it all enemies (that would be knockdown-able) . Certain ones ? Do you have melee PA s that produce knockdown but they don't work either ? Did you try the A or B rank to see if maybe they got buffed in S to not be knocked down? (Or wrongly buffed to not be knocked down for some reason)
  10. Thanks I'll have to try that. (Wish I'd thought of that)
  11. Nope. In fact none of the buttons or keys have worked for me . Did I bug it out somehow? My volumes up I know Because I hear the menu sounds.
  12. Core

    Poll on "Miss" System

    That sounds like what I was trying to remember. I remember the back attacks, for sure I had thought that was a thing back then, Freeze as well, but I didn't know or maybe forgot about other status effects helping accuracy too.
  13. Core

    Poll on "Miss" System

    I'm not sure what this poll is about? That they added the miss system ? (Those '0's that pop up when a character fails to hit melee/ranged attacks) I had thought that up to this point it did exist already for attacks that weren't Techniques. It just wasn't showing the proper 0s until the recent fix. That's pretty much how I remember old PSU. To help with accuracy issues you could freeze an enemy or attack it from directly behind. I don't think it made you suddenly 100% accurate , but it used to help. Doesn't seem to work right now though. If I recall right there was some bee enemy that was on Parum that had insane evasion so techers were pretty much required to hit or people would have to hit them from the back / freeze to have a good chance to hit. Or people would also restart the mission to find a non bee one .
  14. There was psupedia that had that information and more back when the official servers were up. I'm not sure if they work for this one though.
  15. That's the kind of thinking that's going to turn people away from this game. I'm all for dedication and knowing that things take time. I played a true definition of time sink with FFXI (more my definition of an MMO) You could spend countless hours there and still achieve a fraction of the game over all. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you do, but at what price. Though people are more impatient these days and sadly want things the quickest and easiest. Feels like every time I play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Ephinea servers , there's Always people wanting to do TTF (a boss rush that features some of the fastest xp you can get) or something like it to level as fast they can and not much else. Not a fan of it at all . I actually enjoy playing the game. Sadly seems like one of the few that does. I'm not suggesting make everything as easy as can be. What I'm suggesting is ease up a bit. This game shouldn't be just be for the hardcore players . More casual people should be able to enjoy it too. I have 8hrs sometimes. I don't have the time I had to play back on PSU ps2 by a long shot. Probably others don't either. That should be considered too. Edit: Someone who reads this : If you like this Phantasy Star games and/or online games in general you should check out Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst , Ephinea server. There's a decent amount of people playing most of the time and the community is very welcoming. So give it a look.
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