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  1. Hizeri / Concentrate http://psupedia.info/Hizeri_/_Concentrate.html
  2. Another strategy is to use lvl 50 sabarta when leveling spells to 30 on acrotecher.
  3. Not sure if someone already reported this but here we go.
  4. What are they gonna do for the people who have already bought it, plus the 2 mill isn't that bad.
  5. If you join this discord you can see theres a maintenance going on right now, servers will be back up after.
  6. Same exact thing happened to me.
  7. I have friends playing on the yuzu server atm, it also shows they're not online on partner cards. Weird bug, first time seeing.
  8. Not a lot of people here know how we got these JP maps and other content, and we wanted to thank you for them. Thanks for helping with the progress of this game.
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