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  1. Players can participate in the limited-time mission 'Protectors ξ' by heading to the Ohtoku Shintenkaku. The area can also be accessed through the Universe Cubes by selecting 'Event Area'. The Valentine's Event will be active until February 28th, 2024. Here are the patch notes for Update 71: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Updates/February_2024
  2. I've had the idea of a quiz-like mission for a bit now, It'd be more like wrong answers = mobs with more HP, correct answer regular HP. It's been on the backburner now since I've been focusing on other stuff though. Some day it'll happen.
  3. Hello, it's been a hot minute since we've done one of these. Taking a proper break and what not. During the downtime, we've been brainstorming for Ultimate. Here are the current plans for the first half of the year. Disclaimer: During Development, plans may change. Update 71 - Valentine's Event Valentine Event The Event Mission 'Protectors Xi' will be available during the 2 week event period. Clear the floors to gain more reward boxes per floor cleared. The floors can be cleared in any order. Complete the mission gimmicks to unlock the 7th Floor to obtain the Valentine Boxes. Weapon Rarity Update The rarity of a lot of weapons will be adjusted to make it easier to tell what is better damage wise. 13★ Weapons will be 10% PA Boosted, ★14 are 20% PA Boosted, and ★15 are /U, Customize, Special Weapons, and the high-end synth weapons. (Rods and Slicers are 20% 13★ and 30% 14★). Where we are at on Ultimate! Ultimate will be aimed to have it's initial release sometime after the Valentine Event. While I can't give a specific date as development may end up delayed due to whatever reasons. Once the Valentine Event is out, I will spend my focus on getting the initial batch of missions ready for ultimate (Aiming to do 15 or 20 missions). Unfortunately, until Ultimate is ready there won't be much new content after the event from myself. I'll try to keep everyone up to date every week with where progress sits. Ultimate Mission Design Currently, I've been working on Plains Overlord, Castle of Monsters, and Beach Bum Beasts U. A main focus for the missions is to rehaul certain missions while keeping aspects that work in the current climate of Clementine's current balance. (To save you all from the more boring details, we'll leave it at that). Ultimate difficulty will have one variant and some missions will have additional blocks. The Ultimate difficulty will also have an α version and a β version. α - 6-player version: Enemies will have specific attack type resists applied per block to make the party comp. matter more. β - Low player version: Enemies won't have the specific attack type resists and the spawns will be adjusted to be more doable for a lower amount of players. The resists for enemies will be viewable at the start of the mission from a terminal. Ultimate Gear Progression Weapons Currently, we are planning to have /U weapons able to grind to 15/15. You won't be able to repair weapons past 10/10, so if a weapon is 12/12 that's where it's stuck at. Weapons will stay at the current grind above +10, so if you break your weapon going from 12/15 to 13/15, it'll become 12/14. Players will be able to obtain new grinders from Ultimate to grind past 10. You would still be able to use the +1 ~ +10 grinders but the rate would be pretty low. Drop Rates for the weapons will be considered heavily with this system in mind. We'll be aiming to make the Valentine's event specific /U weapons X/15 to give it a bit of a test run. The event won't be delayed for this feature, so if it's not ready by time the event is around it won't be in. Line Shields Line Shields with set bonuses with Customize Weapons and Special Weapons are currently planned. Units Players will be able to upgrade certain units with materials from ultimate between +1 ~ +5 at random. More details will be provided later on this. New units will also be obtainable like Hand of Falz. A Very Rough Roadmap Lastly, here is a rough roadmap of where my priorities are gonna be for the first half of the year. Valentine Event (Early February) Ultimate Initial Release Small Easter Event (End of March, crazy that Easter is March 31st this year) New Ultimate Missions New /R Mission(s) New Ultimate Missions Late Spring Event (June) Some other stuff will sprinkled in along with these updates, but these are the main content updates currently planned.
