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  1. You're no exactly putting out much of an option for me to choose here? Well, I suppose we can compromise with you can occasionally call me cute, and I can disagree and think that I'm not. XD
  2. Yeah we used to draw and design together from time to time, doing that was kinda how we started hanging out more in the first place.
  3. @Fruzsina Though I guess if you wanted there to be some meaning, my fiancée at the time of when I started making these enjoyed drawing as well and the way I drew those leaves is off of how she used to draw them.
  4. Oh not at all really, it's something enjoy doing to shut my brain off, that's the beauty of it, anyone could easily do it and it requires very little effort, just like doodling random stuff in your notebook at class when you're bored, you're not really trying to make anything you're just trying to entertain your brain enough to make time pass but not actually have it think on anything.
  5. @Fruzsina My thank you. :3 There leaves, and dots, lines, different kinds of box shapes, circles, curls, webs and whatnot. It's all really decoration, or in means to fill out the overall object shape with smaller shapes to make something neat that's ultimately very easy and simple to do, though leaves and different box shapes and dots was what I mostly used as shapes when I started making doodles like this.
  6. @Fruzsina These days mainly just some random doodles and shapedraws. I used to draw people and places but I don't have the fine motor function for that kinda stuff anymore. Here's Navi and another random doodle I made.
  7. Man stick of truth was great, Shenmue is a real legend, fond childhood memories.
  8. Well gaming of course is the obvious one, but since you're asking aside it, playing the guitar, singing, drawing, writing and reading are all things I do a lot, really enjoy them all and whenever I'm not gaming I'm most likely doing one of these.
  9. Humm, maybe The Sims 2? It's a tough one, 4 is obviously the best looking one as it's the newest, and has much more stuff in it, 3 I didn't play that much of but 2 is what I spent most my time on of the franchise around 2005-2010 as it was one of the few pc games I had available at the time, and I really enjoyed just designing and building houses.
  10. I haven't played the FF7 Remake yet, I don't have a playstation and I'm waiting for all the parts to come out so I can disappear into the ether as I binge play it and ignore society.
  11. Humm humm, favorite games aside PSU huh? Well I'll definitely have to put The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in there, just a nice classic with many fond memories from my childhood. Final Fantasy 7, 10 & 14, always been a fan of the FF franchise, these are my favorites out of there. :3 This one might be a bit odd to some but I do really enjoy playing League of Legends, and have been for over 9 years now. Pokémon Emerald, though I've played many of the franchise, this one I always keep coming back to play through again on, do challenges and have fun with. Samurai Warriors 2 I've sank plenty an hour on as well when I was younger, definitely has a soft spot in my heart. The Last of Us, while I still haven't completed the 2nd game, I loved the first one and the sequel has been a heck of a ride too. I'll throw in an honorary mention of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, a fairly short game but I really enjoyed its aesthetics and ideas. I can't quite make a comprehensive list as I've got WAY too many games I've really enjoyed throughout the years, but the one's mentioned above are some of my definitive favorites that immediately come to mind, and I still play each one to this day. As for what I think of your list? I haven't played Kenshi or PSO:BB so I can't say much about them, Septerra Core I've only dabbled a little on a very, very long time ago so I can't remember much of it, but I do remember enjoying it at the time, as little as I did get to play it. The Sims franchise I've definitely spent a good bit on in as well. XD I wouldn't say that it's among my favorite games, but it does have it's time to shine when I've needed something casual and simple to waste some time away on.
  12. Possibly yes, I don't have any new big topic on hand to create but if I do you know where to find it. :3
  13. I'm thankful for the kind words, though I can't say that I'm deserving of them. :3
  14. @Fruzsina Ah yes we should have Clem soon, and yes you can only play the story mode on a retail copy since servers no longer exist but you can also play the extra mode which is like online mode but... offline.. without the story stuff and being able to make your own character instead of playing just as Ethan. Mostly I'd use it to refresh a lot of the maps and enemies to my memory and try out all the weapons for classes and such, see what I like and want to have on my palette for which classes and which classes I wanna do etc. etc. But I'm not very cute so cute names don't suit me so I mind having a cute name. >.<!
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