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  1. This is very exciting to me! I just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone involved in all the hard work getting things going for all of us to enjoy I'm truly grateful and thankful
  2. This new version doesn't work at all for me now, with or without controller on while starting the game. It no longer shows the program in the top left like my previous image I shared either. Do you think you might be able to have the program run outside of PSU? Personally I dislike having it on top of the game, The current problem of it being an overlay not working in PSU wouldn't even affect me if I could just drag it around my computer somewhere which others may like too? Thanks for the support, updates, and sharing with the community!
  3. So i had the same issue trying this out a few days ago. my insert or / keys would do nothing. Checking back today i saw mention of controllers stopping the program and sure enough this effects me too. I use a PS4 controller with ds4 windows. bluetooth wireless connection. If I start psu via gnomes launcher and no controller connected then the overlay works and so do the hot keys. If I start psu via gnomes launcher with my ps4 controller on the hot keys do not work and the program is all smooshed hard to see towards the top left. I made a little picture showcasing this lol Also wanted to say thanks for working on this and sharing. pretty cool! I was curious tho, I noticed this program only runs in the existing psu game window. is there a way to make this independent running in another window? I play with 3 monitors on my pc and having 1 monitor game and another monitor floor reader shenanigans is pretty nice. Just a thought! Anyways just wanted to share my issue hoping to help and also say thanks for helping the community with this cool program Gnome
  4. I like the proposal. I think it's better to be able to grind more weapons. I enjoyed the official psu grinding system in the fact that 10/10 really meant something special. but same time its so punishing for really rare things to break too. If they added a repair function like jp psu had that would also be acceptable. as long as it wasn't ridiculous in cost or mats etc. The only thing I didn't like is the mention of nerfing some weapons, like agito repca for example. I just dislike the idea of making stuff weaker than it was on official, and agito repca as a good example remained very special and strong. It was one of the most iconic weapons of psu official and just bugs me to think it would be nerfed lol. I do feel like making it possible for any weapon to hit 10 without breaking will have a very strange effect on the economy for high element melee weapons tho. being a private server and smaller community than official had I think reflecting on some of pso2's old and new grind systems is something to think about as its a much easier and enjoyable grinding system. There any weapon can hit max element and max grind. It's nice, but it also makes every weapon the same and takes away a lot of special appeal of seeing like 45% 10/10 etc being rare. there is pro's and cons to consider but I like the idea of the changes.
  5. Wanted to pop in a reply here from a PS4 controller user finding success with this. did everything the OP says to do. however I right clicked my xinput > properties > compatability > clicked the box run as admin. I'm also using ds4 windows program which makes my pad register as a 360 pad. using ps4 wireless with bluetooth. Everything is working perfect now. the triggers are working just like this did on xbox 360. Left and Right triggers / L2/R2 now go to item or weapon pallet and scroll etc, I can hold R2 for doing alt gender emotes, and L2 checks mails, pt inv etc etc. I haven't seen anyone posting success with a ps4 pad so just wanted to inform this does indeed work with ds4 windows. Thanks a bunch for sharing this great fix!
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