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  1. You can play PSU Clementine with the latest version of wine-staging 5.7, and winetricks. Once you have installed these, you will need to run 'winetricks dotnet472' in terminal. (Please do not install wine-mono) This will install 3 versions of .net, please be patient and it may hang twice during the .net4.5 and .net4.6 installer, if it does just give it a good 10-15 minutes to install just in case, then in terminal press ctrl+c a couple of times to terminate the job. >You may or may not have to reboot the pc at this time to continue these steps(I had to reboot the pc once after this). At which point run 'winetricks dotnet472' again to continue the installation process.(It hung a second time here for me, and I had to reboot the PC one last time, upon loading back in ran dotnet472 one last time and it finished finally.)< After this point, in terminal run 'wine explorer', navigate to the folder containing the Clementine Setup.exe/bin-1/bin-2/bin-3, and run the setup.exe to start installation. Once this finishes you will need to install the ClemPatchOct20201030.exe posted somewhere on this forum or on discord ontop of the location you installed Clementine. Once it finishes the launcher should auto-open(if it does not, navigate to C:\Program Files\x86\Phantasy Star Universe Clementine and run online.exe) proceed to create your account first (the options.exe will be full of ?????????? across all items so you can ignore this for now) once completed press 'play' to open the game, enter your account credentials, and it will download a few small patch files. Once the patch finishes it will notify you the game will now close and return to the desktop. Once it does please proceed to install the ClemPatchOct20201030 patch a second time as it will overwrite some files and break the launcher again. Login a second time and download the patch a second time, and once this finishes, the launcher should work and the options.exe should be displayed in proper English. After such you should be free to play the game freely without interruption. NOTES : 1) If the game has poor in-game performance, close the game, in terminal write 'winecfg' go to the 'staging' tab and remove CSMT, click apply and close and try running the game. I did -not- need to disable this on macos, but a person I helped getting it setup on Linux had terrible performance without disabling this options. 2) I do not expect future updates to break the games launcher or login process at all, but please keep the ClemPatch around for reinstallation just incase something changes in the future 3) I have uploaded the ClemPatch file here as it -appears- the link posted by Gnome on the discord channel is no longer usable, and I do not know if it is on the forums. Please MODs remove/link to file located on forums if this exists. I'm just trying to help people. ClemPatchOct20201030.zip
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