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  1. Can we just make this the new normal.  This game is already a mega grind and not easy for newcomers to start.  You grind your levels, techs, buffs, PA's not to mention gear.  Its a non stop grind every game.  Even though some elitist's say, "don't grind your techs during S2" or whatever.  Everyone is all the time grinding something.  With the current boosts it just feels better.  It wouldn't even be bad to go 2.0 all across.  Of course I didn't play this game when it originally came out so there is no nostalgia factor for me.  Im speaking from a noob perspective (like 600 hours).

  2. On 11/6/2020 at 7:13 AM, TC74 said:

    Hello, I'm currently trying to change my controller settings via the online.exe but everytime I try to confirm the settings I get the "Screen size has not been selected" and the issue is that there is nothing in the screen size box to select, its completely blank so I can't choose anything which means I can't confirm any of the edits I make within the options.

    A solution would be greatly appreciated.

    Are you using laptop with monitor, if so then i have the solution.  The solution SHOTGUN posted is a different issue.


    The problem for me is I was using laptop with a monitor via display port cable and it was impossible to change the screen size in option. When I unplugged the monitor immediately the screen size options were available and I was able to hit enter and save settings. 
    I saved my controller setup then reconnected my monitor and the settings were saved. I still can’t change anything while monitor is hooked up but it works now and I can play. 


  4. Same exact problem.  I follow the video of Iridium117, but at the end he has 720p selected as the screen size.  On my launcher I have no option to select a screen size.  Same is i check or un check windowed mode.  Without a screen size selected you cannot hit enter.  Without hitting enter you cannot save the settings for game pad.  Ive seen several posts about this on forum but still no fix.


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