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  1. I'm sorry to hear that this project took such a toll on you Marm. People really can be scumbags sometimes especially when it's the ones you put trust in that hurts. I really empathize and hope and pray things get better for you and your family. You will always be loved for giving life into a game we all cherish. Thank you for all your hard work.
  2. They did last winter. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Event_01:_Christmas_2020
  3. I would love a TTF or Respective Tomorrow remade PSU style with PSU monsters but they would definitely have to be events because how big they are. Then again I want to redo all the old events like MAG and Firebreak. As far as regular missions I'd love to see of the following areas have more missions: Cylez: Sacred Ark Crowley Parum: Seabed RELICS, Inhelt Laboratory, Paracabana Coast Neudaiz: Temple, Ohtori Castle Moatoob: Crodog Jungle Any of those areas especially those currently with just 1 mission. Actually I think I want seabed relics mission the most because I love the way sunken shine looks. Enemies I'd like to see more of: Ryutass, Zasharogan, Delph Slami, Bead Groode, AMF Heavy Infantry, Bafal Bragga, Rappy Gugg, Gainzeros Bosses Id like to see more of: Zoal Goug, Onmagoug, Magas Maggahna, De Rol Le, De Ragnus, Dark Falz 2nd Form
  4. Wow I'm so excited so for this update I love it. Really such a great amazing job dev team. You guys continue to amaze me.
  5. I play multiplayer to relax, chill, level up, level PA, and get MP. If I want a rare I will go solo and farm/hunt for it. Currently yes there is no challenge. I wish it was more challenging too but I do believe and hope it will come in the future. This is only S rank. I'm thinking in the future S3/4/5+ it gets better. Also they have a challenge mode apparently in the works they are looking into. Which would be amazing.
  6. Hurray it's back to working again thx gnome.
  7. This is awesome. I never played kappa before. Thanks a ton.
  8. Make sure clementine is allowed by your firewall.
  9. Yeah same here for me. 1.13 is back to not showning at all.
  10. The lastest version 1.12 got it to working for me. Thanks a lot for this.
  11. Yeah I'm okay with the drop rate currently because there are still more better drops down the line still. I would love to see the rates changed on the better drops but as you pointed out it might cause some players to stop playing. On the other hand we only at S-rank and not S3 or whatever endgame rank is. I think it could use a slight tweek. Actually If we had a mission spotlight with a small drop rate increase would be even better.
  12. Actually I think they should remove regular Photon, El-Photon, and Im-Photon from dropping at all. I never pick them up. If you need them just buy them at MA-GRMS. At the very least I'd say remove them from boss/clear boxes.
  13. Maybe if it was an option you can turn on or off. Some new players might want to save up money and just find stuff in game. But I was never mad if I had to miss a few kills though so meh.
  14. Don't know if there is guide but all you do is click the wrench/screwdriver icon at the top right of the clementine launcher and the first option there is for custom resolution.
  15. There is a feeding chart on the wiki here that lists what stats materials give. PMs and NPC in battle don't work currently.
  16. Yes please for the love of god I'm all for this. It encourages grinding and gives the lesser grinders a purpose. I'm sure the devs of this server can change that. I'm sure later down the line with the higher rank missions it will get very hard.
  17. Yay! I was really bummed out about those not having the cool effect. Great job on this big update!
  18. Cool I'm in the background of that first shot. LOL no I'm not a troll there was another demon that was a troll/hacker. Wow this takes me back. I remember parting with Enigma and those players few times. Yeah I miss Ruby he was always fun to play with even back in the PSOBB days.
  19. Weapons 2★ Gigush - no attack sound 3★ Popsicle Sword - no attack sound 3★ Ryokadanoh - no attack sound 4★ Seva Palassa shows model of 2★ Seva Brada 5★ Soda Caliba - no attack sound 7★ Matohonoh - no attack sound, shows model of Ank Tomho, show wrong manufacturer Misc Switches and traps need 3 hits to set them off instead of 1. Nanoblast swaps Extra unit aura only if you have one equiped and you change blocks during Nanoblast.
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