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  1. This change isn't hard work. It's just changing a few numbers in a file. I think it's definitely worth doing. Anyone who argues master classes get the short end of the stick here, OBVIOUSLY that is the point of this. This is to give incentive for people to play the other classes and not be hindered. That is how balance works. Fighmaster is already going faster through a mission than any other class. They don't need any further incentive for playing the class. Gunmaster and masterforce were already buffed, let's get some love for the rest of the classes.
  2. The lightning spells it's using are super over buffed. Also it has an attack that is stunning 100% of the time it hits you. Both are not supposed to be that way. In this video you can see the zonde hit them for 625 damage at the end, It's hitting me for 1400-1500 damage.
  3. On a more serious note, the vitace actually can be burned. Just only by a trap. For some reason. I believe level 3+ should work normally for the record.
  4. Hey yo Seed vitace, your head has alien dicks coming out of it. Burned.
  5. 3 dolls is fine, you don't need any dolls in parties because everyone has 20 moon atomizers and that is the same thing as 120 scapedolls (20*6.) On top of that if you have any techer, you also have like 200 giresta casts making for a total of over 300 scape dolls for the party. Making 1 Scapedoll the limit only punishes solo play. The majority of the playerbase wants to punish solo play because they don't want to actually learn how to be good at the game. The truth hurts, but it hath been said again today.
  6. I'm very against making SUV related to time, because each person plays at a different speed.
  7. The current system is just copy what pso2 does.
  8. I hate these polls. Marm hasn't listened to basically any of them. Let's go back and look at the exp poll, the pa poll. They don't matter. That being said, 3 seems like a good compromise
  9. Even if this isn't 100% right. It's 95% right. Which is better than 0% right.
  10. the pp drains far too fast on machine guns. I timed it and you can empty out 1400pp in 9 seconds without any arm slot and neutral bullets. that is about 156 pp per second instead of 15 or so. I believe the pp is draining 10x too fast after some testing.
  11. or sorry let me rephrase this. Your friends opinion is wrong. You aren't even basing anything on research, just on heresay from a friend who sucks.
  12. So he is admitting he doesn't play the class. I'm level 20 wartecher, with 50% claws, 50% spears, 50% whips, and leveled buffs. Last reset, I was a level 20 wartecher, with 50% claws, 50% spears, 50% whips, leveled buffs. The reset before that I was a level 20 wartecher, with 30% claws, 30% spears, 30% whips, leveled buffs, and 30% 14* twin daggers. I play this class, you don't. Greetings.
  13. My purpose of posting here, is to tell anyone else who reads this that you are flat out wrong. It's not an issue of you pleasing me. You said so many untrue things that I'll disprove now just for anyone reading this stupid post. Lets start with A rank weapons are bad. You said at level 150-160 all A ranks are obsolete, and that couldn't be further from the truth. Check the video below. In this video you can see one of the best weapons ever released on psu, Twin Dil Edge. Wartecher can use them. These are A rank and are better than any S rank twin sabers. A new player like yourself just sees the atp on a weapon and assumes that is all that matters. The reality is some weapons are better for utility and aren't made for just doing pure dps. WT is far more than FF with just two buffs. What about double sabers, whips, cards, bows, and attack spells? Wartechers have a 150% stat modifier for TP at level 20 meaning if you choose to play as a human (or newman), attack spells are not bad at all. There are amazing options for every single weapon a wartecher can use, A or S. What should we focus clementine on? People teaming up and taking their time? Closing this slaughtering up, this guy is not fit to make posts talking about balance or anything for that matter. He clearly doesn't have the milage a player needs to have obtained good knowledge of how classes are designed, or how you should be playing said classes. I won't respond again to this guy, just assume anything he says is wrong.
  14. Completely disregard anything this guy says. He has said so many things that are flat out wrong that I can't even start to list them. This guy is just typing things to type things. here is a video of end game wartecher kicking ass As you can see in this video, Wartecher kills 190 monsters super efficiently. Stop trying to ruin the game with stupid useless buffs please.
  15. When Boma Maga hits, it's supposed to freeze things. It's hitting for damage, and not freezing things. (I have no idea if that is the case of how it actually works, but that is what he is trying to say.)
  16. red/knight 500 million meseta lol
  17. Having end game weapons that masterclasses can use in the shop is a bad idea. That being said, using this to put some overpowered weapons for some of the lesser played classes could be amazing. Nanoblast Edge - All Elements fixed 40% Gabridant - All Elements fixed 40%. Cursed Mistilteinn (bullet power boost) Emp. Axeon Crossbow - Let's make guntechers good! Divine Raikou - Great weapon for anyone who can use it. Twin Dil Edges - All elements fixed 40% These weapons would be great for the classes that need a bump in balance to make them more competitive.
  18. I'd recommend listening to Milranduil. He is fuckin milranduil lol
  19. If people are just playing to level up their photon arts, they must be smoking some gud gud if you know what i mean.
  20. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DvTQQmbPTocsXeEAzFYe2BtwMbaz7Vm_qiHk7Nutk_Q/edit#gid=2138891908
  21. Just because a few novice players complain, is no grounds to ruin the game by adding speed increased weapons to one of the best classes in the game. None of these players have anywhere near endgame gear. They are using 0/10 weapons, level 25 photon arts, in parties of 6 on a gunmaster level 8 class. How are they going to complain that they aren't killing level 120 monsters fast enough in their novice parties of 6 when they are level 75?
  22. If you want Gunmaster to be improved, add a higher tier weapon into the drop list. If gunmasters had 15* weapons they would be balanced. Don't change core vital things to balance something. It will only make problems in the long run.
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