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  1. Add to this the problem. Every attack of the other players, whatever it is, seems to push the enemy back farther. If someone uses Tornado break in the middle, or even Gifoie, the enemy group will be heavily dispersed. It would not recombine. This may not be much of an issue for gun users or technique users, but for melee players it's a big problem. Not to mention that it's more efficient - and more fun - to take out a group of solid enemies than to take out scattered ones one by one!
  2. First of all, my English grade was second from the bottom, so I'm sorry if I didn't get it right. And thanks for the restart. Castle of Monsters (Lv B) has a different Req. LV and Enemy LV. According to the PSUC Wiki, they are 35.60+, respectively. The actual Req. LV is probably 30, (I haven't checked below that), and The Enemy LV is probably 50+.
  3. I think in reverse. First move up the speed of all classes. Instead, slow down travel skills. This will equalize the movement speed of all classes.
  4. Thank you for teaching me. Assuming that the Megido technique level of C is 11 if it is adapted, that of S2 is 31. According to the data of the vanilla server, Megido's Incapacitate LV is as follows. Megido Technique Level Lv1-10 Has Incapacitate Lv1. You can prevent it if you have 21 STAs. Megido Technique Level Lv11-20 Has Incapacitate Lv2. You can prevent it if you have 22 STAs. Megido technique level Lv21-40 has Incapacitate Lv3. You can prevent it if you have 23 STAs. Megido technique level Lv41-50 has Incapacitate Lv4. This is Dark Falz's Megido, which can not be prevented without Vijeri / Resist. According to verification, the Megido of Delp Slami of Castle of Monsters S2 can not be prevented even with STA23. This indicates that this Megido is Incapacitate Lv4. However, it is strange that it is prevented by the verification in STA28 if it is. Even if the enemy's technique level rises according to the rank, the following can be reported. ・The STA needed to prevent Megido are different. ・The technique level and technique effect do not match. (Lv 41 and higher techniques effect do a lot of damage to the player's eyes, so it might be better not to cause them,lol) I am sorry for the fact that it is no longer about the endurance of armor. It may be better to make a new topic for this story...
  5. Thank you for fixing it. In today's maintenance, the endurance of the armor and the unit got effect. I was very happy when I saw the sentence. I went to Castle of Monsters A to see Delp Slami. The conditions are the same as last time. case1. Stamina (23) Breakdown: FighMaster Male (9) + Rabol Bistat (2) + Mantra (12) Even if I hit about 300 times, I never die. Great! I was headed for the Castle of Monsters S2 this time. But what I witnessed was the appearance of my character dying in Megido. AIEEEE!! After that, when I changed my class to Acrofighter, I never died. case2. Stamina (28) Breakdown: AcroFighter Male (14) + Rabol Bistat (2) + Mantra (12) Will the IncapacitateLv change depending on the difficulty level? I remember that it was uniform on the vanilla server, so I rereport it as a bug.
  6. From the conclusion, stamina itself seems to be working. However, the effect of the equipment which strengthens the stamina is not exhibited. ---- I bought a mantra. I poured my whole fortune. However, I die soon at Megido. So I decided to examine the effect. I receive Megido which Delp Slami of Castle of Monsters A emits. By the time I die 40 times, I counted how many times I hit Megido. (And a friend helps with Giresta. Thank you my freind!) case1. Stamina (23) Breakdown: FighMaster Male (9) + Rabol Bistat (2) + Mantra (12) Number of hits I made 40 times: 243 Hit case2. Stamina (9) Breakdown: FighMaster Male (9) I hit 40 times before dying: 314 Hit Type change. (STA9> STA23, but that might be the case. I thought so.) case3. Stamina (28) Breakdown: AcroFighter Male (14) + Rabol Bistat (2) + Mantra (12) I hit 40 times before dying: 520 Hit I wondered. Will there be any difference between Stamina 23 and 28? I came up with a possibility and added another setting. case4. Stamina (14) Breakdown: AcroFighter Male (14) I hit 40 times before dying: 550 Hit Cases 1 and 2 are close. And 3 cases and 4 cases are close. So I concluded: There is no effect of strengthening stamina by equipment. (I am only investigating instant death. We do not know freezing or burning.) ---- By the way, if it is Vanilla server, If you have 22 stamina, you will not die 100% with Delp Slami's Megid.
  7. Oops, I forgot to write this. I want to make the number of portable Doll other than 1. Because ... If I find a Doll on Misson, I can not pick it up. I think it Mottainai. Sometimes boss drops 2 Dolls, so I'm troubled. lol
  8. ・ First my conclusion The number of dolls does not affect the difficulty. Therefore, there is no need to limit. I think that it is good with the same number as vanilla. ・ A person who holds a doll tends not to die. These are tentatively called type A. They carry dolls as insurance only. They try to avoid death. There is no big deal even in the rain of "Megido". ・ People who do not have dolls fall easily. These are tentatively called Type B. The noteworthy player I once saw in "百鬼" has died seven times. My fellow got angry at him. But he died six times in the next Misson. He is not afraid of death. He just say this. "Moon Atomizer, plz" That is correct on one side. But things have limitations. This is an extreme example. But I think that there is a trend. ・ The existence of DeathPenalty The difficult Misson of the vanilla PSU. For example, a mission like "Blues dungeon" will fail if it dies. Players must move carefully to avoid death. This is very difficult. ・ There is a moon atomizer On the other