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  1. Twin Handguns after buffs have been absolutely amazing to use, The damage output isn't amazing, but it is consistent when using weapons like Twin Heaven Avengers/ Strikers. The problem though is that there's only two guns that do really well with mobbing and both are annoying to get. Another issue is that the Aimbotting is a bit too good, making it the safest raw dps option. This creates the problem where most classes that have access to them are spamming them in mass groups for fast clears which isn't a problem, but it makes it harder for other classes to even get close to mobs before they even die. damage imo is perfectly fine cause pure melee classes "can" out damage them, But they don't do nearly enough consistent damage to compete in a few situations. The proposal to this change is making Twin heavens range shorter than other weapons, But also adding a potential prototype that appears very commonly for all twin handguns. variation so that there isn't just two guns in the entire game that can deal decent mobbing DPS for twn handguns. As the are now, the range and aimbotting combined make them too good, while making sure theres zero risk involved, It's become a meta in HC aswell and may need some tuning, though i dont think touching the damage is the right choice considering how "weak" THS is. But thats just my opinion.
  2. Hardmode and sandbox mode are nice additions, but it would be nice if there was a Solo-Self-fund mode, Like with slightly better rates on drops but the trade off is that you can never trade/drop/buy with other players. But would not be excluded from playing with others. I hate not being able to play with certain friends because they aren't on a hardmode account. this can also translate to a HC-SSF mode too. Where the same risks involved with playing hardmode is also applied to a SSF mode. "Hardmode+" basically. It's meant for those looking for a better solo-experience if people want the option to do so. Or a pure solo mode. where you can't rely on on anyone but your own abilities. The only issue with this is that some missions seem extremely tuned for party play at times so they may have a hard time doing these types of missions. This also extends to an additional hardmode, This means you truly cannot rely on others for party play. while also having to fund for yourself. Your truly on your own in this hard difficulty. Maybe for Pure solo, players would have the option to play at a higher difficulty during solo-party play. with the knowledge that their lives may be at stake, allowing players to play at their own pace. Maybe even add an easy mode for those who want a more vanilla experience or an easier time overall.
  3. Kento Twilight here, I go by Lupophobia now, I played since 2007 and have played just about every version, from PS2 to Xbox, to (mostly freemium) PC JP. Friend of Little Black kitty, Arai Kitsune, Rei(previously known as Deciduous wizard) Sutarringu/Haraski. Also a friend of the leader of razorblade, and lil miss thunda thighs.
  4. The game should be in full english, if it isnt, you may have installed the wrong language version.
  5. How about missions that function base off the players needs? Currently Rumbling Ruins, Vistors memory, And Evolutions path are great additions, but more importantly, they're missions you can do to work towards PAs. Especially VM, as you can trade for megispheres for PA fragments, And the missions themselves have some decent rewards within them too to work towards. (I expect them to get even better on higher difficulties?) If you could have more missions like this, Except for specific things like EXP/MP (together.) it would help players level and work towards something, They could be old event missions from the official server and have them on 5th floor like the current missions. Then there's also missions where you could work towards grinders potentially the new prototype grinders? while still offering decent mission rewards to look forward to. One mission could focus on DA/EE grinders. another NV/SE grinders. etc. if the 15/15 idea was added in. Another could be weapon attribute boosters, Which could offer some decent armor/ striking weapons/RCSMs as those are the only things that could apply to attributes with the upgrade device. Each mission could also have their own unique materials players may want to craft some pretty powerful items, to keep it relevant, much like the current missions now.
  6. I think it would be more important to have certain things available at certains times, or rather, just have a mission that you can do on your own time to catch up as we currently do not having anything like this. honestlyjustgivemeohtoriplsineedmyethanabuse. Currently we have the three missions on 5th floor which are PERFECT for grinding for PAs, especially VM since it gives megispheres which you can exchange for PA fragments. while also nice rewards too to reward you for your hard work.(and may be even better on S3) If we had something that was specific to EXP grinding, and MP, to do this exact same thing, where you can focus on leveling and unlocking your types, while also working towards good rewards It would also be very good. That way players have a choice to work towards something rather than just speedrunning missions for faster clear rewards.. it seems like thats an issue that should be addressed. I don't think we should be rewarded for "ignoring" mobs, but currently enemies hardly drop anything at all. Hopefully something more linear and doesn't require too much running aswell, since players typically don't like running around to kill every single mob. This is a bit off topic tho.
