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  1. Onma and Dimma are easier than you think, and with MELEE, not in the air. If you stand behind them, they claw swing a LOT(instead of taking off). It always alternates between right and left, and if you're in the correct position, you won't get hit. Occasionally they'll turn to do something else, at which point, the cycle resets. There's also another position where both claw attacks don't hit, but only certain weapons like grenade or shotgun can get maximum hit boxes in those spots. Even in the air, you can get into a good safe spot to their side where you can shoot at their wings, and their projectiles won't reach you. If they fly off away from you to grab things to throw at you, just don't run towards them and stay on the other side.
  2. would be weird, but I wouldn't be against it, would probably need to add a cooldown tho
  3. Pretty much this: tedious. The gameplay is fun, I don't really pay too much attention to the cries about how x needs to be able to clear faster or y's weapon is too functional(or how this game is too easy, but enemies dodge too much), but yes, getting things is tedious.
  4. that's certainly an interesting idea. Being unable to block may not necessarily be bad. Since your cc is guaranteed, you'd also get hit less, so it's only fair for enemies to be able to hit you too(and if you get caught in a mob, you're pretty much dead, that's pretty funny). The main problem wit removing misses for either side is that no one really knows if the gameplay will feel better or worse afterwards. It's certainly something that would be neat to experiment with.
  5. The current grinding system isn't even bad. Why do other people actually hate it? It's basically the same system, but without breaking. In actuality, players aren't being honest with themselves. What they hate is having to sit at the grinder for hours, because that's dumb. Under the old system, you'd have to sit at the grinder, then go hunt for a new item, then sit at the grinder, which is WORSE. So what actually makes current system "bad?" It's the lower grind rate. That's what's causing the sitting. That actually has nothing to do with the system. The system is overall BETTER. The proposed change will reduce that sitting significantly, so it should be even BETTER. As for your "personal playstyle". It doesn't even make sense. What was your plan. To hoard grinders, and then sell them for big $$$$$? Or to hoard grinders for end game? First of all, amassing a big pile of meseta doesn't even do anything; but with the prices spiking after the update, you could already have made that big pile of meseta. Or if you wanted to hoard grinders just because, then I don't see how the change impacted that at all?
  6. certainly do not agree with your opinions. Time lost is already enough penalty. Smart play is not encouraged because of 5k. It's just felt more on your wallet. You're going to try to avoid dying regardless, no one plays to die, except when they just want to for the heck of it. Then they're going to do so regardless of if they lose a rank or not. You'd not miss it if the game never had this feature from the start. Apologize if I'm starting to derail.
  7. I see a lot of people worrying that removing the death penalty makes people trivialize death. I can tell you that this is not true. Here are some misconceptions: 1. people would be less inclined to buy scapedolls, because they already aren't buying scape dolls. --people already aren't buying scape dolls. I'm under the assumption that using moons is better, because it costs less, but that's just me. People that actually care to buy scape dolls would still buy scape dolls regardless, and people that don't want to buy scape dolls for a particular run still won't. 2. people would return to lobby instead of waiting for revive. --no, they won't, unless you stop bringing moons because you don't want to rez them. It's much faster to get revived and much less work when you don't have to walk back. 3. it makes runs too easy/people would stop learning how to play better because death penalty forced me to play better. --Absolutely untrue. I soloed bladed legacy by myself, and there's no way that I'm spending 5 scapes dolls in one mission, dying, and throwing 5 more scape dolls just to "brute force" a mission. I kept running it, because I wanted the drops for that run. Guess what? Through continued practice, I got better, and was eventually able to clear it without dying(sometimes). Practice makes perfect. Putting stress on not dying doesn't, regardless of your belief that it does. --Returning to lobby makes the run take a lot longer. If you're solo, all that walk time is basically added to your mission. If you're in a party, you're -1 until that person comes back. It in no way makes the run any easier. You still get the same box rewards, and the only effect it has is your mission clear reward at the expense of TIME. So what does removing the penalty actually change in regard to how we play the game? Absolutely nothing, except sometimes we feel better about the run because we died and couldn't get a rez. Those of you that are oriented towards "optimized" or "party" play wouldn't even notice any change.
