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  1. So do you remember The PSP Missions: Forbidden Zone: Level X Flaming Horns Claws and Bullets The Mysterious Vol Bros. Crystal Tears Scrap Ghost I Scrap Ghost II Assault! Strange Creature Report Gemaga Dungeon Famitsu Quiz Stadium Scrap Ghost III Dengeki Nines Colosseo Forest Labyrinth Ancient Inheritance Protectors of Light Wonder if these Missions are gonna be added to Clem one day
  2. Once Protector η does this mean we will get Spiral Labyrinth Red and Green Blizzard Cavern and Seabed Echoes on the Clem Servers?
  3. So which version is the Protector η gonna be? The 4th Anniversary Thanks Festa Version or The Guardians Chronicle 4 Version?
  4. Yep! Because The Classic Mission Bruce’s Dungeon. Along with 2 other Missions are gonna be available for the anniversary event!
  5. As you might see Episode 2 happened during AOTI. And it is available Offline. But people who played Offline. Once they got to the ending they thought it was a cliffhanger. But what if? If Episode 3 was made Offline? Chapter 1:Despair and Hope Partner Card:Lumia Waber Missions unlocked: Holtes City Flyer Base: Lightning Beasts ————————— Chapter 2:Restorations Partner Card:None Missions unlocked: Dagora City Flyer Base: Caves of Ice Tunnel Recapture ———————— Chapter 3:Will of Light Partner Card:Mirei Mikuna Missions unlocked: Ohtoku City COG:Pavillon of Air: Sacred Stream Ohtoku City Flyer Base: Cost of Research Forest Infiltration —————————— Chapter 4:Farewell to Mother Partner Card:None Missions unlocked: Holtes City AMF Headquarters: AMF HQ Recovery Military Subway SEED Express (Also once you unlock those 3 Missions Electronic Brain will move from Linear Train Platform to AMF Headquarters) —————————— Chapter 5:Ambitions End Partner Card:Obell Dallgun Missions unlocked: Dagora City Flyer Base: Lonely Laboratory Bladed Legacy Stolen Weapon Holtes City Flyer Base: Lab Recovery —————————— Chapter 6:Photon Harvest Partner Card:Ethan Waber (Guardians Outfit) and Karen Erra Missions unlocked: Ohtoku City Flyer Base: Dancing Birds Sakura Blast Flowery Pursuit —————————— Chapter 7:Road to Rykros Partner Card:Liina Sukaya Missions unlocked: Dagora City Flyer Base: Citadel of Sand Holtes City Flyer Base: Crimson Beast Duel in the Ruins —————————— Chapter 8:A Brighter Day Partner Cards: The Vol Brothers (Subplot 1) Orson Waber (Subplot 2) Renvolt Magashi and Vivienne (Subplot 4) Missions unlocked: Cylez City Space Dock: True Darkness The Black Nest The Dark God And S2 to every Mission Q and A’s: Q:Will it have Subplots? A:Yes As a bonus I decided to make DLCS Mission Pack 1(Based on Agrajag’s mod): Description:Expand the world of PSU, with these fun Mission Packs! This first one features mounts from The Orginal Story Mode! Floader,Lunga and Striker. And now you can experience these with your own character! Missions include: Floader Rush Lunga Rodeo Striker Assault Mission Pack 2 (Again based on Agrajag’s Mod): Description:It’s cold outside! And it seems like we got 3 new freezing Missions available. As the Mizuraki C.D,Kokura Temple and even The West Kugu Desert have been infected by Ice SEED Contamination! Grab your photon Reflectors and get purtifying! Missions include: Frozen Woods Frozen Sanctuary Absolute Zero Mission Pack 3: Description:It’s really blazing hot here! Many of the areas has Fire Contaminated, and at risk! It’s time to get your Photon Erasers and get purifying. Missions Include: Burning Plains Burning Garden Flower of Flames Scorched Valley Urgent Orders Mission Pack 4: Description:A Temple in Neudaiz known as Ohtori Castle is in serious trouble as many Armed Servants and SEED-Forms are causing a Diaster! In these 3 new Missions head to the Ohtori Castle and stop them! Missions include: Sinner’s Banquet Castle of Monsters Ruins in the Mist Mission Pack 5: Description:These Amazing Missions will get you right back at it! Missions include: Evacuation Route Ecosystem Crisis Dusty Mines Mission Pack 6: Description:The World of Parum is expanding! Missions include: Beach Bum Beast