  7. HONESTLY? A thread on the forum for market-related things would not be bad. It's easy to get lost in a sea of trades on discord already.
  8. Perfect tile honestly though the casino doesnt have anything of major value, I don't see why this couldn't be a thing.
  9. I need to clarify somethings because various opinions of current PA balance is also overlapping with the discussion which was adding JA which has been unanimous shared their opinion against it. So end of that discussion. My opinion of a PA's damage does not mean that i think it should be nerfed rather, it my opinion of PA's appearing stronger currently has to due with my opinion of the current balance of clementine as of S2. This is unrelated. I'm also not saying every single PA in the game needs a nerf, This is also in response to a set of PAs being listed with my suggestion, then that exact response was applied to a different scenario entirely and that may have taken somethings out of context. Yes I said Dezza is broken. But I also believe it's broken for a reason. And that reason my be how further difficulties would be balanced to counter these exact changes. Also take into consideration that AT has 50 buffs/debuffs, and with gas would be able to hit lvl 30 skills. In the future it would only get better. But as of "S2" its definitely broken like alot of other PAs. But should it change? No. Rather than just nerfing everything, balance around it. It's why despite "Gravity breaks high damage" I still call it a weak PA due to its slow damage output, while also being able to miss. But again, this: In the future, this could bring about a whole new level of PA imbalance if you follow the trend of buffing a PA for Non-JA. It would just mean that if you do JA the first combo you would get significantly higher damage out of that same exact combo, I'm even noticing that faster PAs are dealing similar damage to that of gravity break, but they come out significantly faster, and have higher over all DPS just because of this. So, disregarding the auto JA from the beginning, minimizing some of the damage lost would still be better as to not overtuning a PA's first combo. I'm saying this because its currently 129 patch, and we haven't seen the more broken weapons that add PA damage by 20% or so while also having insane amounts of weapon damage. It the damage would scale significantly too high, I wouldn't be surprised to even see some PAs hit 25~30k"Per spot" for some of the hard hitting PAs. But again, my opinion on PA balance isn't exactly the point of this discussion. I honestly brought this up due to how weak some of the first combo's to some PA's can be to the point it could be completely disregarded and skipped for their second and third combo's damage. Sorry for sharing my suggestion without taking in the the consideration of how PA's are currently functioning. I want to bring light to this though. Even if we didnt have the first combo of a PA auto JA, Again as Seority has stated, it would only take 1~2 seconds off before pulling this off. Having a combo's first combo become too overtuned will indeed cause issues with how PA's are balanced in the future as more weapons with high PA modifiers are released. I'm more concerned about that rather than the suggestion I've made, but this would be better represent in a discussion about PA's.
  10. The animation speed i can understand, but we must also take into consideration if given the same situation, WT would also have slightly higher attack+ stronger buffs, slightly. There's also a matter of weapon availability and their outputs currently, So I can't really say for sure how much it would affect it, considering how much dezza spits damage. There's also two other factors: Lining up the enemy and the fact that dezza knocks back on last hit. I would say AF's power comes in the form of support damage with slicers rather than actually dealing the damage to kill, but it would be nice if it did, I think its more of an issue of just not having the right tools yet to make it shine, But it will later. Especially since Rainbow baton exists and might be one of the slicers to become available for release in near future? though thats just me speculating.