hand, death is not a penalty for FreeMisson. It can be easily resurrected using the Moon. Even if you have a lot of dolls, Type A will move around so as not to die. The B type is not carried over in the first place, so the upper limit may be anything. In other words, the difficulty level does not change regardless of the doll's upper limit. ・ About solo play Imagine a time when there are few people. I do not want to solo. There is no one where you want to go. Reluctantly solo. I understand that I want to carry a lot of dolls as insurance. ・By the way, PSO2……. First of all, it is wrong to be able to have only one "scape doll" in PSO2. PSO 2 can earn "Scape Dolls" even after you die. Because you can not get it without paying cash. When you die, SEGA says: "You are dead, but you can pay 150 yen to get back." ("Halfdoll" can only be used once during a mission.) -Personal thoughts Dolls are a very Japanese item. "I do not want to disturb you." Many Japanese think so. They do not want to lower the overall rating of the party by dying back to the lobby. They apologize for the time they take to die and use the moon spray. So I like dolls to get around it. I feel relieved. ... Is this statement a disgusting speech abroad? I am sorry if it is so. ---------- As usual, google translated for me.
  9. From the conclusion, there was no problem at all. However, I was nervous, so please listen. I finished gameplay with my friends and decided to try organizing items before going to bed. At that time the storage of the main character was full. So I decided to move some items to sub character storage. I logged in as a sub character. I entered the room of the main character with the sub character, accessed the storage, and recovered some items. Then I returned to the room of the sub character and threw it into storage. The sub character logs out. And log in with the main character. I enter the room. And when I accessed the room storage with the main character, I noticed. The number of items is 0. Certainly I brought out about 50 items. But in reality, all items have disappeared. I calmly confirmed, the following seems to be no problem. ・ All on hand ・ Contents of shared storage ・ Exhibition of my shop ・ Sub character storage I first suspected server down and rollback. But as a matter of fact, the server is not down. No rollback has occurred. There is evidence. The items I got in the last mission are in my hand. The content of the storage has literally disappeared. By the way, other players have been standing in my room for a long time. My shop is open. It is normal for people to come. But he did not move for quite a while. rare. Is there anything to do with the loss of the item? ---- I wrote this far with a shaking finger. Before posting, let's check again if it really disappeared. I thought so and logged in. There was no longer that customer. I accessed the storage. There was an item. Yeah yeah? What happened? At this time in Japan, we say "to be bewitched by a fox". Was that a server failure in my room? When a customer is accessing PM, does it appear to me that the storage is lost? I do not know now. If it is the latter, if you try to deposit an item in storage in this state, it may cause a problem, so we will report it.
  10. Thank you for the topic. ・ This is my personal view Even if it is severe, I am fine. But everyone may not be fine. I'm worried about that. I don't think it needs to go up to level 40 easily. However, I think it is easy and good until Lv21. Also, if you plan to reset your server, please make it easy. ・ Skills First of all, I think that traditional Skill is too easy compared to Bullet and TECHNIC. So it's correct to match Bullet or TECHNIC. However, many Skills will be able to play Combo with Lv11 and Lv21. Combo is the greatest pleasure for many Hunters. So I'm very happy to ease up to Lv21. ・ Bullets There are too many Bullets for many Rangers. And it's too hard. truly. Ranger is really hard. Also, like Crossbows and Shotguns, the ones with more bullets are harder at first. ・ TECHNICs Many Forces make room for buff techniques. So it's easier and better. This will reduce the burden on the server. Others are basically the same as Ranger. After all there are a lot of TECHNICs.
  11. Hiropi

    Fall of Myroom

    Thank you for your reply. At first I thought I was just unlucky. But I noticed. Only the character [No. 3] encounters an error. And after encountering an error the server in the room is down. I asked a friend for confirmation. The server in My Room has not been dropped until just before [No. 3] encounters an error. And after encountering an error, the server is down. My room disappears in [universe crystal]. This symptom does not seem to occur with other characters.
  12. Hiropi

    Fall of Myroom

    This sentence was translated into English by Google, so I'm sorry if I made a mistake. ● My room server always falls when my character enters I wanted to foster partner machinery. So I logged in with this character and entered my room. At first it worked well. I bought clothes at the shop 3F and returned to my room. And feed the partner However, after my partner evolved into [G202], I could no longer enter my room. This only happens with the character [No.3] When I disconnected and connected to the game again to enter my room, the room disappeared. This happened not only for my character [No.3] but also for my other characters, and it seems that other players' rooms were dropped at the same time. [No.3] did the following actions. 1. I bought a lot of parts and put it in my warehouse. 2. Evolved my partner. Maybe one of them is related to the loss of my room. I thought so and got the message translated. Thank you for reading. And I appreciate your management games.
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