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  1. I’m probably gonna be making a story mode to Clementine (fanmade)
  2. So people told me that there’s a Moatoob counterpart of De Ragan. It’s called Bil De Golus. It’s the Moatoob version of De Ragan. It only appeared in Phantasy Star Portable and it was in the Free Mission Flaming Horns as well as the Download Mission Forbidden Zone:Level X. They also had weapons. And clothes and parts from there. Same with Acromaster. I really hope they import Bil De Golus to Clementine. I didn’t know Moatoob had a De Ragan reskin.
  3. Rising Malice:A Satelite that’s been infected by the SEED has gone out of control, and it’s about to head for the Transfer Terminal, attacks from the outside are not effective. So going inside and preventing the crisis will be effective! Mechanical Ghosts:Machines have been reactivated in an Obstruct Area of the Linear Line, Destroy them and find out the cause! Fantastic Voyage:Dark Falz’s Memory unlocked a new deformation that takes place in an unknown Spaceship that was made when Rykros was discovered, investgate it,And evacuate! Evacuation Route:The AMF is Securing a Route to evacuate, as the Central Command has Crisis status. Defeat the creatures so everyone can evacuate easily. Beach Bum Beast:Paracabana Coast is being attacked by various Native Creatures and are damaging resorts. There is also a Fire Contaminated creature according to many researchers. Sunken Shrine:The Stateria has awoken in a new RELICS Site located in the ocean floor. Defeat the Stateria so researchers can enter in safely. Aquatic Mama:Mother Brain is causing the AMF Troops to go out of control in a new AMF Base constructed near a Seabed Plant! Defeat it to end the chaos! Two Headed Ruins:The newly discovered RELICS Site in Foran Waterfall has a connection to the Denes Site, find out the connection and Defeat De Ragnus! Robotanical Gardens:Out of control Machines have gone haywire in the Saguraki C.D, and the criminals who are likely disguised as Armed Servants are responsible for the haywire Machines heading to Pavillion Of Air. Sinners Banquet:A Castle known as Ohtori Castle is being studied by the COG Members and there is a SEED Factor going on. Break through the Castle! Castle of Monsters:A Larger Number of SEED Forms have been appearing on Ohtori Castle due to the COG Member’s Research. Purify the SEED-Forms. So the Castle does not spread out SEED. Hooligan Hideout:The West Kugu Desert RELICS, has become a hideout for the Rogues. Defeat the Rogues to prevent the hideout! Lode Runners:Tons of Native Creatures are attacking Labyrnith Mines! Navigate the creatures by defeating them. And defend the mines! Snowcap Streamer:Defeat the De Rol Le who has awoken near an AMF Construction at Mt Elbars! Red Hot Jungle:The Croodog Region is a protected region, but many of the native creatures including Dimmagolus are damaging a safe path. Clear a safe path through the Jungle!
  4. He also made a pack that featured the vehicles from Episode 1 Story Mode (Floader,Lunga, and Striker) into Episode 2 Story Mode I hope they get added to Clementine too.
  5. I also heard of Ice Element Vahras. (Also he putted more stuff to Episode 2)
  6. Wow. Then this could mean Infinity Mobs are gonna be in Clementine.
  7. But how do they make these custom missions??? They never told us how they made The Lost Ruins Village Defense etc.
  8. Although they are tons of areas in this game, some of them never got there own Free Mission! Mizuraki C.D (Ice Contaminated) Kugu Desert (Ice Contaminated) Linear Line (Uncontaminated) Holtes City Ohtoku City Dagora City Cylez City Raffon Meadow (Fire Contaminated) Agata Islands (Fire Contaminated) Seabed Plant (Fire Contaminated) Galenigare Canyon (Fire Contaminated) Vio Tonga Foran Waterfall Ajis Kugu Shitentaku Casino Voloyal Viewing Plaza Which Area should get a Free/Event Mission?
  9. 1:Scorched Valley 2:Charged Puzzle 3:Protectors η 4:MAG 2 5:Like a Dream 6:Evolutions Path (The Great Arms Race Version) 7:Sprial Labyrinth 8:Protectors ε 9:Urgent Orders 10:Heaven,Earth,Man and Fork in the Road Which Mission do you think will arrive during the Summer Event?