  11. No one has said make the EXP curve 100x what is now. Not only this, hitting the level cap doesn't not mean your done with the entirety of the game, if people have the time, and energy to go from 1~100 in 24hrs let me know. Regardless of the rate, you will still reach that endpoint. So i don't really understand the issue with it if it means those people can eventually play with their friends. Just because one person can sit and grind for hours and hit 100 in a single day doesn't mean everyone can, or will. It doesn't take into account the fact that they need to also gear up, level their type ect. my point is, the progression is very similar to that of official, minus the boost that the game had, so we're actually moving at a slower rate even with it. 1~100 isn't even the endgame, so I don't see the point. Would rather have an artifical stop gap like a fatigue system to prevent players form going ahead and putting in the work to reach 100 in one sitting if they want? It's a non-issue because most of the time leveling simply unlocks the difficulty and the ability to farm and actually enjoy the game. Actually if the changes were to take place that marm suggested, It would be much even faster than the option i suggested, So i don't see an issue having it on something for three days a week, rather than a whole month as a boost.
  12. The issue however, is that not everyone has the time to be on every single day, and that events like these are incrediible rare/scarce vs official, that had more events and things like GBR and innocent girl, or ohtori encampment, Missions like these that gave insane amounts of EXP and loot, and MP in comparison to clementine. So i'd argue we're actually progressing at a similar rate. Also in comparison to official, the MP rewards are sometimes below what they were on official, Especially when comparing them to JP due to how they were "equalized", Not to mention some unlock rewards are also worse currently for beginners. and the MP tables are a bit higher than retail aswell. Speaking from experience from the actual japanese server, and xbox.
  13. Something to work towards would always be good, EXP tweaks being made to speed up leveling is already going to happen, but at the endgame that would be useful for something like GAS, Having something to do outside the boost would be amazing since I still want to finish up some of the new PA's along with the techs on my MF that i havent been able to touch for awhile, I've even been thinking about going Beast AT after seeing the new additions so having a day for MP would definitely be nice. How about just enabling the boosts for the weekend? Friday~Sun
  14. This is assuming the first combo of every PA got nerfed, which is what i'm not implying, But Seems like everyones really just against the idea. This was more in response to how I felt about how weak the first combo is to a PA even when you JA, and the fact that first combo is usually spent without getting a JA for any other PA that isn't single combo. But again, if first combos are going to get massively buffed to make it worth while to JA the first combo then it's a non-issue, It'll just end in a situation where, some melee PA's become too overtuned. My current issue with it is how much damage is lost when you don't JA. if that was minimized without just simply buffing/nerfing PAs then it would be a better solution.
  15. this is exactly the case. after the first set of enemies are killed it's animation still plays out to kill other enemies. I'd rather BD than use Retsuzan in multiple instances. Much like I would rather use Renkai to kill those same exact mobs, Same with infinite storm, The issue isn't the target count, rather the first combo is just too weak, and the second combo doesnt adjust to it appropriately. There's alot of skills in the game that can hit 3~4targets, dish out much higher damage and faster, and can still kill the same number of enemies before retsu can. Infact a better competitor i'd say would be dezza, even non-JA dezza does so much damage, and hits 6 targets/spots, making it great for mobbing and killing bosses. It's great, and I don't think it needs to be nerfed, rather more PA's just need adjustments to remain competitive. Currently BD's really good at CC's if you have some twin sabers that also freeze(like Twin Calad) It has very wide range, (think of it like a circle around your character.) but suffers with anything directly infront of it, Think of it like dezza if you could move readjust your position before you use your final hit, just not as powerful as dezza, but it gets the job done. I believe this is why later the damage of slicers reach like 900 atk and have a 20~30% PA multiplier on so many. the PA does ok damage, but in the current state of the clem, There's many more options it has to compete with. So currently slicers are weak, but may get better in the future. Example of the slicers I was mentioning with PA modifiers. http://re-psupedia.info/Fuma_Shuriken http://re-psupedia.info/Draconic_Age_(skill_power_boost) http://re-psupedia.info/Furinkazan http://re-psupedia.info/Rainbow_Baton http://re-psupedia.info/Mjolnir http://re-psupedia.info/Kamade-hiken
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