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  1. Just like other parties, and especially lower level runs, it's really difficult to get a party going. Mainly the reason is that people don't know or don't care to communicate and just expect things to happen. Some of the more successful parties are rare trains. They make use of threads and usually have some kind of facilitator. But there IS a method that COULD get people parties consistently and reliably WITHOUT someone facilitating, and that is a general Party thread(AND OBVIOUSLY, it'll be done in DISCORD, because no one visits the forums). 1.First, 3 separate threads will have to be made in #LFG: -Buff party -Rentis/Dizas party -Resta/Reverser party 2. Next, you need to designate a time. In order to make things simple and organized, the parties should follow a schedule. For example, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. But some people may run into availability issues, so there should be some flex, which comes in the form of secondary dates, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The actual time will be set by the participating individuals. It will look like so: -Buff party: Friday, Monday -Rentis/Dizas party: Saturday, Tuesday -Resta/Reverser party: Sunday, Wednesday 3. You want to set the location for each run so that it always becomes THE SPOT when it concerns that party. Just my opinion: Evo Path is the best for buffs. You want to do Rentis or Dizas, so it's better to have both in the same run, which seems to be Snowcap b3. Resta/Reverser Hill of Spores is early in b1. -Buff party: Friday, Monday, Evolution's Path, Guardian's Colony, 5th Floor -Rentis/Dizas party: Saturday, Tuesday, Snowcap Screamer, Moatoob, Vio Tonga -Resta/Reverser party: Sunday, Wednesday, Hill of Spores, Neudaiz, Tanze Route 4. The above are only the GROUND RULES and will be put in the header of the thread. Now we'll talk about how to participate. It is pretty simple. To get started, one just joins the thread and says something simple like: Tetsuri: want buff party, prefer Friday, between 6 and 12(use system time, according the the in-game clock). then other people can also post their interest, and they can dialogue about it in the thread and set up a date and time slot. And if there is not enough interest, then you just wait until more people pop into the thread the next week, and so forth. And these are intended to be run-on threads, so after you've ran one party, the next party can continue to use the thread to set up the next run. ALTERNATIVELY, LFG could get its own section with actual channels for different parties. #Buff #Bricks #Heals #C rank # B rank, etc.....
  2. Every so often, someone on Discord will scratch their head over getting this PM. Well, it's actually really simple; I'll show you. Note that, at the time this guide was written, evolution only affects appearance, as the PM cannot be used in battles. In the future, you'll also be able to freely change the appearance with PM Devices. TOC The Requirement, SIMPLIFIED. Striking Levels Armor Levels The Remaining Levels Requirements Breakdown (Read if you want explanation of the evolution paths) The Basics (Read if you need a primer to PM feeding) The Requirement, SIMPLIFIED. You just need to get 20 Striking, followed by 60 of any other category that is NOT Striking. The best feed that doesn't have any interference is Armor. This is not the ONLY way, but it's the simplest way. You can read about it in Requirements Breakdown if you're interested. Striking Levels The days of feeding striking weapons are gone. Restoratives simply has better gains for less cost than even 2* weapons. If you want to full feed on day 1, then Moon Atomizers are the way to go. BUT, there is a cheaper way to feed that gives even more stats per feed, and you can build it up without visiting the shop. All you have to do is pick up and store your atomizers/food items, and you will be able to meet your Striking requirements. Armor Levels For armor levels that won't drop Technic, you want to feed CLOTHES. You can feed Koltovan suits and other freebies. Your standard feed is going to be Vatavara Boots from Moatoob for 2k EA. You can buy 100(or more) in one go by transferring them into your storage box at the Synthesis Shop next door to the right. The Remaining Levels Finish feeding Striking to 100 before feeding Technic Weapons to 100 Finish feeding Technic to 100 before feeding traps to 100 Finish feeding Armor to 100 Whenever Requirements Breakdown Evolution 1: GH201(Blue Ball) is required. It needs at least 10 Striking and evolves at 20 Production. Evolution 2: GH301 or GH302 is required. GH301(Dragon) needs at least 20, but NO MORE THAN 29 Striking and evolves at 50 Production. GH302(Cat) needs NO MORE THAN 19 Striking and evolves at 50 Production. Evolution 3: GH420(Gypsy) needs... GH301 with NO MORE THAN 29 Striking and evolves at 80 Production. GH302 with NO MORE THAN 29 Range and evolves at 80 Production. Basically, if you take the Striking route, you just need to stop before 29 Striking, and you can feed anything else to get Gypsy. Even easier is the Cat route, where you only feed 10 Striking, and then anything else except range. The Basics Partner Machines(PM's) are robots in your room that allow you to use Room Functions like setting up shop, changing room appearances, storage, synthesis, and changing the PM itself. Synthesis is the crafting function of PSU, and the efficiency and effect of the synthesis depends on the Production Level of the PM. the Production Levels fall under 4 categories: Striking Weapons, Range Weapons, Technic Weapons, and Armor. In order to raise Production Levels, items related to that category must be sacrificed to the PM. The PM's appearance changes depending on the Production Levels gained, which is the purpose of this guide. Each Production Category can be leveled to 100, and each level requires 100 points. In Clementine, you can reach level 100 in all 4 Categories, resulting in a PM total Production Level of 400. You can read more about PM functions and feeding here: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Partner_Machines
  3. Onma and Dimma are easier than you think, and with MELEE, not in the air. If you stand behind them, they claw swing a LOT(instead of taking off). It always alternates between right and left, and if you're in the correct position, you won't get hit. Occasionally they'll turn to do something else, at which point, the cycle resets. There's also another position where both claw attacks don't hit, but only certain weapons like grenade or shotgun can get maximum hit boxes in those spots. Even in the air, you can get into a good safe spot to their side where you can shoot at their wings, and their projectiles won't reach you. If they fly off away from you to grab things to throw at you, just don't run towards them and stay on the other side.