  4. We'll be holding Maintenance today (Jan 7th) at 6PM Eastern Time This Maintenance will end our Christmas Event Server Maintenance has completed. Patch Notes Missions MAG and Illuminus Illusion have been moved to the Special Counter at the 5th Floor. Added the 3 missions to the Aurorey Viewing Plaza: Fantastic Voyage TA Castle of Monsters TA Snowcap Screamer TA The TA Missions will exclude the Bosses from the Missions, and enemies cannot be incapped. Players must be Lv180+ and the max party size is 2. Lobby Updated the Resident Security Department to be less cluttered. the NPC Vendors are now accessible through the middle NPC. PA Trading Post Update The PA Trading Post has been updated to include the following PAs Dus Skadd Kakou Ryuu-zan Infinite Break Jellen Hit Foverse Nosfoie Nosbarta Blank Discs are now obtainable through the PA Trading Post The PA Trading Post can now be accessed through the Moatoob, Neudaiz, and Parum GUARDIAN branches All of the PAs that only cost PA Fragments now cost 60 PA Fragments across the board. All of the Striking and Ranged PAs that required a PA + a Blank Disc now cost 1 Blank Disc + 60 PA Fragments The Boards to obtain these PAs / Blank Discs have been removed from the Department Store. Players will obtain them through the PA Trading Post now. Items The boosters 'Candy Cane' and 'Gingerbread Kakwane' are no longer usable. Bugfixes Potentially fixed an issue where CLEM Camp stopped showing up in the Counter. Hopefully fixed some issues where the server crashes. Fixed values on Bukuu Saien-zan. Fixed values on Splendor Crush. Fixed a visual issue with Dark Bridge.
  5. Combo 1 is spliced from Cross Hurricane Part 1 where you stab forward with your right hand saber. It will not be good for travel. Don't worry, you didn't waste your meseta.
  6. Hello, everyone first off it's been forever since a post has been posted in the News and Updates. For anyone not on the game or our Discord, the project is still alive. We'll be making more News and Updates through the forums starting now! Here is a peak at our next update. We'll be aiming for December 17th for this update, however please understand if the update needs to be delayed. Christmas Event 2023: The Protectors of Christmas The GUARDIANS have been tasked to investigate a dark flame coming from Dark Falz's Grave at Falz Memoria. Participate in the Event Mission [Protectors η] to repel the distortions created by Dark Falz. The event mission [Protector η] is from the official JP Server, but this run of it will come with some tweaks. Players will be able to attempt the [Ultimate] difficulty for the first time during the event period. Collect Chips during the mission. Obtaining 10 Chips will spawn extra Special Boxes at the end of the Mission. On S4 and U, the Special Boxes will have all ?SPECIAL WEAPONS in the drop pool. An Introduction to Ultimate New materials, weapons, armors, and units will be available in the Ultimate difficulty of the Event Mission. Materials will be required to synthesize new High-end Weapons. Not every item planned for Ultimate will be released this update, but this will give players a small taste of it while we are still working on the new difficulty. We'll have some Ultimate Development posts later on to go over all the stuff for the difficulty in more detail. New colossal-size enemies will be making an appearance along with the return of Svaltus Champion for Ultimate. New Photon Art: Cyclone Strike A new saber PA [Cyclone Strike] will be released with Update 69. Thrust forward with a whirlwind then sweep the area with a wide range kick.
  7. Try patching by just opening the PSUC.exe itself and not launching with the clementine launcher.
  8. v1.1 will be available probably tomorrow, fixing something i noticed on santa dress and adding 4 new colors for Reindeer Suit for non-CASTs.
  9. This is the first release of the Unofficial Outfit Expansion. The mod plans to update costumes with only 1 color to them with new and exciting colors to use. This mod can only add colors in slots that the server provides, so a lot of non-CASTs costume won't receive new colors, but single-colored outfits will receive new colors for CASTs... eventually. There are plans to update this with more stuff in the future but for now let's celebrate the holidays with some new colors for the Reindeer Suit and Santa Dress Install Instructions: Unzip archive, then drag and drop all the files into the Data folder in your PSU Clementine install folder, and replace. REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR FILE INCASE YOU DON'T WANT THE MOD ANYMORE. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AVDQlTqKtOQl0AnCOBF6l7REbAkqUsoH/view?usp=sharing Current Added Colors Reindeer Suit Red Yellow (CAST only) Blue Purple (CAST only) Green Black White (CAST only) Santa Dress Pink Yellow Blue Purple (CAST only) Green Black (CAST only) White (CAST only) Future Plans Add more colors to outfits for CASTs mainly Upscale Player Models Make sure upscaling doesn't break the game or look super ugly If you want to assist, feel free to post what outfits are missing a variety of colors. I know most of the male ones, but there are a lot of female outfits. Update (12/22/21) Fixed Santa Dress buttons Added some colors of the reindeer suit for non-CASTs
  10. To reply to the post above this one, I'll hit on some points The issue with Mother Brain's loot is even if the stuff is "decent", there is nothing insanely good that we'd go for. Hell mother brain doesn't even have a special drop similar to Photon Booster, Demonflame, etc. This was poorly worded, what I meant was that the weapon itself wouldn't be account bound due to using an account bound material. So the Weapon and Board would be tradable while the X Material required to make it would not be tradable. Weapons wouldn't be common just cause they don't drop from Rare Enemies, but the issue is we can't restart maps until we get the Rare Map similar to official, and official JP late game had a lot of good weapons dropping from Rare Enemies. So we'd be stacking RNG ontop of even more RNG to get our desired weapons if that stayed the same. Just doesn't sound fun.
