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  1. Duffy went through the door to block 3 of white beast, right as his beast mode ran out, and this happened.
  2. What ever changes were made in this patch today, fixed this bug too.
  3. Basically as the title says, not getting extra PP charge on JA with Twin Sabers.
  4. Benadryl is recording it right now, he can send you the video after Marm.
  5. When you get hit, for almost all of your health, there should be much more than a pixel of a charge if we even got any. Also the charge rate just seems like its a bit too low. I'm okay with it being slower, but we just ran a Level 100 mission, and got only one person with an SUV, no one else got their Blasts.
  6. When taking damage, your blast gauge doesn't gain any charge.
  7. JOLT

    Soft Cap?

    Just answer the poll
  8. JOLT

    Soft Cap

    But even so, I was told that the vote was not an overwhelming yes. This shows me that that's not true. Make it 10x Experience Value to level up, still giving us something to work towards, while not being super over-leveled is an idea that can be used. Benadryl suggests: 10x Exp required or the same amount of Exp required for lv60 to lv70 for lv60 to lv61 The people that are currently level 60, and are actually trying to help make the server better will likely stick around longer We can test higher rank missions, and higher rank weapons, armor, and units. We can test for mission drops working properly. Bugs that may exist only in higher rank stuff, that can't currently be found because of the hard cap would be acessable. People wouldn't be able to rush themselves up to max level. Allows access to more money, to test player shops, or Human/Neuman SUVs.
  9. JOLT

    Soft Cap

    It is a hard cap, my entire group is already at 60, and Marm and Gnome also confirmed its a hard cap.
  10. Simple one: It's supposed to be 11* but it's 13*
  11. This was something that happened last night, that I forgot to post: I was running missions with Benadryl, he went to a completely separate party, but everyone he invited there, joined my party, I could see them all talking to eachother, but they couldn't see my responses, and I was not in their party list either.
  12. Yeah, what we found though, is you get a rare mission, and you do another mission before starting the rare, wherever you did that mission, is where the Rare Mission will force itself to go to. Like we got a Rare Mission on Moatoob, went to Parum to do a quick mission, ran back to Moatoob to start the Rare, and it started it on Parum anyway.
  13. Yep, pretty much. It's just an error with the mission not being the correct levels.
  14. The enemies in Mad Beasts sorry. Not Creatures.
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