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  1. Silver play button when. :hmm:
  2. Thank you for your continued work on this game Marm and the team! thank you so much for another fantastic update!
  3. Anyway you can work this, be it the increased Type cap with incredible curve on the MP needed, or it being an incredible amount of meseta needed. If you can get this working it'd be incredible and a huge step towards this server becoming a truly wonderful thing Fantastic work marm and team!
  4. Thank you team for your amazing updates! Keep PSU awesome!~
  5. Somehow... i swear i mentioned this months ago. Hmmmmm
  6. A great update again Marm, thank you and all the work you and you team do everyday to make this place a truly fantastic play to play! Much Love!
  7. I agree with this post but HP Affects power wasnt nerfed, it was fixed so that it is using the correct % boost.
  8. WE LOVE YOU KIU This server is very quickly becoming something of great magnificence. Keep up the great work team!
  9. I believe mobs and bosses need way more HP to make this game actually playable. everything dies so fast and level is far too quick. Longevity!
  10. My friends anti-social so im reporing in their stead, They have a character who is used entierly for using their room bot as storage, recently everytime they attempt to move to that characters room, it Disconnects them, i've tried joining the room too, it also Dcs me, but they can go to the room as a different character (Not the character who's room it is). and all of the items they had in storage are gone. Don't know whats happening if someone could help me out here that'd be a huge help!
  11. Thank you for the speedy update! P.S Para, thank for the shotty fix ;D
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