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  1. Oh you absolute legends! Can't wait to try this out!! Awesome job!
  2. Was merely curious to see how many scrape dolls ya folks think that we should be able to carry at once. I honestly don't know what to think in this regard. Just keep it clean and civil... okay?
  3. Dia

    Mother Brain

    The Boss Fight itself isn't working, but you can still do the rest of the mission (just don't go in the teleporter at the end)
  4. Sorry, box drops in general aren't working yet! You just get some random stuff really.
  5. Another one was the 6* Twin Handguns from Moatoob (Don't remember the name, sorry!) The texture simply shows black handguns instead of the usual Moatoob style.
  6. Wait, this is all hypothetical? Hell no. We should NOT be balancing things for a hypothetical future. Know why? Because we don't fully know how it will work at that point! If it's a problem then, sure, I'll go with it. But the future is not now. And now? Wartecher is balanced very well. No one is about to balance the game on a hunch that something will not be powerful or useful enough to compete. Again, if it becomes a problem THEN, then I'll agree change is needed. But balancing for the future and not for the now is a very very slippery slope. Sure, maybe it could use a little something something. A tiny boost here, maybe another over there, But it is nowhere near useless. Or hell, the best thing to do in my eyes is to make it so the block animation doesn't interrupt PA's for WT. That alone would make it even easier to keep up with other types. You know what? Just forget I said anything. Not in the mood for a debate about this
  7. Not sure what you mean about WT. lvl 20 Wartecher here and people also talk about how helpful I am! Buffs and heals for days keeping everyone alive and keeps the flow fast, high damage output with my sexy Ice Caliburn... shit ton' health, block half the things coming at me, hell I do more then most of my teammates a lot of the time! I can't tell you how many times i've outperformed Arcotechers! In terms of damage output and heals! Most folks don't play it because it fits a very nice niche. I've always stuck with defense>offense so WT is perfect for me as is. So no, Wartechers are NOWHERE near useless. It's just a very niche class... one I fit in perfectly, and to those whom it fits, it'll thier best dream
  8. I know how ya feel... I was the same way when I first started. Not being able to roll my cutsie style did kill some fun in the beginning. But you really don't have to play for a few days. I'd say it took me around 2-3 hours of playtime to get the clothes I wanted (which were 40k, it was a whole set) and while I understand that some folks have a busy schedule, 2-3 hours is really not a lot of time! At most, I think adding more free starting options wouldn't hurt (but that's just my thoughts)... but yeah lowering the prices is just WAY too unpopular. Just find a group running missions (Unsafe Passage B is best for lower levels, it's at 4th floor, back left looking at HQ, where most people do their first missions) and play it for about an hour or 2. You WILL have enough from the mission clear awards alone, and with the amount of people who run it, it won't take long, trust me. Again, I didn't like having to go through a bit to get my style either, (I always have more fun when in my style from the beginning) but hey, I've played games with a whole helluva lot worse grind to try and get style. (ESO for example, now that is REALLY hard to get a good style!) So I'll say it again. Find a group on Unsafe Passage B. Play with them or other groups for a bit (or just start one yourself) and you'll have the money in no time. You don't need to be high leveled at all to do it. The only hard enemies are the Sedaliens, (the guys that smack you with their head), and with multiple people it ain't really a problem. (should've tried going for clothes when no one had shops to buy low rank weapons... was even worse then...)
  9. Good work! Server's coming along very nicely
  10. Actually it was pretty good pricing! It should really help out the lower levels!
  11. Lowering the prices is simply too unpopular and wouldn't go over well... I personally would rather see more options for clothes you pick when originally creating a character (though I don't know how other people feel about it.) Trust me though, after a few hours of playing, you'll be able to afford clothes. Just keep running Unsafe Passage B for a while... you'll get lots o' money then! And who knows, maybe I'll pop in and help you!
  12. God yes. I'm super sick of half of my PAs getting interrupted by the block animation. (My Wartecher def is absolutely insane)
  13. Ahh thank you for the quick response! Always like to make sure whether it's my end or not... hope it gets improved in the future! Keep up the good damn work!
  14. So I haven't really seen this talked about... and I'm guessing everyone already knows about it, but hey might as well post it. Hell, I don't even know if this was in the original game (I was a huge solo player) and who knows, maybe it's just something on my end! The issue is that quite a lot of the time I will see and enemy in a completely different location then teammates. It occurs literally every single run I do, and it seems to mostly effect me (most of my teammates see the enemies in the same place as each other, except for me.) More specifically, sometimes my whole team will see the enemy in a corner of a room while I see em' in the middle of the room or a completely different corner. This also affects drops. If the enemy dies by a teammates hit, a meseta drop would drop where they see them, while if I'm the one to kill em, the drop appears where I killed em. So as an extra question, is this a game wide issue that affects about everyone? If so, think it is ever fixable? Or is this more something related to me and say... my internet or something? Thanks
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