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  1. Thanks Matt! I think I know mostly what's missing now. If anyone can add to it, please do. Here's what I know of: Story missions NPC partners Synthesis Mother Brain and final bosses Casino Voloyal rewards Fantastic Voyage GAS/GAM Bulletin Board Titles PA Fragments the PAs themselves are still available, they're just at the normal PA vendors now
  2. Definitely MAG. I loved the PSO theme. My cousin and I were both really into PSU at the time, and we played MAG together for hours upon hours during its run. I remember he was awake for the last 24 hours straight of the event, trying to finish as high on the kill count leaderboard as he could. We both earned Spread Needles, but he ranked way higher than I did haha. When I started playing PSO again on Ephinea, I decided I wanted to do Challenge Mode eventually to collect an S-rank Needle even though I main a Hunter. It's like MAG coming full circle.
  3. I recently installed the Clementine client on my laptop (I've been playing on my desktop). I set the screen size to 1280x720 and launched. It seemed t be running fine, so I backed out to set up my controller the way it is on my desktop. When I tried to hit "Enter" to save changes, it gave me a "Screen size has not been selected" error message. Sure enough, that dropdown menu was empty. I closed the options app and reopened it. Same thing. Rebooted my computer. Nothing. It worked the first time, so I'm not sure what changed.
  4. Played a human Acrofighter / Guntecher. Gamertag was ShadowSpartan13, and I think my character's name was just Shadow. I logged most of my hours during the summer of Maximum Attack G. I'm playing a CAST this time around.
  5. I don't mind that some of the bosses aren't playable and some features (like synthesis) aren't implemented—it's a private server and a work in progress—but it would be really helpful to know what not to expect in my nostalgic adventures. Currently, my experience has just been to encounter something behaving unexpectedly and then ask around to determine whether it's a bug or whether it's just not ready yet. I've seen the master bug list in the Bug Reports form, but can we get a prominently placed list of features that are known to not be working yet? Specific bosses, game mechanics, types of missions, stores, etc. I think that would be a time saver for players.
  6. I am able to receive Vol Coins at the Casino, but when I click "Exchange for item" at the other counter it seems to just reinitialize that menu. psu20190430_085305_000.bmp
  7. That explains a lot. I ran into the same issue trying to equip the apparently C-rank Mega/Knight on my Perpaline.
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