  11. OK, I was going to put this in Suggestions, but I wanted to extend this to an actual discussion. There is a variety of things I want to talk about equipment progression basically in S3 and beyond that. I don't even know where to begin saying the thoughts of this I've been connecting inside my head! Let's review what S2 brought us. S2 Mission Drops There was some nice upgrades going into S2, but a lot of the missions were pretty lack luster. My biggest complaint is the fact that Mother Brain's drops were like really bad again. Going forward I think drops should be revised periodically to update the Missions that ended up being lackluster from feedback or just data of no one running that mission for it's drops. Trade-In Weapons These Weapons kinda suck to make right now. The materials are pretty rare while most of them being pretty bad now, and a lot of them require the same materials. Most of the trade-ins just require 1 of X and Y item, but it won't distinguish between the items that differ in value. When deciding on putting in Trade-In Items, they have to be better than what you can find on the ground as long as this kind of trade-in keeps up. That or differ the values of them. Speaking of Trade-In Weapons, let's talk about the Weapon Jump PA Boosted Weapons & Just Good Weapons in General With S3 approach it seems some weapon types will be making the Weapon Jump at some point during it. I wanted to make a suggestion regarding the just better weapons coming eventually such as PA Boosted Weapons and Weapons that are a big jump in power. I'll call it Special Rank Weapons for now. Special Rank Weapons will be weapons that can drop as a Board requiring an Account Bound Item that you'd find anywhere while playing. The Boards and Weapons will be tradeable, however the item required will not be. Now before you mention not being able to make prototypes, I plan to talk about that after the idea, so please continue reading before commenting that! So here's my current thoughts of how this would work, I'll try to get as many details in as possible. Photon Drops, Photon Crystals, and Photon Spheres (and Maybe Photon Hordes) The account bound items would be Photon Drops, Crystals and Spheres. Photon Drops would be able to found at a random chance anywhere that a Photon of any kind can drop at any rank, and Photon Crystals will be S2 or S3+ drop. Photon Spheres would be S4+, and I know we're not quite there yet but for the sake of the idea let's roll with it. These drops would be uncommon but not rare considering they would be account bound. A reward for just playing the game would be progressing toward being able to trade for items or create powerful weapons. Photon Drops & Photon Hordes- Items that anyone can get that'll have some Trade-In Guy (maybe named Gallon or something idk) selling boards that you can use Photon Drops to create items. Ideally weapons that are powerful enough for newer players to use as they are getting later into the game. Also, valuable items traded for with Photon Hordes (Which would be traded at this guy for 99 Photon Drops). Photon Horde would only be if you wanted to do like 1 Photon Horde + 50 Photon Drops or make something cost multiple Photon Hordes. When I say valuable items I mean like: - Chevalier Edge - Photon Booster - Maybe some SUV? - and more like this, but of course those ones would cost a pretty penny. It'd keep Photon Drops relevant later into the game. Photon Crystals- Items used to make lower tier Special Rank Weapons that will be possibly the best you could make in S3, but you'd have to also find the Board drop wherever it's planted in a Mission. As a mention, striking weapons should cost a bit less. Photon Spheres- Items used to make higher tier Special Rank Weapons for S4 Maybe something else for later, or another way to get weapons afterwards. Not everything good has to be found this way, and eventually maybe the lower tier stuff will be added as drops when they become a little outdated so prototypes can be found of them. The idea of this is to put some kind of visual progression onto your farming. This way if you're a bit unlucky one day you'd still be progressing. Now I know you can argue that is already the case, but since these would be account bound, you can look at it as your personal progression. Now let me explain why there shouldn't be prototypes of what would be the best weapons basically. Prototype Weapons Direction So let's talk about the direction prototypes would take with this idea. Basically changing prototypes a little bit and this idea would work together with making PSU's drops as interesting as possible, because it'd open so many more options rather than 1 single best