  10. Agreed. Also how would they import the Enemies and Bosses into it?
  11. Also I might make a possible Mission for Summer Event
  12. So yeah there’s gonna be an upcoming GDR. But this time on Guardians Colony. And a Summer Event is gonna happen soon. So here’s my prediction. Spectate 1: The Black Nest The Dark God Distant Memory Spectate 2: Rising Malice Fantastic Voyage Unsafe Passage Spectate 3: Unsafe Passage Fight for Food ???? (It will take players back to Cylez City) Spectate 5: Dark Satellite SEED Awakened Mechanical Ghosts
  13. So we got tons of weapons and areas that first appeared in Phantasy Star Portable,Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. But.. they didn’t even bother adding more stuff. Types: Vanguard: I think it would most likely be a Master Type, Idk how you would unlock it. Idk what weapons it would equip. Actions: Dodge actions Shields Nanoblasts: Zavn Val Gavri Val and once they have enough hits, they turn into a Black Beserk Nanoblast! Enemies: Astark -Bola Vreema -Evil Shark -Flan Blume -Guil Shark -Jaggo Rizona -Jeris -Pal Shark -Stingee -Walmus -Bag Degga -Barbarous Wolf -Dago Gujeri -Koko Melodda -Lu Duggo -Mog Boggo -Nano Dragon -Nar Lilly -Poison Lilly -Rappy Rizona -Sand Rappy -Vegga -Zauzza (Appears along with Golus) -Dakamazli -Danoamaz -Gol Lily -Gonan -Goran-Garan -Mil Lilly -Mulnuha -Rappy Go Lucky -Zelumon -Guardians Rosk -Guardians Rosta -III Gill -Little Wing Rosk -Little Wing Rosta -Mini Rappy -Special Ops-Sparda -Baranz -Bunari Kou-3 -Finjer B -Finjer G -Finjer R -Flavit B1 -Garanz -Gravit S7 -Rappy Machima -Sinow Beat -Sinow Gold -Chaos Bringer -Chaos Sorcerer -Dark Belra -Darvaguine -Delbiter -Indi Belra -Jedein -Vorgadillan -Zoldillan -Blade Mother -Brigantia -Force Mother -Ivaras -Nargevahl -Ob Lilly -Shot Mother -Tavalus -Valiaran -Vulgatus Bosses: Bil De Golus -Azn’gom Gijn’gom -Dark Falz Dios -Dol Vaveer -Dragon -Duga Dunga -Dyla Bravas -Faz’ntar Seg’ntar -Giel Zohg -Olga Flow (Both Forms) -Orga Spritos -Orga Angelus -Orga Anatasis -Orga Dyran (It will be a Rare boss in Missions that doesn’t have a Boss like it does in Portable 2) -Reol Badia -Yaoroz -Volna Gravka Other: -Heaven’s Mother -Kasch Tribesman -Nagisa -SEED-Helga -Shizuru -Vivienne so here’s the enemies that got absent in PSU. Do you think it’s possible to Import these enemies into PSU?
  14. Well there’s gonna be a GBR coming up so one of the weapons are likely gonna be added.
  15. Guardians Cash: IDK how Guardians Cash would work in Clementine I mean some of the GC items are in Clementine. And so are the Missions (Legacy of Light Entrusted Defense RELICS Preservation and The Eternal Cycle) the 4 GC Missions could likely be added as an Event Mission or a GAM. Missing GAM Misisons: Tons of GAM Missions are not in Clementine: First Stage: Plains Overlord/R Demons Above/R Desert Terror/R Second Stage: The Holy Ground/R Unsafe Passage/R Sacred Stream/R Third Stage: Bladed Legacy/R The Black Nest/R Lightning Beasts/R Extra: Protectors ε' Also you could select a difficulty but that’s not possible in Clementine. Oh I even made an idea for a 4th Stage 4th Stage: Endrum Remnants/R Hill of Spores/R Mine Defense/R Training Missions: These Missions where programmed to help new players level up fast and get high ranked items faster. Stars Camp Prize Hunt Party Missions: The Egg Theives Her Secret Mission Bruce’s Dungeon These Missions are like Co-Op Missions, except you are in a party. And they are likely gonna be added to the server (Except for Bruce’s Dungeon) Partner NPCS: it was gonna be added to Clementine, but unfortunately it didn’t make it once it came out. Idk why? Story and Side Story Missions: Same reason
  16. What about weapons that where exclusive to the Xbox 360 servers such as Noble Halo? Even though they are reskins of other weapons.