  8. not sure about the whole idea, but simplifying the system and also the market thing doesn't sound bad
  9. for most of the items I like, I'll just vote on instead of discussing it. I'll just add some notes on some items. Experience and Progression 1. Experience boost-Listening to discord discussion, I feel like having the experience boost even on the higher levels may not be bad. I believe that the idea is good, and can be tampered with in the future if necessary. 2. Basic types-if they aren't really any use, then they may as well be removed. The other option is to untrash basic types. What if they had access to A rank equipment, and maybe higher skill ceilings(30 and 20 instead of 20 and 10), so that they don't feel like that trash starter card you have to suffer through? The purpose isn't so you can cap skills at basic, but so that you can possibly get advanced type before you even cap. 3. MP payout vs. type lvl-before, I suggested just raising a basic type's stat at level 1(while maintaining original stat at level 10), and just having the increases for each level be smaller. I now feel that doing this for EVERY type would probably result in a better overall game play experience. Or, possibly, not a static stat increase with each level. Let's say level 2-5 will have a really low increase, and have 5-20 bring it up closer to original progression. To escape the slug, we must confront the slug 1. Equipment title rewards-this is probably not too useful, unless there are a handful of titles which will reward different weapon types for your selected type. Probably better to have those global drops on your C and B rank missions. 2. Half Guard-I'm interested in this guard break idea, but not sure how it could be implemented. 3. Exchanges-yes, if they serve no real purpose, then there's no point in having them, unless you really wanted us to use some kind of exchange for some reason. 4. Rare missions and rare enemies-While I don't enjoy how they are currently, I don't believe just increasing them is actually beneficially. There are enough rare occurences, but when we run them, we usually get junk. I don't like getting more chances to see them. I feel like I see enough rare run announcements on discord. Instead, I would like them to drop good things more often rather than flood the game with them. 5. NPC's-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Restricted Lobby access really isn't helping anything 1. At this time, I believe it would be a good move to bring in the universal mission lobby(for each planet). I have an idea for this, which I'd guess probably isn't possible to code. You'd have access to all the missions in one counter, but to select it as leader, you have to unlock the mission by traveling to the corresponding lobby once. So you can still explore, and when you need to find people, you'd just need to go to one spot. Think of it like /sprinkles for missions. My prices are too strong for you, traveler 1. Supplementary drops-This sounds nice, but how will it affect native drops? Will it replace boards/weapons/items, or only a chance to drop if nothing dropped? 2. Fix the item prices-I also feel like the prices shouldn't be messed with, so much as players need to be able to earn more meseta from the start to be able to afford these items(or otherwise). One thing I am really concerned about is how it will affect raising your PM, unless we're also considering reducing the effort for that. ON THE OTHER HAND... 3. Player market-the game doesn't determine the market so much as players do. They want to be rewarded for their time spent, even though they just put themselves in a trap because everyone else will hike up their prices so they can afford w/e it is the other guy put up for a high price. I had an idea that maybe in order for people to actually get things, maybe the market needs to crash. If everything is priced low in the first place, maybe people can actually trade for things the way they're supposed to instead of playing meseta wars. Dropping NPC prices can certainly help towards this. Relaxing the mission level requirement 1. I feel like this can be a really good thing, and a possible fix for the associated problem would be a way for the party leader to establish a requires original level restriction lock on their mission. This way, people can still get their normal runs, and there can be rushing runs. Some things that sound nice, but I'm not sure if they'll work out: 1. A funny mechanic called Attack Accuracy, The fortune teller, Boost shop Guardians Quest System 1. been waiting for this fix for months Advanced... Stuff 1. Upgrade device-I'm thinking that we could maybe earn GC through effort, and the way to do that would be to exchange equipment for GC. This will let people get GC for their effort, as well as dump the excess gear that we get because of no breaks. BUT, exchanging items is TEDIOUS. I wonder if it's possible to add a new function to vendors to "GC sell" items, so you can speed sell items and turn them into GC. The values would have to be set individually for each item based on the dev team's perceived rarity. Adding Fun and Challenge 1. Bad "Timed Quest" smells-so the idea of the timed quest is for players to gather up. Having the quest for a day and limiting number of runs does not remedy this, and I feel like it's just adding an unnecessary system that probably will be unfun. I feel like there can be a way to do "timed", but I have not come up with a way to resolve the issues with that yet. As before, the most common sense thing to me would be to have intermittent times like every 3 hours lasting 1 hour, with a suite of missions that can offer rewards, but obviously it still has huge problems. Drops 1. My concerns with loot-I've already touched on this earlier. It doesn't feel good to not be able to get things. There isn't "ruining the market", because as soon as an item stops being in demand, it becomes a non-item. There honestly isn't much of a middle ground. I believe that trying to reach this dream is probably a vain idea. This isn't a disagreement to your idea. In fact, I'm agreeing with it. I'm just saying that I don't think we can reach the idealistic dream of a balanced meseta market. I really feel like the selling gear for GC idea may be a good starting point though, but it'd obviously clash with drop rates that are too strong. One last thing Since the official release, I've never lost faith in you, even though there are some, weird, issues that took some/is still taking some time to resolve. I know that you will take the game into a good direction(at least from my perspective), and I'm looking forward to a long future.
  10. Since you guys didn't notice, it's more of a question than a guide. Some things to note: GT: it's the bow class, and having xbow means it's the strongest single target gunner GM: the advantage comes more from the rapid fire rifles that allow you to lock targets and "strafe" with rifle, laser locks, and being able to dodge after firing shotgun. FG: some people liek it because it can melee. AF: has very good control due to their single attack speed, which allow them to JA and cc much better than other classes, and they also get additional support in this area with RCSM's. A lot of people actually want it for blade destruction and assault crush tho. FM: really useful because they can actually JA and pull off photon arts with slow f-in weapons. -should note that the fighters don't feel the best atm with the current flinch mechanics, and they SHOULD feel better when they manage to fix it.
  11. sounds like when you graduate, you should head over to the casino to employ your new college level education instead of looking forward to PSU elementary level gambling play.
  12. had a different idea, where you can transform a grinded item to the next rarity of item, EX: hyper viper > twin tornado, that way we can desaturate a little without NPC-ing, but this is fine too.
  13. To me, quests are a total failure so far. I believe the point of quests is to get people to run other things. But people don't want to run other things, they want to do their runs. Encouraging them to deviate is a good idea, except: 1 . devs still have this idea that people need to grind in this game like it's a f2p mobile gacha game. 2. if the run doesn't have incentives within itself, it's just an empty run, and you're forcing people to do empty runs. Honestly, I think people want to do their runs to get the things they want, but they get bored of doing the same run. Forcing them to do another run that they don't even want to do a bunch of times on top of their runs doesn't make any sense. It shouldn't be a chore. I propose to change the quest to require ONE to TWO runs per quest, and restrict the difficulty according to the player's level bracket. This will encourage them to do different runs without overloading them with grind. Not sure about how much weekly should be, but definitely not 5 runs a day, or at least make them concurrent with daily quests.
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