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  1. Remember when Bladed Legacy played a different music when you fought Magashi but what if other Missions with a Mini Boss at the end played Z.C Enemy? Z.C Enemy 1:Fight for Food,The Black Nest,AMF HQ Recovery,Military Subway,The Mad Beasts,Sakura Blast,Flowery Pursuit,Citadel of Sand,Valley of Carnage,Mine Defense,Lonely Laboratory. Z.C Enemy 2:Dark Satellite,Sleeping Warriors,Train Rescue,Endrum Remnants,Sunken Shrine,Sacred Stream,The Holy Ground,Dancing Birds. Violent:Scarred Planet,Lightning Beasts,
  2. So remember when Cost of Research became a Free Mission. Well for some reason Clementine decided to remain it a Co Op Mission on their servers.(Same with Crimson Beast) Dark Satellite SEED Awakened are still the same. Also Mine Defense SEGA decided to change the Enemies Fire Vanda’s no longer spawn and Ground Vanda’s spawn instead and Bil De Vear and Navals are added to the Mission. And the Holy Ground also got updated where Sageeta got added and Lutus Jigga no longer spawns here. And Lab Recovery addded Koltova and Distova to the Mission. Don’t know if this is possible but Clementine can you make Cost of Research Soloable just like the actual servers??
  3. You’re probably right. It would be cool to see these PSP2I Enemies and Bosses in action on PSU plus Humans And Newmans got their own Level 20+ ability called Mirage Blasts if this was added then CASTS are gonna be back using SUV Weapons Exclusively. There’s also a new race called Deuman and has a different blast depending on the type. And Beasts also got 2 new Nanoblast forms (Zavn Val and Gavri Val) but the 2 new Nanoblast’s has the chance to become Beserk (Making it Black) as well as a new type called Vanguard. So it’s probably unknown if the New Bosses/Enemies Mirage Blasts the Deuman race new Nanoblast forms Vanguard Infinity Blast as well as the Dodge and Guard command will all be functional to be put in PSU Clementine Although I did see a video of Sinow Beat/Gold Astark Sand Rappy Flam Blume and Rappy Machima functioning in PSU.
  4. Why no? I think because it’s impossible to import the Enemy models and Bosses and the areas to Clementine.
  5. So yeah Phantasy Star Universe had added many Areas Weapons Clothes/Parts from Phantasy Star Portable Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity but for unknown reasons they never added new Mobs Here’s the new bosses that debuted: Bil De Golus -Azn’gom Gijn’gom -Dark Falz Dios -Dol Vaveer -Dragon -Duga Dunga -Dyla Bravas -Faz’ntar Seg’ntar -Giel Zohg -Olga Flow (Both Forms) -Orga Spritos -Orga Angelus -Orga Anatasis -Orga Dyran (It will be a Rare boss in Missions that doesn’t have a Boss like it does in Portable 2) -Reol Badia -Yaoroz -Volna Gravka And Enemies: -Astark -Bola Vreema -Evil Shark -Flan Blume -Guil Shark -Jaggo Rizona -Jeris -Pal Shark -Stingee -Walmus -Bag Degga -Barbarous Wolf -Dago Gujeri -Koko Melodda -Lu Duggo -Mog Boggo -Nano Dragon -Nar Lilly -Poison Lilly -Rappy Rizona -Sand Rappy -Vegga -Zauzza (Appears along with Golus) -Dakamazli -Danoamaz -Gol Lily -Gonan -Goran-Garan -Mil Lilly -Mulnuha -Rappy Go Lucky -Zelumon -Guardians Rosk -Guardians Rosta -III Gill -Little Wing Rosk -Little Wing Rosta -Mini Rappy -Special Ops-Sparda -Baranz -Bunari Kou-3 -Finjer B -Finjer G -Finjer R -Flavit B1 -Garanz -Gravit S7 -Rappy Machima -Sinow Beat -Sinow Gold -Chaos Bringer -Chaos Sorcerer -Dark Belra -Darvaguine -Delbiter -Indi Belra -Jedein -Vorgadillan -Zoldillan -Blade Mother -Brigantia -Force Mother -Ivaras -Nargevahl -Ob Lilly -Shot Mother -Tavalus -Valiaran -Vulgatus Other: -Heaven’s Mother -Kasch Tribesman -Nagisa -SEED-Helga -Shizuru -Vivienne So those are all the Enemies that debuted in Phantasy Star Portable 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (Most of them first appeared on Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II and Blue Burst) And is it possible to add these Enemies and Bosses to Clementine?
