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  1. I will be collab with Valen on his upscale project. We are doing amazing job upscaling or recreating texture to make more HDish. Falz 2 arena was excellent job from Gotanks. MORE STUFF TO COME! Next update will be added the Fakis 2 Arena!
  2. This is fucking amazing. I had never seen Guardian colony looking good clean. PSU can be HD soon! Keep up good work valen!
  3. Bumped. Added Xbox 360, Fixed PS2 button icon, Nintendo switch pro controller, PSP/Black and white PS icon
  4. Bumped. Added PS2 button icon link for download. Enjoy! I will add a PSP/PS3/PS4 color variance for the button later.
  5. Its literally a Texture based mod. I don't touch none of those stuff. I only edited the texture
  6. Uhh this is a Texture mod not a resolution mod. This is not right place to ask that type of question lol. Also im pretty sure you can play this at 1080p and 1440p Custom resolution is in the launcher
  7. Hello and welcome! I have finally got a chance to release this UI for the public! I been working on this for like 2 months the max. Its been a up and down project for me since due to my limited time i have but I manage to get it in a release state. This UI is still not done but im going take a short break from it. If you have some suggestion then feel free to DM me here or discord. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/s18qevn6b1az27g/PSU_Modernize_UI_Xbox_one.zip/file XBOX ONE BUTTON ICON V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aif8b0swq8oifb7/PSU_Modernize_UI_PS2.zip/file PS2 BUTTON ICON V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xayg5akbecfmob9/PSU_Modernize_UI_PSP_Icon.zip/file PSP/Black and white PS Button ICON V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6i9et62igh7z38y/PSU_Modernize_UI_Xbox_360.zip/file XBOX 360 Button Icon V1.01 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/31qj6066lan1kjo/PSU_Modernize_UI_Nintendo_Switch_Pro_controller.zip/file Nintendo Switch Pro controller button icon V1.01 CREDITS: Agrajag/Shadowth117 - PSU Parser Tool Parallaxed - Xbox 360 HUD template.Xbox 360 button icon Lt. Plebberoni - PS2 HUD template EvilMag - Button suggestion. TESTERS: Bando,Seority,HzE,TaKai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE NOTES Version 1.01 Added file 1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current Issues: SUV Animation bar have a slight graphical glitch. Will fix it another time WARNING: PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP FOR A FILE CALLED "866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2" IF YOU WANT TO RETURN USING THE ORIGINAL UI. How to use it. 1. Drag the 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2 and 1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775 file to your PSU clementine DATA FOLDER 2. Click Replace the file in the destination 3. Click Clementine launcher and start playing it! PREVIEW: Party/Character HP,LV, Buff HUD Xbox one button icon PS2 Button icon. PSP/Black and white PS button icon Xbox 360 Button Icon Nintendo Switch Pro controller button icon Damage number font. (Currently use KINGDOM HEARTS III In game font) Ranks icon,Element icon, Weapon type icon Item Icon. Color matching the item shop Lineshield/Unit icon. Color matching the armor shop Clothes icon, Color icon,Rarity icon Synthesis icon. Coloring matching the Synth shop Keycard
  8. Enemies on S2 dieing really fast tbh lol. AT buff is overkill. The trade off is for enemies to do more damage to us if you have right elements armor to take less damage. If you miss a limited time event then im sorry you miss it. You can get these item from player shop or they re release these item as a drop in one of normal mission.
  9. Uhhh have you play the recent update that added next wave of S2? I have found so many of that weapon in S2 https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Robotanical_Gardens Thanks to the tier down drop system. Vijeri / resist is like 1m in the player shop lol. Not that hard to make a mil If you participate the IC event and manage to find Pacifist, Catastrophe, Daylight scar Astral blade, or ticket weapon. you should be able to do fine at next S2 wave. Its not that hard if you fully gear up. TAs and efficient player able to solo just fine since they have correct gear. Casual player just want to play casual and chill talk in the lobby. Thats just how PSU ment to be play, I like this diffculty changes but it is not perfect because we are indeed taking damage similar to S3 and S4. Adjusting ATP/TP by little bit should be a fine spot. Honestly Im having fun time in clementine at this stage tbh lol.
