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  1. Kappa LML Mother Brain Solo 7:49 200 Newman 30 Masterforce - Could definitely do faster if I had 2 more epd's and killed mb a little cleaner but for now ill just post this one
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqMQJjxTKBc Scorched Valley S4 Masterforce Solo Run 22:50 You can look at the vod and the pictures, I believe the time is 22:50 but could be a extra second or two. I killed the last mob right at that time.
  3. This is the 2nd time its happened to me this event, I know a few other people have seen it happen as well but dont think theres been footage of it yet. https://streamable.com/lvu6r Obviously S4 Kappa B1 Right Gol Dova (con) last time I saw the bug was on a Seed-Ardite in Kappa S4 B3 Middle
  4. S+10's atm are around 4m or more a piece and even a few days ago we ran out of them on the market. Was just wondering what other people thought about the possibility of having them back in the Dallugun Viewing Plaza for 5m again while also still dropping in s4 missions.
  5. If you dont you'll waste time and he'll fly away or stay in the air too long.
  6. Video linked below, after he fell up there he flew out to get rocks and came back to normal height. https://streamable.com/it90p
  7. Foverse is lost after teleporting to the 1st block in the event mission if cast before in start area.
  8. Everything here looks super good. Main thing that should be discussed when and if this gets working is if we were to use AEXP or Meseta to purchase these things, within Mods/admins and also maybe just a flat out poll for everyone to vote for.
  9. Nano Blast hitting 0's
  10. Beast mode JA deals no extra dmg
  11. Yea like how it shows what you picked up above palette
  12. You should join the discord channel and use the #Looking_for_group channel can find groups or people to help you out there. And answer any questions you might have.
  13. When the idea of them showing for everyone came out in testing general before rewrite went live, some people said it should and a few said no. Still don't see a downside to this and we could test it with this next maintenance, if it causes problems just get rid of it on the next one.
  14. https://media.giphy.com/media/H82vAvzxFwsvKAbVCE/giphy.gif
  15. Feril Line does not have a arm slot, so you cant put a arm slot on it.
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