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  1. Regarding trying to farm Orgdus in Sleeping Warriors.
  2. Frame Skip 1 fixes it but also makes my screen uhh jitter? My friend said it's something to do with my refresh rate. I'm going to do a completely fresh reinstall tonight and I'll reply with my results. also, sorry mods think i put this topic in the wrong section. its not much of a bug as it is something wrong on my side I think. sorry
  3. character name: Emil character ID:10001497 I have slower run speed than my party members. Tested against Newman and a Cast. Uncertain if it's race related or because I had the old version of Clementine + patch. (That's the only difference I could see between me and my friends.) Edit: Reinstalled 'new' Clementine client (Id had old client before) and everything is back to normal run speeds.
  4. I'm not sure if this will help but my issue was .. I was trying to run the game through my Downloads folder area instead of running it through the program files folder. 1. Check Anti-virus/firewall exceptions. 2. Make sure you have the new 'rewrite' update and that you put those rewrite files into your program files>psu clementine>data folder. 3. I actually had to use the PSUC_installer twice? I'm not sure why.. maybe I wasn't quite paying attention and it errored the first time. But that might be an option too. 4. also oddly enough sometimes a fresh PC restart helps with any programs that act iffy or funny.
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