  17. although there are a bunch of weapons in JP servers. Some of them don’t exist in Clementine yet! Curtana Brightstar Last survivor replica Varl combat mode Sweetberry Deo glaive Anicent Starlord Chaos Sorcerer Rod Weapons that are exclusive to the Xbox 360 servers. that’s all I could think of. I will update this once I find another one.
  18. Trivia: Mother Brain is the only Ambition of the Illuminus Boss to get a Co-Op Mission There’s also a Co-Op Mission for Alterazgohg called Bullets and Claws,however that Mission is only available in PSP. Flowery Pursuit is the only Co-Op Mission without a boss. De Rol Le and Dark Falz are the only bosses to not have a Co-Op Mission.
  19. De Ragan:Crimson Beast Onmagoug:The Eastern Peril Adahna Degahna:Forest Infiltration De Ragnus:Duel in the Ruins Magas Maggahna:Stolen Weapon Dimmagolus:Rogue’s Shortcut Dulk Fakis:True Darkness Zoal Goug:Cost of Research De Rol Le:None Alterazgohg:None Mother Brain:Electronic Brain Dark Falz:None
  20. Well I have more details on it and stuff missing
  21. Also I did a project on putting PSP2 enemies to the game and making new Free Missions that will feature them:
  22. What if PSP2 enemies could be in PSU? Well here’s some Missions I made up that feature them and new lobbies. And maybe the free missions with the PSP2 areas we have (Sunken Shrine Red Hot Jungle etc.) could be sneak peeks. Undersea Ruins Planet:Parum Area(s):Seabed RELICS (Block 1-3) Description:A RELICS site has been discovered underwater, but a Stateria is in the way, defeat the Stateria so future exploration teams can enter in safely. Enemies:Badira (Fire),Evil Shark,Pal Shark,Tavalus,Vulgatus,Svaltia Rare Enemies:Lutus Jigga Boss:None Tropical Woods Planet:Moatoob Area(s):Croodog Jungle (Block 1-3) Description:Many of the creatures in a Tropical Rain Forest have been acting aggressive. Also a mysterious Human has been appearing in the Jungle, investigate it! Enemies:Naval (Ground),Sand Rappy,Vanda/Vanda Merha (Fire),Vegga,Poison Lilly,Drua Gohra,Kasch Tribesman Rare Enemies:Nar Lilly Boss:None Electric Charger Planet:Moatoob Area(s):Croodog Jungle (Block 1-3) Description:A Bag Degga has recently been leading various Native Creatures and causing wide damage around the Jungle. Defeat the Bag Degga! Enemies:Naval (Ground),Sand Rappy,Vanda/Vanda Merha (Fire),Vegga,Poison Lilly,Drua Gohra,Bag Degga Rare Enemies:Nar Lilly Boss:None Signficant Pounce Planet:Parum Area(s):Seabed Plant (Block 1-3) Description:A newly discovered Astark is damaging a lab in the Seabed Plant,Defeat the Astarks and defend the Labs! Enemies:Polty (Lightning),Stingee,Koltova,Distova (Fire),Walmus,Polavohra (Lightning),Astark Rare Enemy:Guil Shark Boss:None Multiped Threat Planet:Parum Area(s):Inhelt Laboratory (Block 1-4) Description:new AMF base has been constructed in a seabed plant, but the Reol Badia there has gone haywire! Destroy the Reol Badia to put a stop to the chaos! Enemies:Evil Shark,Pal Shark,Gravit S7,GSM-05B Bomalta,Jeris,Jarba,Grinna Bete C Rare Enemy:Guil Shark Boss:Reol Badia Versatile Predator Planet:Neudaiz Area(s).Saguraki C.D (Blocks 1-3) Description:A Dakamazil are attacking the trees being a threat to Saguraki C.D. Defeat them to save the trees! Enemies:Ageeta (Ice),Goshin (Fire),Booma,Go Booma,Ubakrada (Ice),Komazli (Ice),Dakamazil Rare Enemies:Jigo Booma Boss:None Divine Research Planet:Neudaiz Area(s):Saguraki C.D (Block 1-2) Pavillon of Air (Block 3) Description:The Alterazgohg is awoken once again, and is about to head to Saguraki C.D. Head to the Pavillion of Air and defeat the Alterazgohg. Enemies:Ageeta (Light),Rappy Polec,Komazil (Light),Gohmon/Olgohmon (Light),Kakwane,Mulnuha,Ubakrada (Light),Sinow Hidoki Rare Enemy:Mini Rappy Boss:Alterazgohg Burning Snow Planet:Moatoob Area(s):Mt Elbars (Block 1-3) Description:A facility in a mountain is being attacked. And a climate change has driven the Dago Gujeri into a rampage, secure the facility from the Creatures Enemies:Lapucha (Ice),Lu Duggo,Barbarous Wolf,Vanda Orga,Bil De Vear (Ground),Mog Boggo, Dago Gujeri Rare Enemies:Bil De Melan Boss:None Rumbling Mountains Planet:Moatoob Area(s):Mt Elbars (Block 1-3) Description:the Mountain Summit is being threated by a mining synthetic known as Duga Dunga, Destroy it before people get dangered by it! Enemies:Nava Ludda (Ice),Lapucha (Ice),Savage Wolf,Barbarous Wolf,Vanda/Vanda Merha (Ice),Jishagara (Ice),Lu Duggo,Drua Gohra (Ice),Bil De Vear (Ice) Rare Enemies:Bil De Melan Boss:Duga Dunga Mining Operation Planet:Moatoob Area(s):Galengaire Mine (Block 1-3) Description:Out of control Bead Groodes have been activated in an Abandoned Mine, defeat it before miners become dangered! Enemies:Naval (Ground),Vanda Orga,Drua Gohra (Ground),Bil De Vear (Ground),Zoona (Ground),Sand Rappy,Mog Boggo,Dila Griena,Bead Groode Rare Enemies:Bil De Melan Boss:None Flaming Horns Planet:Moatoob Area(s):Galengaire Mine (Blocks 1-3) Description:Investigations into seismic activity in the West Kugu desert have found magma buildup in a cave inhabited by a huge, horned native creature known as Bil De Golus! Enemies:Naval (Fire),Vanda/Vanda Merha (Fire),Jishagara (Fire),Nano Dragon,Bil De Vear (Fire),Drua Gohra (Fire),Bafal Bragga Rare Enemies:Jaggo Boss:Bil De Golus City of Darkness Planet:Parum Area(s):Old Rozenom City (Blocks 1-3) Description:Many SEED Forms have been spotted in the Ruins of Rozenom City,And they are attacking nearby facilities. Recapture the Facility's from the SEED Forms! Enemies:Pannon/Bel Pannon,Delsaban/Deljaban,Sendillian,Galdeen,Jedein,Dilnazen,SEED-Argine Rare Enemy:Delnadian Boss:None Metropolis Vision Planet:Parum Area(s):Rykros (Block 1-3) Description:A Terrain of Rozenom is changed into Rykros, investigate what’s going on by destroying the Zoldillan! Enemies:Delsaban/Deljaban,Galdeen,Orcdillan,Zoldillan,Vorgadillan, Rare Enemies:Delnadian Boss:None More coming soon…
  23. Here I’m gonna list my Favorite Major Events and this is gonna be Top 10. #10:1Up Platinum Cup I remember this event to promote the Club being opened in Cylez City. And all 4 of the Missions where good execuses for farming Rappies. #9:Maximum Attack G and Maximum Attack G+ These events totally surprised me as it had Missions that featured PSO areas. #8:Shred the Darkness All of the Missions were memorable and it brought back good memories. And all the Missions from this event are on the Clementine server (Except for The 4th System And the Magashi Plan) #7:Ragol Memoria Festa These Missions are PSO themed to promote PSO’s 10th anniversary. And one of the Missions Forest Fire Swirl reminds me of one of the Downloadable Quests in PSO1 “Central Dome Fire Swirl” #6:The Great Arms Race Man those where the days just making weapons for Yohmei #5:Absolute Zero This event brought Ice Purtfication to Online servers. And Clementine did something Similar. I hope they readd Subzero Outbreak but this time give it S-S4 ranks. And they gave Vio Tonga a playable field. I #4:Operation Firebreak Ahh yes the Fire Purtification Missions. I also like the Fire Seabed Missions (BURNING RANGERS!!!) #3:Winter Mission Carnival Charged Puzzle was an interesting one. And all of them where interesting. #2:Max Attack Infinity Shame PSP2I never got a US release. #1:Guardians Chronicles Yeah that’s right, these are the best Event Missions ever! Because they bring back Missions from other events. And it’s a makeup for people who missed out on events!!
  24. I also hope they add new Missions during GDR like they did in GBR in he regular servers if PSU.
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