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  1. Meleeing Dimmagolus/Onmagoug isn't too bad as a Wartecher, you can just use Whips and hit a zillion hitboxes at once.
  2. NPC partners are currently not functioning. The development team has expressed (some) interest in making them functional, but I'm not sure that it's a high priority for them.
  3. This sounds eerily similar to the old-school machinegun glitch. Very interesting.
  4. The best place to check to see the latest updates to the server would be the Wiki, more specifically, the Updates page
  5. I really like the Sunset version of the Parum meadow areas, as well as all the -tova style enemies (Koltova, Distova, Gol-Dova). I also like the Saguraki CD and Habiaro FD zones for Neudiaz missions. As far as enemies, I like the Kamatoze, Boomas, and Tengoghs. Moatoob-wise, I like Granigs Mine area, as well as the Galenigare Canyon area. Enemies I like from Moatoob are Jishagaras, Bul Bunas, and Drua Gohras.
  6. It's been suggested a couple times on the Discord server, but doesn't seem to be any sort of priority for the development team. If it's simply a matter of not enough interest, then I'd like to throw my hat in the "I'd like a toggle" camp.
  7. Snipping this bit to comment on it: This feels a lot like how the better Sega events were done (Firebreak, Lightning Carnival, Absolute Zero, etc), and I absolutely love the idea! I'd even be down for some kind of "planet takeover" sort of thing, where you can follow a line of missions around Neudiaz or Moatoob (for example), and at the end of the 3-5 mission loop, you're back at the flyer base in the city with a fat stack of rewards. Not sure if that was the kind if thing you were thinking about with this part, but I had the thought and wanted to share!
  8. Looks like the Crozara. It has the same base stats as the Beefkebob Raria, apart from tech requirement.
  9. The new weekly requirements are much easier to do consistently. Thank you, Dev team!
  10. While the shortened week certainly didn't help, I really am not seeing myself consistently reaching these without a rather serious increase in play. I know we've been told not to be focused on it and to not worry about it and just play, but I can't help from feeling like I'm going to be missing out on rewards from playing the way I used to, and that's not a good feeling.
  11. Oh goodie, dailies/weeklies, just what we needed. /s I'm already logging in every day, I don't want some list of tasks I now feel like I have to do (and I will feel like I have to do them).
  12. Can I be put on a mailing list or something for when/if this becomes a reality? I'm cool with playing Clementine in the meantime, but I'm much more interested in this side of the project.
  13. I feel like the fact that grinding can result in a break to be incredibly exciting, and it very much constitutes "interesting" gameplay, to me. When I break a weapon, I don't want to quit playing, I want to get back out there and find another one so I can try again. I would be very disappointed if the grinding system were to change.
  14. Please, for the love of God, do not remove weapon breaks on grinds. Doing so will destroy the risk/reward aspect and subsequently ruin the fun for a number of people (myself included, of course).
  15. SPiEkY

    Level Caps

    I seem to remember that the NA 360 version of the game had the level caps quite a bit above the requirements for the end-game content (i.e. Lab Recovery S2 required 55 when the cap was 70 or 80, and there were a number of missions that were released with a level 100 requirement when the cap was 120). I'm not sure how things played out on the JP server (probably very differently), but this gave the game a very casual feel, that I quite liked. I was a big fan of not having to be at the level cap to play the endgame content, as gaining xp and progressing is very much the source of my fun, so I didn't (and don't) like being at the level cap, as I feel like I'm not making the type of progress I want to.
  16. Casino functions under "European" betting rules to discourage betting on multiple places at once. This means that your winning are divided by the number of places that you bet on. Edit: This is a Clementine-exclusive change, as it did not function this way on retail release.
  17. I've been doing some Sakura Blast (B, specifically), and I've been using the tree roots to cheese the Komazli leaders at the end, so oftentimes they are right next to me. They cast Zondeel (the ATA/EVA debuff), and it does not have any affect on me whatsoever, despite me being clearly within the circle.
  18. Rayharods give +12 for 2k. Same ratio as Reverser discs, but you'll level your bot faster
  19. Yeah, Damdiga inflicts poison, Dammegid inflicts virus. They look very similar.
  20. I can confirm this. The Bil de Milan's character models straight-up didn't appear. I could hit/kill them easy enough, but I had no clue what moves they were about to use, nor could I see where they were without being up close enough to see the little red target reticule.
  21. I'm not having any difficulty leveling my techs. I'm only level 30 and just barely became an Acrotecher, but I already had most of my spells (including all the dam-, ra-, and buff spells) at 20 by the time I had my Force to 7, so I can't say that I'm having the same experience as y'all.
  22. Another Xbox guy checking in. GT was same as forum name (SPiEkY) Characters were: GravY (Newman M, mixed classes), Keziah (Newman F, AcroTecher/MasterForce), Bacon (Beast M, Melee Classes), and a CAST I can't remember the name of that I mostly did Protranser on. Feels good to be back.
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