  6. I feel like JP Missions should’ve been Translated. Rising Malice:Revolting Spite Mechanical Ghosts:Ghost Mechanics Fantasic Voyage:Remarkable Excursion Evacuation Route:Fleeing Route Beach Bum Beast:Resort of Mortal Sunken Shrine:Undersea Ruins Aquatic Mama:Electro Foundation Two Headed Ruins:Dicephalous Burning Ravage Robotanical Gardens:Machinery Woods Sinner’s Banquet:Forgotten Tower Castle of Monsters:Beasts in the Fortress Hooligan Hideout:Ruins of Thieves Lode Runners:Labyrinth Tunnel Snowcap Streamer:Snowy Viper Red Hot Jungle:Burning Jungle
  7. Parum Creatures: Badira:Normal Badira (Lightning):Electric Go Bajilla:Normal Go Bajilla (Lightning):Electric Polty:Normal Vahra/Go Vahra:Normal Vahra/Go Vahra (Fire):Fire Volfu:Normal/Fighting Koltova:Normal Distova:Normal Distova (Lightning):Electric Golmoro:Normal/Fighting Shagreece:Fire/Flying Bal Soza (Red Cane):Electric/Psychic Bal Soza (Blue Cane):Ice/Psychic Mizura:Bug/Poison Jarba:Dark/Ice Jarba (Lightning):Electric Polavohra:Ground/Fighting Gainozeros:Electric/Fighting Grass Assasin:Bug/Fighting Gol Dolva:Normal Gol Dolva (Fire Contamination):Fire De Ragan:Fire/Flying De Ragnus:Fire/Ice Neudaiz Creatures: Ageeta:Ice Ageeta (Fire):Fire Ageeta (Light):Psychic Sageeta:Ice Sageeta (Light):Psychic Sageeta (Fire):Fire Gohmon/Olgohmon:Ice/Fighting Gohmon/Olgohmon (Light):Psychic Gohmon/Olgohmon (Fire):Fire Booma:Normal Gobooma:Normal/Ground Jigobooma:Normal/Ice Ollaka:Poison/Ground Ollaka (Light):Psychic Ollaka (Ice):Ice Kakwane:Poison Kubetob:Fire/Flying Kubetob (Ice):Ice/Flying Goshin:Fire/Ground Goshin (Ice):Ice/Ground Goshin (Light):Psychic/Ground Komazli:Ice/Psychic Rappy Polec:Psychic/Flying Ubakrada:Ice/Fighting Ubakrada (Fire):Fire/Fighting Ubakrada (Light):Psychic/Fighting Kamatoze:Ice/Fighting Kamatoze (Light):Psychic/Electric Tengohg:Fire/Dragon Tengohg (Light):Psychic/Electric Tengohg (Ice):Ice/Dragon Kagajibari:Fairy Rappy Gugg:Normal/Flying Rappy Igg:Fairy/Flying Onmagoug:Fire/Flying Zoal Goug:Electric/Flying Alterazgohg:Psychic/Dark I will do more later.
  8. oh well we will see next update.
  9. Also I had no idea why Roar of Flamed you’re prohibited from Nanoblast and SUV Weapon usuage.
  10. So yeah it’s almost PSU’s 16th anniversary I think Clementine should do an update on that. Ohtori Encampment should be in difficulties. Easy:10+ Normal:40+ Hard:85+ Very Hard:125+ Super Hard:150+ Insane:175+ The Level requirements are the same In Roar of Flames (GAM) you now could use Nanoblast and SUV Weapon and deaths are aloud. And difficulties as well. New Missions: The Big Push (GAM) Charged Puzzle Freezing Woodlands Frozen Wastelands Tower of Eternal The last 3 are custom Mission and a Free Mission and new items! ————————— Freezing Woodlands Planet:Neudaiz (Kugo Hot Springs) Description:A Frigid disease is spreading over Mizuraki C.D, purify and defeat the altered Native Creatures Location:Mizuraki C.D (Ice Version) (Blocks 1-3) Enemies:Gohmon/Olgohmon (Ice),Ollaka (Ice),Goshin (Ice),Tengohg (Ice),Ubakrada (Ice),Kamatoze (Ice),Kubetob (Ice). Rare Enemy:Jigo Booma Boss:None —————————— Frozen Wastelands Planet:Moatoob (W.Kugu:Ajils Kugu) Description:The Native Creatures in the West Kugu Desert have been infected by the Ice contamination. Annihilate all creatures in the Desert before they reach the Ajils Kugu Oasis Location:West Kugu Desert (Ice Version) (Block 1-4) Enemies:Vanda/Vanda Merha (Ice),Drua Gohra (Ice),Bul Buna (Ice),Naval (Ice),Jishagara (Ice). Rare Enemy:Jaggo Boss:De Rol Le. —————————— Tower of Eternal Planet:Guardians Colony Description:A VR Simulation taking place on a Tower, test your skills to make it to the top. Location:Ohtori Castle (Eternal Tower labeled in description) (Floor 1-???) Enemies:All Enemies with every element they have. Rare Enemy:All Boss:None.
  11. Scorched Valley because I think doing the Fire Purification Missions where fun.
  12. Yeah here the Missions we don’t have yet: Rising Malice Mechanical Ghosts Evacuation Route The Egg Thieves Ruins in the Mist Lode Runners Charged Puzzle Roar of Flames (Permanent version) Plains Overload/R Demons Above/R Desert Terror/R The Holy Ground/R Unsafe Passage/R Sacred Stream/R World of Illusion/R Bladed Legacy/R The Black Nest/R Lightning Beasts/R Protectors ε (Permanent) Legacy of Light Entrusted Defense RELICS Preservation The Eternal Cycle MAG (Permanent Version) Program DF (Permanent Version) Heaven,Earth,Man Fork in the Road Security Breach New Challengers Her Secret Mission The Comeback Temple of Traps Bruce’s Dungeon All Story and Side Story Missions Scorched Valley (Guardians Chronicles Version Protectors λ Explosive Area Star Camp Prize Hunt SEED-Form Purge Here’s all the missing Missions currently not in Clementine
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