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  1. Thank-you for this fix! I did have some troubles getting my controller to work, even after applying this fix. When I tried it, my controller went 'dead', as in none of the inputs registered. I tried to run the xinputplus thing again, since some people have had luck with that, and still nothing. So I unplugged other controllers, and found my x360 controller working, and heard that loud sound from (I assume) Xinput+. Everything was working fine, it read my controller, it worked perfectly on PSU, however, I wondered if there was a way to keep all my controllers plugged in. I checked the folder and saw Dinput8.dll and it reminded me of devreorder. Two tests later, I found that doing this guide works (single controller), then do the devreorder (for multi controller fans, like me). Maybe it's a little extra step, maybe it might help someone!
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