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  1. Everything here I pretty much agree with mostly, would just like some more detail on a meseta sink idea, would it be now or in the future, the boost we can buy would be a meseta sink im guessing. What else could be done to counter meseta flooding maybe towards later game, removing the 99,999,999 meseta cap per person or bot somehow, allowing someone to hold more than a stack of gold bars, introduce another currency that is more than 10m being 50m or a stack or w/e.
  2. More W. Kugu: Ajis Kugu missions, its a nice area.
  3. Has since been Addressed Get rid of Iyokan and Yuzu and make sure players spawn in the most populated server so everyone can be around each other easier and find lobbies more often.
  4. Either one would work perfectly for me, doesn't matter
  5. Here you can see all the old commands we had back in 2018, possibly even new ones could come out as well. Here is a wealth example The other ones like class level can be even better now that class level can go up to 200, just some fun stat tracking things that I think would be nice to have back
  6. Stop hiding info until people find it, im not asking for drop %'s like we had last test, but people who have either worked on drops or know of the drop updates with cap being raised or even going back to the original har quick board makes an unfair and not fun system going on, they find the drop say its a best in class hidden drop, and you guys would just keep doing this as the weps and items get better and better, so they can make more money early, time after time just because they already know where the item is dropping while everyone has to actually go out and hunt for the item randomly, not even knowing it exist from however many new missions we got with a level cap bump. This wiki upload experiment isn't working, its needs to actually be hidden or just give everyone the same equal information for where drops are. -Has since been addressed and fixed by the team "Hi, just wanted to let you all know that information on all of the current drop locations is now available on our Wiki. The plan is to continue to provide this information as it becomes available during level cap increases. We hope this is another step in the right direction. "
  7. yes, join the discord if your not in it, Marm said an hour or two downtime
  8. Kappa LML Mother Brain Solo 7:49 200 Newman 30 Masterforce - Could definitely do faster if I had 2 more epd's and killed mb a little cleaner but for now ill just post this one
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqMQJjxTKBc Scorched Valley S4 Masterforce Solo Run 22:50 You can look at the vod and the pictures, I believe the time is 22:50 but could be a extra second or two. I killed the last mob right at that time.
  10. This is the 2nd time its happened to me this event, I know a few other people have seen it happen as well but dont think theres been footage of it yet. https://streamable.com/lvu6r Obviously S4 Kappa B1 Right Gol Dova (con) last time I saw the bug was on a Seed-Ardite in Kappa S4 B3 Middle
  11. S+10's atm are around 4m or more a piece and even a few days ago we ran out of them on the market. Was just wondering what other people thought about the possibility of having them back in the Dallugun Viewing Plaza for 5m again while also still dropping in s4 missions.
  12. If you dont you'll waste time and he'll fly away or stay in the air too long.
  13. Video linked below, after he fell up there he flew out to get rocks and came back to normal height. https://streamable.com/it90p
  14. Foverse is lost after teleporting to the 1st block in the event mission if cast before in start area.
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