weapon. Basically, the idea of prototype weapons before was to make weaker weapons better, but it ended only making stronger weapons much stronger. So, the reason we make the good weapons as boards requiring something simple to find is to make the worse weapons better with the Prototype system and try and bring the other weapons up to scuff with the Special Rank Weapons. There are a few routes you could go with prototype weapons, such as making multiple different ones you could get. Another route is killing it down to only one version of a Prototype which just makes the weapon a better version. I'm not sure which is the best way to go, so this is something you guys can ramble on about yourselves. In short, you'd only find prototypes of the weapons that could become as powerful or close enough in power to use instead of having to get a whole set of the Special Rank Weapon you want. Rare Enemies & Their Drops So this is the last thing I really want to talk about in this post. Rare enemy drops suck! There is no reason to get excited to find a Rare Enemy (except maybe Jigo Booma for Milla). So, I did think of an idea to make them exciting again without making them drop some powerful weapons, cause I don't really want to hunt Rare Enemies for my powerful weapons. Basically the idea is every Rare Enemy will be able to drop a Rare Enemy Ticket or something along those lines. These would be used in another new Trade-In for even more valuable items. This way finding rare enemies is exciting again. As always, I'm open to discuss and elaborate on things more if needed.
  12. So I had my friend AterialDawn create a log reader for me. Basically it'll read chat log and other logs such as Mail you receive and send. You can even edit the colors and hide certain logs. Things that will be worked on soon-ish and released in another few days probably: - Remembering the size you set your window to. - Adding a way to set the opacity of the window background. - I don't remember PSU_Logs.exe
  13. Prototype System So the prototype system is a feature i was looking forward too when first announced, but the system feels a little lack luster. It doesn't feel expanded on as much as it should be based on whatever examples were given when it was announced, and the perks it can give feel lacking. Damage Boosted and Element Enhanced / AMP So DA and EE and even AMP all fulfils the same roles, only difference is DA is stronger. DA feels like something that was tossed in to add more at the moments notice instead of careful consideration. Naming Scheme why Suggestions for New Prototypes So I'd like to suggest some new prototypes, but I'll also suggest a restructure of how they work a little bit along with this. There should be a tier system within the prototype system based on how good the boost the prototype is, I imagine DA is rarer than say EE (or i hope so) Some of these suggestions might be a reach on what is possible, but I'm sure some of them can be done atleast. (maybe not the last tier) --- Common Prototypes AR- Increased Attack Range by 8% (Already Exists) NV- No Variance (Already Exists) PP- Increases PP and PP Regen slightly AC- Increases Weapon Accuracy greatly --- Uncommon Prototypes EE- Increased element by 5% (Already Exists) AMP- Increase Element Attacks for guns and techs (Already Exists) PP2- Increases PP and PP Regen greatly SE- Increase Status Effect for Guns and Techs only (Already Exists) S-XXX- Adds a Status Effect Lv.2 to a striking weapon (Replace XXX with the status effect like S-BRN for Burn or S-POI for Poison) --- Rare Prototypes EE2- Increases element by 10% (Replaces DA for striking) AMP2- Increases element attacks for guns and techs (Replaces DA for Guns and Tech Weps) AR2- Increases Attack Range by 12% RE- Reduces the Rank of the weapon from S Rank to A Rank, but reduces the stats of the weapon. (Only S Rank Weapons can be found with this) S2-XXX- Adds a Status Effect Lv.3 to a striking weapon (Replace XXX with the status effect like S-BRN for Burn or S-POI for Poison) --- Ultra Prototypes (These maybe shouldn't exist) CB- Greatly increases the stats of C and B Rank Weapons (Only C and B Rank Weapons)' ULT- Increases Damage, PP, Acc, and Attack Range slightly. Also removes variance. 10- Weapon comes fully grinded at 10/10, nothing else. S3-XXX- Adds a Status Effect Lv.4 to a striking weapon (Replace XXX with the status effect like S-BRN for Burn or S-POI for Poison) Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
  14. A task to run around guardians colony floors, I can sketch up a layout for how it'd be played. Idk how limited you'd be to putting walls and gates into that area tho.
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