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  1. I just want to point out the Little Wing logo is hilarious with placement Definitely a "little wing" right?
  2. Ban on Deumans would seem a little weird given Laia would be President of the Guardians, and she doesn't seem like someone who'd deny a group access to the most open and diverse organization in Gurhal, otherwise I really like the idea honestly
  3. What is it that you're having issues with exactly? I have the offline clients myself maybe I know what you're missing.
  4. Due to information on old wikis, I did clothes and parts to try to get an alternate color of Voloyal Set, and when I pulled it said I got White/Aqua but I received Green/Yellow instead I did it again, told me I got Black/Red that time, but again, in inventory it was Green/Yellow I decided to try casino on a whim, and **that* gave me Yellow/Blue I didn't screenshot the White/Aqua (the color I wanted), but I did screenshot it telling me I got Black/Red after I noticed something was up (see attached)
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