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  1. Will you also FIX the multiplayer reward box penalty? While I geniunly appreciate the effort of adding more variety into the game, wouldn't trying to put/adapt the GAS content feels more urgent for the pieces of the game we've lost/never experimented regarding implementation? I saw somewhere, someone suggesting to implement it, kinda the same way limit break which did get implemented (based on TYPE Level). I would and I'm sure many would appreciate an Event à la Maximum Attack where people gets collective reward based on global kill count mixed with the individual drop/rewards. Ill edit the post with further content but overall. Its great changes upcoming =)
  2. Great changes upcoming. great decisions on that. Will you implement former event unobtainable item into obtainable drop in the future outside of the solely season thematic items? I think we should definitly need an active/automated playerlist connected to the server which indicates the population of each lobby. Its really necessary I think to find games outside of the most spammed missions.
  3. Pretty astonishing almost no one noticed this topic. The values and methodology are great for people which like to optimize damage. thanks a lot for your contribution
  4. Amazing Work @bando_boyッ you deserve lots of praises for that. I'm waiting at your 2nd version with impatience. Could we imagine you could do players cloths and parts in the future using this same method? Best regards
  5. Hello, I did not have access yet to Megistaride yet, and it does saddens me a lot it changed this way. I would probably be mad angry If i discovered the way it currently is after investing 99 PA FRAG I will say it again (to the persons in charge of the rebalance), Why do you NOT want people to have FUN? Why changing something which was working perfectly FINE??? I can understand that aspects of PSU AOTI did needed some polish...but why changing what which DID WORKED Great on it? I still think that consumable pricing is still a problem for Newcomers as well as Casino payout (European rules change) bottom question...Where is the Single Dagger Travel Photon Art? Why is it absent among all of them? It is Legacy PSU PA and I know it did worked fine in public test...so Where is it?
  6. Did the last XMAS Update adressed that? Does its better User Friendly that way compared to retail or is it another Anti-Enjoyability/Grindy concept?
  7. I agree, basic prices were good. Its just bottlenecking your options to use various PA IF you're a complete beginner and don't know a thing about the game and that you don't like the PA you buy, you lost theses mesetas...., It's anti-new blood and Anti Popularity, so not a good design choice overalll. Why should we grind Meseta in order to play what we want with PA, except for the PA Frag ones?
  8. I know its vanilla PSU design, but everyone expect to start in OUR room to look for Sales and such and by this means having direct access to ALL planets, Why would we keep want to Spawn in Station 1st floor? it makes no Sense. Please consider adding this very Quality of Life game design.
  9. hmm amazing ! I also note what Slytrigger said, Any chance this could end on possible Clementine Launcher options?
  10. Okay thank you very much for the clarification! It's a little effort but People outside of competitive players Don't Know that even maybe some Veteran of PC/X360 Wouldn't it be better to include this buffer behaviour mentionnel to everyone when the mission is loaded @Marmalade ?
  11. Could you elaborate ? It seems very interresting. especially A
  12. Its in the title one of the major uneasiness I experience is the big delay between switching weapon from another when you DID pick the right weapon, weapon switch lag in short. Any way to fix this even if hardcoded?
  13. Regular Map Fix is needed I think to polish even more the great game that is PSU I think
  14. THANK YOU, you just made my day TOPIC is Solved then =D Cheers
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