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  1. The GAS system to me was a way of making your character more powerful. If there are other ways to achieve that, then don't worry about bringing the original system back.
  2. Are there any good C-A weapons to justify spending money to grind them? I always thought it was a waste of time and money to grind low-grade weapons.
  3. I wouldn't really call it splash damage.
  4. Since when did shotguns ever have splash damage? Each shot can hit another target or hitbox, but that's it. And I never understood why riga, boma, and yoga shotty PAs had a lower attack percentage than banga, diga, and megiga.
  5. 10 scapes made revive techs useless, imo. Nobody complained on the official servers because they were all casuals anyway. I don't remember a damn thing that was challenging about the official servers besides getting around the atrocious frame drops.
  6. Fortegunner can be useless for all I care because it's an expert class while Gunmaster is a...wait for it...a -->MASTER<-- class. Fortegunner is a downgrade in DPS compared to Gunmaster regardless if Gunmaster can use GLs or not. It's like back before master classes came out how Fortegunners wouldn't go back to Ranger because it's a...wait for it..................................DOWNGRADE IN DPS!!!
  7. If GMs can use GLs now, wouldn't duranga kill you in one shot if the PA can be leveled to 41?
  8. It was more about the drops and less about the missions. Tbh, the missions were all the same more or less; just a bunch of rooms connected by hallways. I literally sat here for a half hour combing through all the missions and personal experience and not one of them stood out. Almost 7 years later since the game shut down and I'm still burned out.
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