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  1. Can you add Doors of Subspace except add the enemies that weren’t in Doors of Subspace: Polty (Both Lightning And Fire) Fire Polavohra All Humanoids All Seed-Forms All Rare Enemies and missing Elements for Enemies in this mission And other missing enemies and make it up to 1-6 party members.
  2. Make a mission with Rappy Amure and other Event Rappies and Jaggo on certain days
  3. Oh I had an idea I spoke with Cash I was wondering if you add a mission editor in game Just like in PSP2i here’s how it goes First talk to your partner machine and select mission editor Select a lobby you want the mission to start Then select the Lobby you want at the end In VR Mode you can do routes Now select the number of Blocks You can even rename Blocks Example:Block 1-Light Room Select Enemies (If an Enemy has 1 or 2 more elements You can change it) Select Rare Enemies that have a chance to spawn. Select a boss to appear at the end. Select an end lobby after that type your mission title. and type the trial! And publish your mission! You can delete your Mission too. Thats all!
  4. It’s the end of August Are you going to release it?
  5. It’s mid August are you gonna release it now?
  6. Wow No Ohtori Encampent this and Partner Card npcs will be on the launch..... Also can you add Castle of Monsters?
  7. What no Partner Cards for Launch. This is a Joke.
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