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  1. Just got back into this, and to be late to seeing such news is rather unfortunate. My past experience when trying to work on a personal project with pals has lead me down a similar line with how people treat developers. This isn't some big shot company that can tune these voices out. This is a team of individuals who just wanted to bring forth something nice, and to see this happen here as well as when I worked on a game project, shows how much of an issue people tend to be when they are ignorant of what they say. Marmalade made the right choice to step away, even if it's such a beloved project for him. Hopefully since these months passed, that time away is doing him well, but I've yet to really catch up with it all. All I can really hope for in the future is that things can improve as a whole for the project. Not just the game itself, but the community that surrounds it, because a project like this to get so far is a true gem, and I am deeply disappointed that the entitlement of others has been so common here. Normally I simply read most posts, but today I genuinely felt like I had to speak. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do moving forward, Gnome. - Dogenzaka.
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