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  1. Maybe if it was an option you can turn on or off. Some new players might want to save up money and just find stuff in game. But I was never mad if I had to miss a few kills though so meh.
  2. Don't know if there is guide but all you do is click the wrench/screwdriver icon at the top right of the clementine launcher and the first option there is for custom resolution.
  3. There is a feeding chart on the wiki here that lists what stats materials give. PMs and NPC in battle don't work currently.
  4. Yes please for the love of god I'm all for this. It encourages grinding and gives the lesser grinders a purpose. I'm sure the devs of this server can change that. I'm sure later down the line with the higher rank missions it will get very hard.
  5. Yay! I was really bummed out about those not having the cool effect. Great job on this big update!
  6. Cool I'm in the background of that first shot. LOL no I'm not a troll there was another demon that was a troll/hacker. Wow this takes me back. I remember parting with Enigma and those players few times. Yeah I miss Ruby he was always fun to play with even back in the PSOBB days.
  7. Weapons without attack sound effect 2★ Gigush 3★ Popsicle Sword 3★ Ryokadanoh 5★ Soda Caliba Weapons showing wrong model 4★ Seva Palassa shows model of 2★ Seva Brada
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