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  1. The grinding system is one of the biggest flaw PSU ever have imo. There is other ways to make it 10/.10 feel special without feel to break a weapon to lose the full potential. RNG is a bitch but theres nothing you can do it about it and hope you get really lucky. Hows it feel hunting a very tough drop from S4 for example and manage to find a Cursed Dark Flow with 45%+ elements and then later started to break? I will literally feel very discouraged and probably take a long break from PSU to calm my head after that bullshit RNG. PSO2 made the grinding system soo much better and helping outdated
  2. Are you high? There was literally 2 events that have exp boost, theres not“many” you speak of and peoples were complaining lately for having hard time leveling to the cap too do newer content due to barely any low level groups. most population was doing new content.
  3. Yes, the first clementine event just started since yesterday at the Kugo hot springs on neudaiz Its call Subzero outbreak
  4. Hi Lonnie, PA fragment exchange mission is not available atm but once its available then you can obtain from there like you usually do from the original server.
  5. Uhhh sorry to tell yall but I feel like this topic shouldn't be clementine server discussion. Don't get me wrong I take this covid-19 very serious.I been avoiding the news and I just keep living my life by moving foward. We going have live with the virus for a long time, might as well sit tight and try your best to stay safe as much as possible. Im sorry interrupted this discussion. It be better this move in Other > Miscellaneous. Stay safe guys
  6. Thank you for this para! It feel so nice using this button icon again. NOSTALGIA
  7. Heres my top 5 favorite weapons + power i guess? 1. (Sword) Cursed Dark Flow - PA boost 20% 2. (Sword) Zanba 3. (Twin saber) Twin Cannon 4. (Sword) Kokuintou Houzuki - HP Affect pwr LV3 5. (Twin claw) Twin Falclaw
  8. Oh I don’t know if you heard this word but “Can you stop rushing the clementine team” such a impatient person. If it get delay then it got delay. Shit happen during development and you have understand that.
  9. Character #1: Killroy99 - Human - Fortefighter,Acrofighter,Fighmaster,Protranser. I main protranser all the way to LV180 and experience GAS (Guardian advanced style) as a protranser. Character #2: Killroy LK909 - Cast - Fighmaster
  10. This is amazing! Outstanding job clementine team. I am looking forward for more development post in the future. Thank you for this!
  11. Well theres another thing you missing in this post. You didn't list the pros and the cons. The team been talking about that not to long ago about the basic types situation and imo they shouldn't be remove due too beginner gameplay. It just feels weird not having them since they gate keeper to other types. Another thing... you should do a poll vote just like how AG suggestion post was made.
  12. Sorry the client can't add anymore classes since it reach the limit which is 16. Acrogunner took the last spot.
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