  4. Pretty much this: tedious. The gameplay is fun, I don't really pay too much attention to the cries about how x needs to be able to clear faster or y's weapon is too functional(or how this game is too easy, but enemies dodge too much), but yes, getting things is tedious.
  5. Since you guys didn't notice, it's more of a question than a guide. Some things to note: GT: it's the bow class, and having xbow means it's the strongest single target gunner GM: the advantage comes more from the rapid fire rifles that allow you to lock targets and "strafe" with rifle, laser locks, and being able to dodge after firing shotgun. FG: some people liek it because it can melee. AF: has very good control due to their single attack speed, which allow them to JA and cc much better than other classes, and they also get additional support in this area with RCSM's. A lot of people actually want it for blade destruction and assault crush tho. FM: really useful because they can actually JA and pull off photon arts with slow f-in weapons. -should note that the fighters don't feel the best atm with the current flinch mechanics, and they SHOULD feel better when they manage to fix it.
  6. sounds like when you graduate, you should head over to the casino to employ your new college level education instead of looking forward to PSU elementary level gambling play.
  7. had a different idea, where you can transform a grinded item to the next rarity of item, EX: hyper viper > twin tornado, that way we can desaturate a little without NPC-ing, but this is fine too.
  8. To me, quests are a total failure so far. I believe the point of quests is to get people to run other things. But people don't want to run other things, they want to do their runs. Encouraging them to deviate is a good idea, except: 1 . devs still have this idea that people need to grind in this game like it's a f2p mobile gacha game. 2. if the run doesn't have incentives within itself, it's just an empty run, and you're forcing people to do empty runs. Honestly, I think people want to do their runs to get the things they want, but they get bored of doing the same run. Forcing them to do another run that they don't even want to do a bunch of times on top of their runs doesn't make any sense. It shouldn't be a chore. I propose to change the quest to require ONE to TWO runs per quest, and restrict the difficulty according to the player's level bracket. This will encourage them to do different runs without overloading them with grind. Not sure about how much weekly should be, but definitely not 5 runs a day, or at least make them concurrent with daily quests.
  9. When the "best" items are expected at 100+ runs, it really doesn't feel good, and your gear is not going to match your plevel and type level. I believe lots of players have this problem, myself included. Basically, you can't expect good gear progression from drops. But the drop rates act as a deterrent to "everyone has everything, everything costs nothing", and it works. I, myself, can probably play 30 hours a week at most, and I rarely reach that amount of hours. Regrettably, I couldn't expect to find any drops. However, there are other community members that do have hours to sink into the game. These are the type of players that have to get the best equip, high %, and 10/10 grinds., and they will keep playing to grind for them. That is their goal. If drops are too easy to get, they will get these items real quick, get bored, and quit. So, getting higher drop rates is actually detrimental to server health. And, while it sucks to not be able to get drops yourself, as these players continue to get drops, more and more handmedowns become available on the market, and eventually are available for cheap. So, in actuality, we are getting a good supply of gear as well as not sinking the economy the way that things are now, all we have to do is make sure we are earning that meseta so we can afford the gear. On the other hand, if drop rates were to increase, <50 hour/week players may feel better about getting drops, but I don't feel like it's worth losing people to play with.
  10. well, Idk if it's possible, but maybe we can add S + 11 - 15 grinders at even lower rates to synth. That'd decrease the difficulty for 10* and increase the difficulty of 15* if you were to treat grinds based on star rarity instead of C, B, A, S.
  11. I think that you're right. You're the minority here and probably even if there was something like this, no one would join in.
  12. packor


    I just wanted to express my thoughts on some of the experiences I've had with players and dev team recently. People seem to be in a bad mood. To players: dev team is just the same as you, passionate about PSU, and when they started this project, it was in pursuit of a dream, to make PSU great again. In October(?), we had our official release, and the direction of the dev team started to change; but what you should realize is that the team hasn't changed. It's still the same team that's trying to make PSU great. What did change is that they went from building the system to actually making the game. It feels like, with some players, when release happened, a switch was flipped, and they entered consumer mode, where everything just has to be instantly satisifying. But dev team is not SEGA, it isn't a gaming company, and it isn't even indi dev that is selling a product. It's the same team that's been working on this project so everyone can enjoy PSU again, and they're still working towards this goal, and the project is still in progress. And I've heard a lot about how PSU should just mirror JP before it was shut down. I'm sure that with the abuse dev team's been getting, they'd be happy to do just that IF THEY COULD, but they didn't just take over the game and change it, they're actually building it, and there are just some limitations that have to be worked around. But, there's also the fact that they're trying to make the game BETTER. And this isn't an experienced team that knows exactly how to do this. It takes some trial and error, and experimentation. You just have to remember that dev team does want the game to be great, and they're trying hard. And suggestions: If you've been paying attention, you know that they do take them into consideration, and some suggestions, good or bad, have been put in. So suggesting DOES work, but it doesn't work well when everyone is toxic about it. Adjusting and finding the best place takes time. Please try to have some patience and continue to provide feedback and discussion without so much negativity. I'm sure that things will eventually change for the better. To dev team: I know that you get a lot of negativity and stress from players and probably among yourselves, and I have to say that it comes with the territory(of being game dev). People are not going to like some things and some of these people will lash out, because they're stressed too. I know that people have expressed their love for you, and you may not feel that at times. Just know that, even if some people don't show it, they really do appreciate all the effort that has been put into this project. Try not to get too down about the negativity. After all, everyone IS after the same thing: a great PSU experience.
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