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  1. Alright, but why though? Smaller numbers than on final JP =/= greater fun. When it comes to balance like that, you really would be better served just leaving it like official, if not tweaking it up just a bit if it needs it.
  2. "Too high for normal missions." Said a bare handful of people ever in regards the previous rates. That aside, maybe it's just me and I've got bizarre sensibilities, but, and hear me out here, maybe introducing an event in one breath and then immediately after in another telling everyone you're slashing the drop rates to in most cases 1/3 or less of previous rates is kind of a turbo dick move. Also, since extremes seems to be the only method of balancing the team understands, I'd rather a flood than a drought.
  3. So, and genuine question here. What's the rationale behind such crippling nerfs to the drop rates? Who possibly thought this was a good idea? It's like looking at babby's first attempt at balance by just ungabunga clubbing big numbers into little numbers.
  4. Unironically though, you might as well just cut the throat of every Fighmaster while you're at it. It also isn't helped by the previous 25% nerf to melee damage on bosses either. edit: For reference, as a 150 Cast 20 FM with ms and 40%+ 0/10 iron lance this crippling of Skadd is disproportionate as all fuck. Before the 20% nerf is taken into account, just removing one hit from the max on the final move already ripped out 24k damage from skadd's max possible damage. Taken all together it's in the ballpark of a 31-33k damage nerf. I could've begrudgingly, bitterly, choked down the 20% nerf on the final move without too much complaint, but could you kindly just fuck off with removing an entire max hit from the last move?
  5. Going through SEED Express there are areas where Sturm Attacker, and presumably other aoe type SUV's did no damage to enemies and didn't even break the boxes on the map. The only SUV I can say for certain doesn't have this problem is Gigas Espada. No idea why. Didn't have the patience to screencap all the spots but here's one in B1 at the end, and there's another 3-4 or more just between B1 and B2. https://imgur.com/VnXgj6M
  6. So I finally got around to trying the new betting tweaks from the July 21st maintenance on the roulette table. Turns out, the new payout is literally worse than official's.* Say I bet 10 bronze on red and 1 bronze on 0 for funsies. Assuming it even lands on red, my payout for winning is 10 bronze. The way I'm seeing it, every bet past your first removes one point from your payout multiplier on all your bets. So if you bet 10 bronze on say 13-24, 25-36, and red and it landed 15 red, your payout would be 10 bronze from your 13-24 bet and 10 bronze from your red bet. What you should be getting is 30 bronze from your 13-24 bet and 20 bronze from your red bet. With the current rates, it's nothing more than a glorified Red/Black machine and you'd be better off just spinning up a bunch of alt accounts to do your daily coin pickups with and waiting if you need more than one or two things from the Prize Exchange shop. * edit: I was recently told the formula being used for winnings is what's used in European casinos. Why Marm decided it was a good idea to use real casino rules when they've got nothing but incentive to fuck the gambler of their money I don't know. I just wish he'd lessen the difficulty of actually winning anything to at minimum official's level of difficulty instead of making it even harder.
  7. So here's a wild idea. Bring back the 10 scapedoll limit like on official, and anyone who feels that's too much can just willingly limit how many scapes they carry on them.
  8. Same deal as with Onmagoug I mentioned here. I'm at least certain what caused it this time. This was on C rank keep in mind. Fight starts, he does his charge attack, and before he can finish the animation for it all the way I've already killed him. I get the EXP FULL popup so I know he should be dead, but then he does his low health head animation thing right after and just keeps on fighting as an invincible ghost enemy that can still hurt me. No idea whatsoever why random shit like this breaks some bosses, but there you go.
  9. Don't know if this has already been mentioned or not, but Dark Falz is neutral. On top of that, the hitspots you can see here in this video never break off regardless of how much damage you do so if you're playing FM you're just sorta fucked. Same goes for shooting off his face and tail. https://youtu.be/F5z6bp2xQNY?t=465 Less of a bug and more in regards to AI balancing though, it also feels like he swims where you can attack him in melee too rarely as well.
  10. I can't say that's been my experience at all. I have had it eat my payout occasionally though when it landed on the final number of whatever side I was betting on. Say I bet on 1-12 and it landed on 12. It might eat it unless I was also betting on 13-24.