  10. As a fighter main.. doing 0s in your last PA combo is sucks very bad for example gravity break,Dus majarra,Anga redda,etc. Its frustration and annoying at the sametime. TAs or efficient player get upset at this many times Im a Human Fortefighter with 589 ATA + using shijin set bonus and I still hit 0s. Yes I do understand our level difference is very big fighting Lv165+ at Lv119. This new direction of ATA should be comfortable for some people. Remeber we are not at the part to follow the original server way. The original server ATA difference that you barely hit 0s but then our level difference was lesser then enemy. We out level them by alot back then. Either way I don't like hitting 0s
  11. Hey this your favorite HUmar speaking! finally getting a chance to give a feedback about what I feel about clementine now and the changes that I am looking foward to come in the future and the bad stuff I don't want to see it happen. Alright this going be long post but lets start it off. 2020-2021 Clementine After all my journey playing PSU and learning more about the game everyday, this server taught me a lot about outcome for each perspective category. Missions/Lobbies, Grinding system, Drops, Progression wise,Types Missions/Lobbies PSU Mission design was interesting in most phantasy star game because Im free to do any particular missions too spam many times for grinding for EXP or, MP of course Drops, if the mission have the drops that people need it for move up with progression. Peoples will get tired doing same mission over and over again the content will get dried up quick and its understandable because you are finding the drops you need. I want missions to have their own purpose to do them but some people dislike how the mission was design by SEGA due to annoying enemies or long travel that is look like a walking simulator or require co-op too press buttons to move foward to the mission. Custom mission would be excellent to bring new stuff in the table and making the game engaging enough to get peoples staying. PSU Normal mission was not thought upon on SEGA that well because they were heavily focus on events due to being so interactive with alot of people in the lobby but thats where lobby system comes in as well. Too many lobbies but thats what make PSU unique because of many scenery lobbies that peoples intend to hangout or next lobbies after each mission takes you to a new area to find new missions. Now if we can add more lobbies for more exploration around Gurhal system then it be really unique experience to add more custom mission on the table more possible new drops or old drops to be obtain. But I don't want this to happen now or sooner since I want original content that include missing JP/360 mission to be played first so we can move up first "Custom Content" for the future of clementine. Conclusion for Missions/Lobbies: PSU missions had a flaw atm to keep peoples engaging enough or spreading them out doing different mission but we can change to make other lobbies feel less empty. We shall see! Grinding System Oh boy where to start. This is biggest and most hot topic of all Clementine history. Honestly no matter what you do or changing the grinding system there will be peoples complain about it all the time. Original grinding system that most people hate seeing there beloved weapon that they work hard to find a 45%+ element and suddley break due to bullshit RNG. RIP Edel Arrow 4/6 Account bound weapon was rough. We have people love this system because of risk and reward model which im not a huge fan of but I can see people have crazy luck getting 10/10 but breaking a weapon just discourage me and not want me to play rest of that day due to feeling angry for working hard doing this amount of runs to get weapon element % I needed and sooner or later it breaks.. Fuck that and no I don't care about economy since we don't have healthy one when peoples undercutting each other everyday when hot new items comes out. Current grinding system that I am enjoying atm and making me feel less stressful to grind a weapon without breaking however I seen people frustration about it because they don't want to sit in grind a weapon for 3-5 hrs straight which I already witness. Its annoying and I get that its not a perfect condition but its better not deal RNG. My only issues with this system is Grinder Base A/S is not dropping alot and we need alot more grinders that I anticipated. Copernia and Olpad during the IC event was SUPER helpful but grinder base A/S just wasn't dropping alot imo. Now I am comfortable with this system but RNG is a bitch and breaking 9 > 10 so many times is very annoying. Adjusting the S+8,9,10 success rate just a little bit might help ease the problem. The grind boost help that but not that much. I know argument is "Oh i don't want grinding system be EZ 10/10 HUR DUR LET ME FLEX THIS SHIET" Look I don't care people have 10/10 but if you want make 10/10 hard to then its fine the way it is but you'll have to supply us more grinder base A/S and copernia/olpad like ALOT. Also lowering the cost of Grinder S board in the shop as well. Conclusion of Grinding System: At the end of the day there is no right or wrong with the grinding system. You have to follow what the majority of the community wants and just go with that direction. You're not going to please everyone in this topic. this is a endless tired battle and there is no end to it. I am happy the grinding system is at without breaking of course but its not a perfect state there some stuff needs some tweaking imo. Drops Oh beloved it R.A.R.E D.R.O.P (PSO2 Rare drop music Ha GET IT!?) another juicy topic that everyone talk about everyday of successful and failure. Time to dive down My luck is not that good most of time and I sometime get discourage about it when my friends found a SR drops. IC events was a both success and failure to me dropwise. I have play the event so many times and I don't got any SR drops from it. I want the BIC (Best in slot) drop to be tougher not TOO tough, so i can feel well rewarded for doing those amount of runs since im no quitter but those drops will get outdated fast and thats a problem we dealing in clementine. IC drops for normal and SR didn't outdated that much and I was able to use the gear I got from it to do newer content just fine. If we do continue that path then we won't see some useful weapon/unit/armor getting outdated. Beekeeper set for example is still good to handle upcoming content just fine due to the nice set bonus that was given. I be okay if it gets outdated maybe 2-3 content updates but that won't be case since we are getting close to S3 and soon