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  1. Hi, just wanted to give a little feedback on the area drops relating to S3. After a while it seems as though most of the material drops feel the same as S2. Specifically, I think way too many A rank materials are still dropping, like Vestaline, Vulcaline, stelnium, etc (these three are specifically the biggest culprits IMO). At the very least I think there should be an uptick in the 10-12* mats. I still barely see any Junaline, Merculine, Catilium etc. I've seen some 13-15*, just not a lot, which I'm sure will increase whenever we see S4 down the road. I'll just re-iterate that the A rank stuff still seems to drop way too much instead of S 10-12. I do see ork drop here and there, but since nobody really synths and most rares drop made, shouldn't these kinds of things be made more common anyway? Happy Thanksgiving all
  2. I'm pretty sure the above points are being addressed in the major thread already. Specifically ways for newer players to catch up fast, which I'm all for. (Especially if I end up re-making my human as a Beast!) The prog is not even close to official (at least in US, not sure how JP was). With the exception of EXP (because the cap was 160 or whatever), I got to where I was in official in 1/3 of the time or less. And don't wanna get the wrong idea here--I don't want anything to be an endless grind slog, nobody likes that.
  3. Honestly, at that point it becomes their problem. I work a full time job and don't play PSU as much as others either, but where do you draw that line? Some people can only play once a month, so I should be able to get from 1-100 in one sitting? At some point it becomes ridiculous.
  4. We already have booster items, and (I thought) I remembered reading that devs were looking into making a booster for PA experience as well. The game is already like 300x faster than US retail. I don't think things should be made any easier at this point. Just spot adjustments for things that seem very unbalanced, and a look at the bigger picture once the level cap / lvl 200 enemies / GAS comes around.
  5. I'd definitely like to see some of the underused lobbies get more love, specifically in Moatoob (and maybe something fancy around Rykros?) since other planets have more missions. I'm always a fan of snow areas if we think Snowcap screamer isn't enough. Biggest thing I'd love to see custom mission wise would be environments styled after previous PS titles, like Air Castle, or Ladea Tower for example. Custom music to match would be killer too, if doable. Also, SECONDED with those boxes behind Foran Waterfall. Some kind of custom Parum Caves mission would be neat.
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