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  1. Papa marmalades puttin in work ok
  2. the extra damage and knockback is particularly troublesome for ranged carries, should definitely be looked into
  3. yes i meant that ideally when everything is working lol
  4. id say 2-3 scape dolls is only ok if theyre much more expensive. like 25k or more. there need to be real consequence to dying, something official definitely lacked
  5. i meant 5 i mistyped lol. i just woke up
  6. there are 6 deljabans and only 4 pannons, and you have damage income and overkill to account for as well
  7. By my intperpretation, the pannons and deljabans would be both low tier, and the ardites being considered a high tier mob. Same with the 2nd block (or the platform) where every mob in that block would be low tier except for the bal sozas, which would be high tier. And Seed Express runs get kind of muddy in terms of data on the fourth wave (which is the one that has the ardites) because your nano meter is almost full when you get there. I'm going to find more SE runs to see if i can find some more clear data on that wave.
  8. Second Footnote: Duffy is a hypergarbage gigarandom. He is the anti-chad
  9. DISCLAIMER This is 100% NOT ACCURATE. This is an interpretation of many Time Attack vods and the recollection of a handful of people I consulted on this issue. I thought I would take a few hours to interpret data and present figures that would closely represent the experience that most of us remember from the Official servers. There are 2 major points that I think would best replicate the Official charge system. Let's assume the Nanoblast meter consists of 10,000 points that you have to accrue to get your SUV or Beast Mode. The following figures will be based on that total amount. 1: Damage Given There seems to be 4 tiers of mobs that give a set amount of of Nanoblast Charge based on the damage that any given player deals to them Low tier mob: 5% (or 500 points) High tier mob: 10% (or 1000 points) Rappys and Jaggos: 15% (or 1500 points) Bosses: 35% (or 3500 points) Assuming you take 0 damage, killing 1 low tier mob will give you 500 points if you deal 100% of the mobs health by yourself. There is also a diminishing return based on level, being overleveled decreases nano income by 10% for every 10 levels over, capping at 50%. So if youre over leveled for the mission by 50 levels, you accumulate nanoblast at a rate of 50% 2: Damage Taken 1% of HP in damage taken equals to 20 points (so 50% would give you 1000 points) I've struggled with this value. I'm having a hard time showing it with actual math, but I'm pretty sure this is actually lower than it was on Official. I think its safer to undershoot it than to overshoot it, though. Damage over time from status effects and Protranser traps seem to work identically with these numbers as well. These figures average Nanoblast Charge Rate from 90 to 150 seconds depending on the mission and party quantity. We can have the discussion on if that is too high or too low, but that's how it was to my recollection on Xbox Official. It also falls in line with the vods of solo and party play that I've been watching for the last few hours. PLEASE challenge me on these numbers. I'd like to have discussion based on past experience and the community's vision for what Clementine should be. Footnote: Shoutout to Wolfe in Discord for bringing up the 10k total figure earlier today, I'm not sure if that's actually how it worked on Official but I think it helps quantify the Charge Meter with a point based system. Shoutout to Milandruil and Victorix XVII for all of their Time Attack vods from all those years ago. It was a great source of data that allowed me to compare runs against each other with different weapon and class types. Shoutout to Milandruil, Mr. 305, and SeedExpress for looking over this data with me and punching holes in the various theories I tested out.
  10. my arguement is not whether its a good thing or not, but that the numbers are a bit too high. when grinding for gear i have to password lock my parties cause so many players cant carry their weight. it makes the runs take longer and cost more resources. in that regard, it dissuades from teamwork
  11. i thought the same thing. make higher ranked missions have more stat inflation than others. like make the japanese missions like castle of monsters and sinners banquet and BBB super hard but make the good loot drop there. that way you have to gear up before you can start doing it, and start making the money by doing so
  12. thats what ive been telling my group. its annoying right now but we should let the levels and gear raise up before any major changes are made. it could scale out of control or it could be still to easy, only time will tell
  13. I've been pretty vocal about this, and it seems like it's being addressed. My concern with this is not the mission difficulty on a mission-to-mission basis, but that it will inflate the time that it takes to level and get to late game content. By my judgement it will take the average player 1k+ hours to reach lvl 180, and i fear that 95% of players will never make level cap and a ton of players will eventually just quit. I like the idea of making the party experience more difficult, but inflating the HP by 2.5x just doesnt seem like the way to do it. And to be fair the inflation was dropped from 2.8 to 2.6 on the last maintenance so its definitely being looked into.
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