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  1. I'm not sure I see the point. I think you'll need to explain the benefits of this to me. In my eyes, something like that would be nothing but a "who has the biggest e-peen" competition. I don't think I'd enjoy a feature that constantly reminds me how inferior I am to most everyone else. Seeing other people with those high numbers would be discouraging and may possibly even make my excitement for playing the game diminish.
  2. That works. Thank you very much
  3. There's probably some obvious answer I'm missing, but I want to ask anyway. Is there some way to play the game offline, or at the least, play where you can prevent other players from joining your missions? I've found that I really don't get any enjoyment out of playing with other people. I want to play the game at my own pace, but if so much as one other person joins, that becomes impossible. Everyone always seems to only care about completing missions as fast as possible and rushing through everything. I don't want that at all.
  4. Just for reference, what is "GAS"? I've never heard that term before in PSU
  5. I have no idea what discord even is, but I understand your explanation on what you're saying. If the grind is easier, then that's good enough for me Edit: Though I just leveled up a class and it showed a blank screen where the stat increases should have been. I hope I actually received stat increases for the level up
  6. So I'm a little confused. What changed for the positive to make you say that? I made an account yesterday because this topic said they raised the MP you get. Yesterday . I was getting 20 or 30 something MP from the C rank mission on the colony. I just tried again today and now I'm only getting 12 MP on the same mission. I'm not trying to raise a stink, I genuinely want to know what's going on
  7. While it's no excuse, I was incredibly tired and ill earlier this morning when I registered and made that post, and I definitely worded it way more harshly and.. uh, whiny than I should have. For that I apologize. Still, my feelings on the matter are pretty much the same. Making it so difficult to level up classes (at least the three starter classes) is a huge bummer. I know I'm probably in the extreme minority thinking this way, but I personally feel like the game doesn't even really start until you get to play as the class you want. Before that point, the whole game (for me, at least) is spent just doing the same mission over and over possibly dozens of times until I can finally use them. Only then do I actually go about playing the game proper. It really upset me hearing that it takes even longer to grind now than it did in the past, especially when I just can't find much enjoyment until I can play as the classes I'm aiming for.
  8. Are you saying it takes even longer to level up classes this time around? But why? Why would you do that? I've been so excited for this coming back, but if that's the case.. I don't think I'm even going to bother playing this. Give me back all the time I spent being excited for this. In a game like this, I just can't enjoy a game until I can play as the class I want to play as. Making it as difficult as possible to change classes is incredibly stupid. Another favorite game ruined, I guess. I'll just find something else to play
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