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  1. I was going to say, MP values have changed and it seems like everything gives more, so despite having a higher requirement, they might actually be faster than official (at least on C rank missions). If that were the case, then, I could see the reason for a higher requirement, to make a more uniform leveling speed. I don't really see a reason to increase the values instead of squish them down but I digress. ... However, I just completed Hill of Spores C and it gave me LESS than it did on official, so now I'm not so sure. If it IS the case that leveling base classes is ultimately slower, I'm going to have to join in and agree that this is a poorly thought out change, and that I'm now concerned about other changes made. As it stands now, I'm going to start having techs hit 20 and no longer receive exp because my PA leveling speed is nowhere near in line with class leveling speed. I'll wait for someone else to post more math before passing further judgement.
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