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  1. Ah okay so that's the executable that runs the game seen PSUoffline exe so many times now and simply couldn't think of it. Here you go brother the correct executable. Thanks again bro for helping me. and it felt like years going forward. PsuOff.exe
  2. You the man brother, i'll try that on the none clementine version of Illuminus, right now i really appreciate your help, i can do that, do you need online.exe from vanilla ? again highly appreciated brother man. online.exe
  3. Hey Hello once again Shotty, brother i appreciate your reply I got a little behind a few days ago, i went on and read nodas post i am facing a huge roadblock in front of me. i have no idea which row line value i am supposed to edit? I guess i should have mentioned ,i have downloaded a copy of PSU vanilla on from a site that has archives of Ancient abandoned games, because i owned both DVD-ROM physical games at one time, my Phantasy Star Addict Junkie ex-girlfriend lost them after i let her borrow the game(s) And till this day she stilll owes me those games lol anyways i applogize if i mentioned once before, because im not a fan of repeating the something over in over, dislike it because it make feel like a cult leader, brainwashing my members but i promise i dont!!! not to worry not involved!! I'm not into that type of getup it's Illegal too i think. I read so fast hopefully i didn't misread the post missing important information. But went over several times and really dont think i skipped over anything. Thanks again brother be safe along with my brothers and sisters on here along with friends and family.
  4. Howdy friends! Appreciate the reply after posting reply I’m going to head over there and check out the PS Mods, think I may have confused myself shooting on playing the story mode, silly me who has over 5 HDD and several gaming SSD’s but I uninstalled those other games that are the vanilla version. And left Clementine installed so I don’t have to worry about downloading and reinstalling I try that much as I can my ISP has a monthly limit, so that was a smart move for me and I’m sure others in my shoes would agree. I believe it was on the widescreen gaming site mentioning about changing the Hex values, that part was super confusing I did something like this with Soldiers of Fortune II Double Helix but has been ages and remembering where to go has faded a bit in my mind. But I’m extremely happy knowing the community is hard at work bring the emulated server back and will def keep us all busy till clementine re-debuts Back online
  5. I know you guys are busy as hell working on the server, im just shooting an alert your way that i am not here to rush anyone into releasing, I was just hoping the server would be up someday, i found out i can finally play story mode now, do any of you know how I can play the game at 1920x1080, i searched high and low on google, a fella created a " patch for higher resolutions but go everywhere it's whipped clean off the server..... i have a massive monitor and some cut scenes would have a vertical black bar and bottom along with the 4:3 letter box ugh, i can still play it, it's just i always link all my none steam games to steam client. and i try and setup the controls in big picture mode, you cannot visually know whats going on it's hard to explain and it's annoying. I forgot to mention this is for the Vanilla PSU, i have the expansion installed but dont want to play it till i beat the story mode. Any solutions lads?
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