Sunken Shrine Aquatic Mama Mission Pack 7: Description:It seems like something isn’t right with the VR System of Gurhal! Collect Chips to fix the VR Systems! These Missions first appeared in the 1Up Platinum Cup and the Winter Mission Carnival Missions include: Invisible Road United Front Deadly Brillance Elements of Unrest Charged Puzzle Creature Mop Up (World of Illusion Beta) Mission Pack 8: Description:The World of Moatoob is greatly expanding! Missions include: Red Hot Jungle Snowcap Screamer Hooligan Hideout Mission Pack 9: Description:The Story of PSU has expanded with more Scenarios! These 4 Missions are a nice addition to the Story of PSU. Missions include: Roar of Flames The Big Push The Magashi Plan The 4th System Mission Pack Finals 1: Description:PSO is a nice game by many people, here are these fun Missions if you’re familiar with PSO. They can be accessed in the Space Dock! Missions include: Forest of Illusion Phantom Fissure Illusionary Shaft Phantom Ruins Mission Pack Finals 2: Descriptions:Even more PSO Based Missions are here! Missions include: MAG Program DF MAG 2 Forest Fire Swirl Like a Dream Mission Pack Finals 3: Description:This pack will contain Missions from the Great Arms Race! Missions include: Vistor’s Memory Blizzard Cavern Seabed Echoes Evolution’s Path Mission Pack finals 4: Description:The Final set of Missions are almost here! Missions include: Rising Malice Mechanical Ghosts Two-Headed Ruins Dark Labyrinth Mission Pack Finale: Description:Here it is! The final Missions! We hoped you enjoy the Story of PSU! As the story will never end! It even includes Missions that are never seen in Network Mode! Missions include: Robotanical Gardens SEED Assault The Lost Ruins Village Defense Echoing Abyss Lode Runners Fantastic Voyage The Lost Mission Pack Description:Here are some Missions, that never made it! Here are the Lost Missions! Missions include: Unsafe Passage Mad Creatures Mizuraki Defense System Defense Valley of Carnage
  6. I feel bad for the people who didn’t get a chance to play the full version.
  7. So yeah I thought of an idea. Called Clementine Classic or Clem Rewind. It will be a new title for Event Missions for Event Missions that are from the official servers. Like Protectors K and Roar of Flames are considered those. And Free Missions Even GAMS on Clem based on events from official server.
  8. As you might see the Xbox 360 version of PSU isn’t that bad we all grew up with. But there are some bad qualities with it. Why the Xbox 360 version fails: 1.It had a Demo which kept on going until 2009 but then returned in 2011. Yet they never did a Demo for the expansion Ambition of the Illuminus just like they did with JP PC/PS2. 2.Tons of Weapons replace some weapons from the JP Version and they recycle models of other weapons (For Example Nivellum replaces Exam) this could be because Microsoft was too lazy to download the models to Here. 3.Some of the events are really different. As they remove references to Dengeki and Famitsu and the Aniversary Thanks Festas Some of the events got renamed. 4.Some of the updates are totally out of order. For example Moatoob Drop Boost 1 happened before MAG started. But in JP MAG ended then Moatoob Drop Boost Road happened. Another one is when the Winter Event (Based an event where we celebrated The First anniversary of PSU) strangely started after AOTI got released. But in JP the Winter Event ended on the same day AOTI got released. And a most infamous one for the Xbox 360 is that Guardians Chronicle 2 happened and yet the 4th Aniversary Thanks Festa and Ragol Memorial Festa never happened. 5.(This also applies to PC/PS2 US Servers) Another infamous one is that some of the weapon descriptions are wrong. For example the description says Sevaric is made from an arm of Deljaban. That’s not true. Deljabanner is the weapon that is made from an arm of Deljaban. Wow they must have translating issues.
  9. I actually like Yohmei Weapons more than GRM and TENORA WORKS Weapons. Why? Because they actually have higher PP stats then those 2 Manufacturers.
