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  1. It seams like the basis for this could be used to add many other thing effectively making a custom UI. Ideas I’ve had would be things like adding the current level and name of last PA hit to the HtL Box (Could be checked on and off using the configuration menu) other features could be things like Inventory Slots available, Meseta count (in inventory for ease) and the daily quest. If this is no longer being developed by I’d like to ask the author to use their code as a base for this (With credit of course)
  2. Thank you for all the help I ended up getting ReShade 4.9 and making my own template. This was very new to me so I really appreciate it.
  3. Is there a updated version of this (PhotonFX ReShade) that I should be looking for?
  4. So another question. IS there a way to tone down the saturation? I may be blind but I cant seam to find it.
  5. Does PSU seed for Borderless make this not work? I'm running at snail speed and I'm fairly certain I shouldn't be with my specs Answer: When I added the pack my graphics card was no longer auto selecting the game for use. its fine now.
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