to S4. PA boosted weapon going come out it will determine how well the item can stay valuable at end game. We shall see. Doing the new S2 missions and able to find SR drop was great and and I have no complaint but I never gave up to find Shijin or Ouryu (Even tho my RNG went crazy and manage to drop me one on the first day by doing 3 days fucking RNG man ha.) Current drops how it handle with striking weapon element % to 30-50 is nice and I like how it is. The New S2 waves shed some light on the regular drops for player able to gear up quickly to stay up ahead to be prepare for next content. I do agree 50% needs to be little tough because once you get full pallete set of this weapon with 50% then you pretty much done with content or you can move up to the next mission to find drops to sell them in the player market for some meseta to keep you interested enough in this content but Prototype system help with the people continue grinding that same mission that they find there 50% from but they can continue too improve more to be heavy on mix/max situation like getting a DA/NV/AR,etc for each weapons Conclusion for Drops: Drops: is a up and down for many situation and this is not topic to please everyone. Peoples get super lucky or don't get anything for couple days or week but thats RNG and theres nothing to do about that. I have limited free time on week days due to work and I manage to keep up with my gears I have found while playing 4-6 hrs by almost playing everyday but I get it theres people plays other game that interested them but thats how gaming goes now and days. Progression Wise The Early game so far is very struggle on new players and of course returning players. Early game players will have hard time finding a party due to most of the population at the Level cap. Mid game is still currently going and had no problem gearing and progressing End game has not started. Conclusion for Progression Wise: Only problem we facing is the early game and keeping new player that is new PSU or phantasy star series that is having hard time knowing what to do as soon they land on the first floor. Types I can't say much on this topic as well since I been only playing Fortefighter and Fighmaster and so far i am enjoying the balance change that is made for these type. I have not experience original server balance that much I only play Acrofighter a little bit but switch to Protranser and max with full GAS. I need to experiment more types to see which fit my play style but that will happen in the future but for now I am enjoying the balance but I will come back to this topic in the forseenable future once I try other types out. Conclusion for Types: I can't say much yet until we reach end game and getting rest of the JP PAs to know how other expert types/master type will able to compete. Conclusion So far I do enjoy clementine atm but we can still do better to make better modernize PSU since we no longer following original way. Clementine can be in his own thing with the peoples feedback to able too move foward! CLEM4lyfe yo! Phew thanks reading my feedback for these category I will be doing short words for the changes that I voted here that I like and what I don't like. WHAT I LIKE! The Level Cap will go to 180, or Level Cap updates will drop as full difficulty tiers - I am okay with this that means we don't have to deal with dripfeeding content and the team can feel relax and don't have to worry about content for months. It best do weekly maintenance to fix bugs or quick changes The Experience boost for new characters would be raised between 100-200% - Yes I will be happy to create a new character! Starting new character takes alot of motivation to start a new journey B rank Enemies would reward more Experience than C Rank. - Yes I would be happy this since B rank feel lackluster Increased MP Payout by 50% - Eh this is up and down for me but if it helps people getting there Section IDs wings decent pace from each type then by all means lol. Supplementary Drops! Ta-da~ - I would like to see this was well! Here’s a really nutty idea for Grinding and Prototypes. - 15/15 Protoypes weapon with customizable option give me! I know this might be backfire on because will just bascially use ATP+ grinder only for more power into it but probably needs some touch up on this subject. The Upgrade Device - If you really want the old grinding system back for this system then I be fine with that as long I can repair my weapon then I be happy returning this way. GC Currency is very nice touch to get rewarded. (not IRL money) Grinding - I be okay with this way when The upgrade device comes in. Meseta Sink - Yes Please so i can use my meseta more often! (even tho im not that rich :"L ) A funny mechanic called Attack Accuracy - Yes i be okay with this idea as long that 0s IS OUTTA MY FACE. Restricted Lobby access really isn’t helping anything - Unlock all the lobbies Equipment Title Rewards for reaching a certain level milestone - I would like this as well. Bad “Timed Quest” smells - Yes this is mission spotlight feature I like to see. EMERGENCY MISSION! lmao im kidding Dealing with Item Flooding - I think this direction with drop would be a huge deal breaker for more rewards with less RNG involve. General Challenges - I do want to see some challenge close to end game or the Challenge mode we been waiting for. Extended Missions - I do want to see this type of mission! Very helpful NPCs that hold nothing but the knowledge - Yes. Increase the probability of rare missions - It need some adjustment! What I don't like! Removal of the enemy tagging requirement for experience, with the intention of improving party play - It will cause more leechers. Dying would no longer lower the mission's clear ranking. - Dieing will be useless and scapedoll/moon is useless I think thats all of it! I will edit this if I miss something but yea hopefully this help out to the clementine team! I apologize for the long post it took me awhile to see how will approach to this matter
  12. Protector K was up as valentine event. We don't know when it will come back. Photon Booster located in Forest Infiltration S2 Grove of Fanatics S2 https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Photon_Booster
  13. No thanks. Grinding system feels good to me. Im not going deal dumb RNG to break the weapon that i find with good 45+ % elements. i don’t care if people get 10/10 tbh, Risk and reward is just dumb imo
  14. The sonic birthday update have added the exp curve boost toggle. Type in /nosprinkles to turn it off. Thank you clementine team for all the welcome QoL stuff!
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