  10. Also I would like to thank Shotgun for reacting to my opinions on the new Missions
  11. I was gonna do Parum first but I decided to do Guardians Colony Free Missions first so here’s my thoughts on them. Unsafe Passage:The OG Mission for beginners. This Mission is perfect for starting out. Fight for Food:Another Mission for new players. Everything is the same except SEED-Vance at the end. Rising Malice:So this is an interesting Mission to see a satellite being infected and heading inside the Transfer Terminal. This is the one where you only fight Dark Falz in his 1st form. Distant Memory:This one was nice. As we finally got the PSO Areas as a Free Mission so people don’t have to bother looking for Rare Free Missions. Mechanical Ghosts:I think people has been running this a lot to farm PA’s nowadays. This is also the only Guardians Colony Free Mission not to feature SEED-Forms just Machines. Although they could’ve made the Linear Line Non-Contaminated. Dark Satelite:The HIVE is one of those interesting areas in this game as they look like the Ruins. But one thing I hate about this area is that they have my most hated enemies in the game. One of them is Gaozoran, god I can’t stand these mages! And those flying 2 leg things that spit Megid as well. And Carriguine is also my most hated enemy here due to it having Megid And really fast moving. And I hate the fact you have to fight him at the end. SEED Awakened:This one is where you fight Dulk Fakis which reminds me of Dark Falz from other games. True Darkness:This makes one makes me bored as fighting Dulk Fakis in his final form is pretty long unless you got strong PAS. The Black Nest:Ugh! I really hate Rykros. I never liked this area. Because of those Megid Beacons and those Flower like SEED Forms. Zasharogan isn’t that bad to fight. The Dark God:Here it is Dark Falz, the Dark God himself! He got many good designs throughout the Phantasy Star series and it looks like De Rol Le…. Fantastic Voyage:Here this one is the only Guardians Colony Free Mission to take place in a new Spaceship area. But I find it to be pretty interesting to see a SEED-Form and Stateria enemy Combination. And this is the 2nd Free Mission where you only fight Dark Falz in his Final Form. The first being is Distant Memory.
  12. So yeah. I’m back with another post and it seems like we got 3 new Free Missions Dark Labyrinth Infernal Gardens and SEED Assault! So here’s my overview of them. Dark Labyrinth:Dark Svaltus’s? Who thought of Dark Staterias… but yeah it’s another Linear Line Mission. Infernal Gardens:Yay! We got a Firebreak Free Mission finally! And it’s in the Agata Islands. I hope we get more Firebreak Missions soon. SEED Assault:So it seems like we finally got another AMF HQ Mission. So those are my thoughts on them.
  13. I sometimes make a mistake when posting
  14. So yeah Event Missions have been around on Clementine and they are pretty interesting. Because the Event Mission is either a Custom Mission or a Mission from the actual servers. right now the Event has custom Missions I don’t know if the Next Event Mission will be Custom or one from the official JP servers. So heres the Event Missions we got from each event Operation Firebreak:None 1Up Platinum Cup:None Winter Event:None Maximum Attack G:MAG (Program DF is not there for some reason) Winter Mission Carnival:World of Illusion β (It’s known as World of Illusion/R World of Illusion α does not exist in Clementine yet) Shred the Darkness:Roar of Flames and The Big Push Summer Event:None Autumn Event:None Absolute Zero:None Spring Event:Protectors ζ The Great Arms Race:Vistors Memory and Evolutions Path (Note:Evolutions Path has the Enemies spawn from Guardians Chronicle 3) Maximum Attack X:None 4th Anniversary Thanks Festa:None Ragol Memorial Festa:None Maximum Attack Infinity:Rumbling Ruins and Ark to the Future 5th Aniversary Thanks Festa:Protectors κ Operation Urban Defense:Wicked Invasion and Converging Roads Guardians Trial:None Do you guys think the Event Mission will be custom or from the official servers?
  15. At least it hasn’t gone downhill
  16. And Clementine is starting to act like the Official servers of PSU.
  17. Back then Clementine had a lot of stuff: -Most of the stuff were in JP Words and we couldn’t understand them. -US Players finally got to see JP Content thanks to that. -Tons of S Rank Weapons where in Shops -My Rooms weren’t working (That’s s con) -We didn’t have the PA Fragment Skill Exchange Missions so the Photon Discs from those Missions had to be sold at Manufacture shops. -Rare Missions didn’t have to be earn and we didn’t have to win them! And that was the Nostalgic age of Clementine
