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  1. Sorry, is there a better place to post this? I couldn't really find anything that seemed appropriate, that was still related to Clementine and PSU. Aha! So Gurhal was the system name. I knew I've read it somewhere. But I could not for the life of me find the name when I did some research into the actual lore while writing this. Also, thank you. And I don't think Clementine could ever really replace the original servers. And I'm not sure if I'd want it to. The original servers were great, because of the time we enjoyed on them. And no one is going to take that away those memories from us. And for me, I'm glad to be back. But I'm also ready to make new and other fun memories. And starting over with a new character, who in many ways, is the spiritual successor to my last character. And now, it's her time to shine in the spotlight. Although, I would still really love to see the old story missions being restored. Just so I could at least refresh my memory, and follow in my own footsteps from way back when. But I also understand the technical limitations of doing so, and it may not be possible. And in which case, I'm also prepared to make a new path.
  2. I found someone infected with the SEED over here, guys! But the lore is important. It's who we are that defines us. Take you for example, I'm sure there's some lore behind what's driving you to take over the universe, and wanting to destroy it. And, history is important. Lest you not repeat it. Meaning that history is doomed to repeat itself. Unless you know of it, and can avoid it.
  3. PSUSEED seems like a super cool program. However, it also replaces the Dinput8.ddl. Which then breaks the LT/RT controller support, which means you lose some controller functionality. Since Xinput Plus also overrides Dinput8.dll. So it seems like, you either have to choose Borderless Fullscreen, OR, Full controller support. I've brought this issue up on the Author's GitHub here: https://github.com/HybridEidolon/psuseed/issues/1 But there haven't been an update or a commit to the repo in 4 years. So I'm not gonna hold my breath for a fix. But feel free to voice your support too, if this is something you want.
  4. Installed the Shader. And it works and looks great. Even went ahead and got myself the RTGI Shader. Now, we just need an upscaled texture pack. And the game might even look the part too! Great work on this, @Oopy Doopy! Thank you.
  5. Also using an Xbox 360 controller. And for me, it's the RB (Right Back Button) to enable the Goggles while in "First Person" / Turret mode. (I don't think I actually tried the LB button.) Figured I'd be worth pointing, in case someone needs it.
  6. Disclaimer: I am by no means are PSU lore export. In fact, I barely even know the surface details. I was never even able to beat the story back on the official PSU, before the servers got shut down. And I barely even remember anything from that story. So apologies in advance if something seems really out wack. And this isn't an attempt at re-creating that lore, but instead, make something new myself. Which, from my POV, fits in this universe. And thus, this lore is just what I personally imagine, and will most likely differ a lot from the official lore. So, let's start. Please note everything could be subject to change as I either get a better idea, or I get some good feedback. Feedback is always welcomed. The Prologue (This is the past, from the official servers, up till they got shut down.) The year is in the future, in a 3 planet system somewhere far away. The 4 races who inhabit the system all co-exist and live in harmony. Who formed the GUARDIANS. An inter-system peace force. They started with a small space station, known as GUARDIANS Colony. As they grew, so did their station. Till it eventually grew into the mega-structure we still see today. A massive structure, the home of several cities. Where countless people have made their homes. Big biggest city, in the hearth of the colony, known as Clyez City, is also the home of the GUARDIANS HQ. After some time, an unknown extra-terrestrial entity arrived in system on a rogue asteroid that ended up crashing into a GUARDIAN satellite some distance away from the station. The satellite later stopped reporting, and went dark. However, before the GUARDIANS were able to respond, and investigate the satellite, they started getting strange reports from around the GUARDIANS Colony. Strange sightseeing's in what was previously thought to be abandoned areas. People starting to vanish without a trace. When a group of GUARDIANS were dispatched to investigate, they found these strange new creatures having started to infest the Colony. However, the group of GUARDIANS were able to dispatch the new threat. And fight them off. And more research were conducted. The new threat was then dubbed as The SEED. And the origin seems to be none other than the Dark Satellite. As a GUARDIANS group got dispatched to the Dark Satellite, much to their dismay. Everything had changed. Everything looked alien. The SEED had fully encompassed the satellite, and turned it into one of their HIVE Minds. And initiations was taken to combat The SEED. Even having started to infect the native animals on other planets. Making them much more aggressive and dangerous. The Threat (This is where the main story then begins from the original game. Where you follow the missions, and fight the SEED. Up until the servers closed.) After some time has passed, with GUARDIANS having showed excellent initiative, new members joining up daily to fight back the SEED, and other threats. And everything seemed to go well, and signs of the SEED weakening was beginning to shown all over the system. And at a time, when it seemed like victory was at hand. And when peace and prosperity to the system would be restored. Then, the unimaginable happened. No one saw this coming. The HIVE Mind had reformed, re-organized. And learnt from it's past mistakes, and stayed hidden till it was ready to attack again. There was no time. Everything went dark within the span of a second. And, just like that. Everything we knew and loved, was gone. The Rebuilding (And finally, we get to present day.) After having lived in darkness for over a decade, there was starting to be light at the end of the tunnel for the numerous survivors. People were finally able to return to their homes on the various planets, and the GUARDIANS Colony. Surprisingly enough, the SEED has left most things intact. And returned to it's former more docile behavior. And, while the original GUARANIS are long gone, their descendants, were able to deal with them. And reclaim their cities. GUARDIANS HQ is slowly being restructured, and rebuilt. And, anyone will training and a solid weapon, are encouraged to help clear out various sections, on planets, and on the colony. And even the Dark Satellite. To ensure the SEED can never grow as powerful again. And only time will tell if the GUARDIANS will ever be able to fully re-structure their organization. And provide key detail for guidance to new GUARDIANS Members. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's where we are now. This was my explanation as to what happened, and an attempt to tie in my old character, to my new character. And make it all seem like it's one coherent timeline. And to give an explanation to lack of story missions. Which I'm hoping will become available again eventually. Which I then remember correctly, will revolve around fighting off the SEED. Which I think could fit with the story I have written here, so far. Obviously, some creative freedom, and imagination needs to be used to make it all fit perfectly though. Thank you for reading, and I hope it inspires someone else to write their own. Or build on this one. Or help someone find "their" character in an otherwise lore-free version of PSU. And give them a base to roleplay on.
  7. My very first character was a Human, some sort variant of Ranger I believe. Was so long ago. I'm looking to re-create her, with a few more modern touch. And more knowledge of the game. So right now, my first character on Clementine is also a Human, and currently sporting Ranger. But I'm not sure what I want to go into later. Probably something with guns. xD Oh hey, @Mistress Michelle, I saw you in the game yesterday. I wanted to join your party, but sadly didn't meet the requirements for the run you were doing. I wanted to let you know, what an interesting name you have.
  8. Norway174

    Discord ?

    The link appears to be broken. Here's another link, the same one that you can find in the launcher window: https://discord.com/invite/NTVGJG9 They should probably add the link to the top navbar or something. Make it easier for people to find.
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