  11. Let me preface this by saying that I think the numbers the enemy scales by are balanced just fine for the extra experience they give. That's about all I can say positively about it's balance though. Once you've hit the level cap - whatever it may be set at - it's nothing more than a millstone around your neck if you want to play with large parties of people. You end up having to slog through nearly triple enemy health (or whatever other multiplier with smaller parties) for no extra reward. To me, the current system seems to reward in the short term as you level, and then, as I said previously, drag you down forever at cap because the extra effort you have to put in is still there, but the extra reward isn't. Primarily, I hope they'll just add in an option to turn off enemy scaling when you're starting a mission and leave it on as the default option. If for whatever reason that's not possible, I'd suggest adding in a drop rate bonus for having larger parties to reward you for dealing with bloated enemy health. Then again, neither are exactly mutually exclusive, so why not add both if it's possible? Should nothing be changed however, I see myself in the future either playing solo, or having a single acrotecher friend running with me and just using NPCs whenever they get those working as meat shields because larger parties just wouldn't be worth the pointless extra effort they'd bring when hunting for gear, or in general really. Bit of a side note that occurred to me while writing this, but enemy scaling was also probably largely to be blamed for what seemed to be an issue previously with the blast bar charging too quickly. Compared to a vanilla enemy, six man runs just had so much more health that you'd have that much more time and opportunity to charge that it wasn't really surprising you could fire off an SUV or Nanoblast every block. Either way though, I'd also suggest boosting blast bar charge rate a small bit. Using the terminology in the announcement, I'd suggest changing the charge rate from 5 minutes down to 4 minutes 45 seconds.
  12. Might want to add to your guide that Distant Memory is also not available. Neither is The Black Nest.
  13. He could still do damage to us, but we couldn't damage him at all. No 0's or anything like that. It was exactly like attacking a ghost enemy.
  14. This specifically I take issue with. Unless they increase how generous the calculations are when it comes to determining MP rewards, you in fact get mediocre MP rewards no matter what mission or rank you do, barring rares. If the devs or whoever are absolutely adamant that this new MP system is the way to go, you're going to need to increase MP rewards by a good 50-75% if you want to accomplish the goal of making all missions appealing to play through. I know I keep using White Beast and such as an example, but it really does illustrate the point I'm trying to make. When doing Demons Above S2 only nets you somewhere around 160-180ish MP under the new system, whereas under the old you could run WB A and get about the same amount at 164, it should be self-evident that something needs to be done.
  15. Killing Onmagoug when his wings are damaged in Demons Above S2 leads to him not dying and becoming invincible. Don't know if that happens in other ranks or other places you can fight him, but I'd presume so.
  16. Gonna second this. After saving up 2m for Blade Destruction and seeing how worthless it was, I felt cheated as shit. A refund would be great.
  17. It was either the damage or number of enemies you could hit at once with the second move of Dus Majarra, I can't recall. Whichever it was, it'd be nice to have that nerf undone. Pretty sure it was from three or four enemies down to two though. Removing the nerf on Tornado Dance's travel distance would also be great.
  18. Why exactly is that a problem though? All the current system does is incentivize me going through all the missions on each rank available solo, and then finding the quickest mission to do at the lowest rank for the best return on my time investment. As it stands I have no more motivation now with the new system than I did with the old to play random missions besides purely for nostalgia. At the end of the day I and presumably everyone else is going to pick a mission best suited for farming what they're looking for, be it exp, mp, or drops. This feels like a poorly thought out "one size fits all" solution to a problem better solved by just increasing non aoti mission mp rewards to be comparable to aoti missions. Besides which, some missions being better for certain things is just a natural part of the game. For example, back on official you wanted the best mp? Get together an Egg Thieves party with your friends.
  19. While the system as is was intended to make non aoti missions viable to run for mp, it currently does that at the expense of basically every aoti mission across the board. For example, the amount of time it takes to complete Military Subway under the current system makes it totally worthless as a mission for mp. White Beast being another example of across the board mp rates nerfs. The higher the rank of mission you take, the steeper the nerf gets.
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