  18. Chapter 4 is work on progress right now!
  19. Chapter 1:The Return of the SEED It’s been many years since the SEED has been perished. But it then reappeared by landing into the Linear Line. How will Ramel and his friends stop the Spread of the SEED. Chapter 2:Plantation Fields Ramel and the rest of the gang start their field training in Parum. And they find themselves against a bunch of Native Creatures in Raffon Meadow Chapter 3:RELICS Discovery Ramel Nole Tryce and Ovieve find themselves in the Raffon RELICS Site and a mysterious villain suddenly appear. Chapter 4:The COG Mystery There’s been an infection in the Mizuraki C.D on Neudaiz. Ramel and the team decides to investigate while on their Training Mission. Chapter 5:Into the Sands The mysterious villain was spotted somewhere on Moatoob, and it’s up to Ramel and his friends to investigate the mysterious villain. They also learn about the Endrum Collective. Chapter 6:Photon Disease Ramel and his friends find themselves in a closed off area of the Habriao F.D. And a Photon disease is spreading there infecting Native Creatures Chapter 7:The Ice Caves Ramel and his friends find themselves in an Anicent Ice Cave known as Granigs Mine in the Northern Content. But suddenly Howzer and the Mysterious Villain was also there to spreading the IIIuminus to awaken an ancient Native Creature. But then find themselves in a Facility. Chapter 8:Submerged Ruins The Endrum Collective is planning an attack on the Seabed Plant and it’s up to Ramel and the others to stop them! And they also have to protect a RELICS Site near the Denes Lake. Chapter 9:The Suspecious Canyon Many Miners in the Galenigare Mine are at risk and they keep disappearing one after and another. Chapter 10:The End of Rogues The Rogues are planning to take over the Train in Parum. Can Ramel and friends stop the Rogues? Chapter 11:The COG Truth It’s the Holy Light Festa but things get quite messy as the population of the Sacred Grounds are in trouble. And a Dangerous RELICS Site too! Chapter 12:Light Side of the COG after pursuing the Mysterious Villain the team heads to A Temple full of Machines that are heading towards Saguraki C.D. Chapter 13:Gate Defenders The AMF are at risk as there’s violent creatures planning to damage a facility near the West Kugu Desert Chapter 14:Abandoned Metropolis Ramel and friends are trapped at a Ruins near Parum! Chapter 15:Mother’s Risk The AMF Soldiers are out of control The Guardians have tried Vaccines but none of them didn’t work and they were brainwashed by Mother Brain. Can Ramel and friends stop Mother Brain Chapter 16:A Whole New World (Part 1) A HIVE has appeared in the Galaxy. Destroying the HIVE could mean the SEED could disappear…. But wait… Chapter 17:A Whole New World (Part 2) After destroying the HIVE. Ramel and his friends head on over to Rykros. A planet sized HIVE to end Bastian’s plans. What’s and for all!!!! A New Generation: You heard that right there will be a series that will be a sequel to the 1st one called A New Generation here’s the Chapters Chapter 1:The Return Ramel and his friends reunite in a Seabed RELICS. But unfortunately a disaster happened. What will happen to Ramel and Friends Chapter 2:Tropical Feeling Ramel and his friends find themselves in a protected region known as Crodog. But unfortunately many creatures are in the way Chapter 3:The AMF’s Counterattack an AMF Base has been constructed in a Seabed Plant, but a Reol Badia has gone haywire. Will Ramel and the others stop it?! Chapter 4:Skyclad’s Trip The Saguraki C.D is being attacked by leftovers of Native Creatures? And the Temple??? Hmmm.. Chapter 5:Absolute Zero A Snowstorm has been appearing in a tundra in Moatoob. Will Ramel and his friends surrive it? Chapter 6:Rykro’s Secret The Heroes have founded a VR battle simulator device on Rykros. Chapter 7:Spore Recovery The Habriao F.D’s Photon Decease is much stronger then usual! Chapter 8:Helga! Unleash yourself!! Ramel and his friends try to defeat the SEED-Helga but they are way outmatched for her. Chapter 9:Til We Meet Again! A Castle in Neudaiz to challenge the most powerful Guardians. Ramel learns about the Sun King and decides to defeat it to end the chaos!
  20. Episode 1: -It has Story Missions that you only play once. And you also play as Ethan. -You get Items Weapons and Line Shields everytime you S Rank a Mission. -The Weapon Proficiencies are different since Hunter Ranger and Force are the only types in Story and Extra Mode since theirs no Expert Types (Hunters can equip Riffles Rangers can equip Wands etc.) also Weapons that are exclusive to Expert Types are available to the 3 basic types in this mode since Expert Types don’t exist. -The Free Missions from Story and Extra Mode are different than the Free Missions from Network Mode as they are based on Trials from certain Chapters of the Story Mission. -Cards and Axes cannot be obtained in Story Mode (Episode 1) -S Rank Weapons can be brought in shops while tons of B Rank Weapons can be brought in the Weapon Shop in Cylez City. Episode 2: -It has Story Missions that can be accessed in the 5th floor of G Colony and can be played at anytime. -Most of the Free Missions from Network Mode are absent in Episode 2 Story Mode. -S Rank Weapons can be brought in shops while tons of B Rank Weapons can be brought in the Weapon Shop in Cylez City. -All the Photon Arts that are available in the License PA Exchange Missions are available at their respective planet the License PA Exchange Missions is in the GRM Shop Tenora Works Shop and Yohmei Shop and some of them in GRD-AS. -The Weapon Proficiencies are different since Hunter Ranger and Force are the only types in Story and Extra Mode since theirs no Expert Types (Hunters can equip Riffles Rangers can equip Wands etc.) also Weapons that are exclusive to Expert Types are available to the 3 basic types in this mode since Expert Types don’t exist. -EX Traps are usable by all types since Protranser is unavailable in Story Mode.
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