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  1. it's easy to add the code cheat 1. run the game first then go to Game setting and scroll down and enable cheat 2. Go to your PPSSPP folder and find ppsspp_win > memstick folder > PSP folder > Cheat folder 3. you will see an NPJH50332.ini or ULUS10529.ini 4. Open with NPJH50332.ini or ULUS10529.ini as Notepad and Copy and paste the cheat code you want and save it. 5. Do a full reset on your ppssp.exe and the cheat will take effect
  2. @shade you forgot to give credit to JamRules the same person and making the english patch for phantasy star Portable 2 infinity, he's the true creditor for making these cheat code for the 60 FPS For both Games, but also thank you for finding them
  3. wow that really good farming chart I know what Im be farming when I have more free time in my hands
  4. thank you all thanks to Yoko and psupedia research
  5. Eternal Punisher demonstrated By Yoko Inferno Panzer Demonstrated by Yoko also Toroid Panzer for Human and Newmans is the same suv as Inferno Panzer Burst Impact Demonstrated By Yoko Starlight Cluster Demonstrated by Yoko Meteor Drive
  6. thank you for help me to understand what its mean
  7. awww I see..... :-; oh okay then.......took me 4 month of saving too.... for now on I just do just that :-;
  8. I finally save up for Gigas Arrow and I stored in my partner machine other day and I payed 15mill for it . pretty please someone please help me get it back or somehow fix the bug pretty please
  9. I love how you guys did a awesome job with these drops, one big question what do you mean by Boss arena ? I really like know where to hunt me a Killing hearts
  10. hi matt want give you an update, I done some a 6 player buff party Its seem that buff exp are not as hard as I thought, but I did notices that Foie, diga , zonde are bit slower, but other tech like GI, RA AND NA are working okay because I was spamming the tech spell at Sleeping warrior S2 but other stuff those feel alot slower like Bow bullet and Shotgun bullet, I was testing on my ranger and I done like 7 runs in a mission and I had it at level 1 to 4 , I had done this on unsafe passage on A rank from the pannon
  11. Hi Matt do you know what Marma meant to say by Fixed an issue with Renvolt Magashi's drop rate for Two-Headed Ragnus below Level 60 ? is this mean that drop rate for all rank in mission is a better drop ?
  12. thank you and do you know how will its take ? do you know ?
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