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  1. Bumped. New version is up. Patch note: Character HUD and Party HUD has been adjusted EXP MAX has been adjusted correctly (hopefully) Menu Icon has been adjusted Changes on the Button icon Color Adjustment on the PP Number font Added Traps icon. (not all of it)
  2. - INTRODUCTION- Welcome to another User interface project! I am your host.. the one and only HUmar! This is PSOBB version of the UI for PSU. It won't look exactly how it looks from PSO but due to limitation, this project became very complicated Im sorry I did my best I can! I hope you understand what I been through! For now enjoy the User interface! Please send me feedback in discord or any question related about the UI. Again thank you so much for supporting most of my project I had work on past couple years DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l421oh5tdpglcof/PSOBB+UI+V1.02.zip/file How to INSTALL the USER INTERFACE WARNING: PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP FOR A FILE CALLED "866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2" IF YOU WANT TO RETURN USING THE ORIGINAL UI. How to use it. 1. Drag the 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2 file to your PSU clementine DATA FOLDER 2. Click Replace the file in the destination CREDIT 1. ALERIAQUEEN - HD HUD asset 2. TESTER - LivingLit,LadyGoonic,Velyon,Lazuli 3. Agrajag/Shadowth117 - PSU Parser Tool PREVIEW
  3. Bumped VERSION 1.04 update notes Character HP Font change to KH Style Character LV Font change to KH Style Blast gauge bar got changed Added New grinding bar Added new partner card UI New first person shooting UI (BBS Shotlock) Change player gem NEW FILE ADDED 1b77ca32487ddd3944ec6ec3a7f05775 (Contains ???) Mini map icon
  4. Bumped. VERSION 1.03 update notes Character HP Font adjusted Highlighted bar adjusted Weapon palette RB Button icon adjusted Mini map icon change Online and offline status icon
  5. Welcome to Guardiiann... I mean Keyblade wielder! This is a 2nd UI project made for Phantasy Star Universe. This User Interface will continue getting update as well and it will depend ya'll feedback to make the UI even better! Please criticism only! Thank you for reading this and hope you enjoy using my mod for PSU! All UI element and resource are belong to Square Enix/Disney KINGDOM HEARTS UI ELEMENT included KINGDOM HEARTS KINGDOM HEARTS II KINGDOM HEARTS III KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP KINGDOM HEARTS DREAM DROP DISTANCE KINGDOM HEARTS RE CHAIN OF MEMORIES KINGDOM HEARTS MELODY OF MEMORY CUSTOM KH STYLE WARNING: PLEASE HAVE A BACK UP FOR A FILE CALLED "866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2" IF YOU WANT TO RETURN USING THE ORIGINAL UI. How to use it. 1. Drag the 866846b780cb87bcd54430c245e1f5e2 file to your PSU clementine DATA FOLDER 2. Click Replace the file in the destination 3. Click Clementine launcher and start playing it! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m7ives5bae3zdk2/KH+UI+V1.04.zip/file [LASTEST VERSION] Xbox button Icon V1.04 https://www.mediafire.com/file/mkevmdvpde4a3ci/KH+UI+Rainbow.zip/file Xbox Button ICON V1.02 CREDITS: TESTER: Wiz ,Lt. Plebberoni ,Oddity 2. UI Resource: SQUARE ENIX/ DISNEY 3. Agrajag/Shadowth117 - PSU Parser Tool PREVIEW Character HP/LEVEL/Number Font 2. Menu/Inventory/Ranks/Weapon type icon/Item/Lineshield/Unit/Synthesis 3. Weapon palette
  6. Bumped! Sorry it took awhile but I did some changes but not too big. Patch note: V2.06 - Adjusted some Status effect Icon - Changes on Character HP bar - Changes on Elemental icon - Highlighted menu is green - Change player gem color texture - Did some changes inside the parser, so hopefully it look any difference? So far thats it for now. Its not final version but soon!
  7. Bumped. Another update again. Version 2.05 - Changes to LB,RB,RT,LT Left and right arrow icon - Changes D Pad icon - Highlight texture effect was adjusted - A adjustment changes to the Player color gem to look alot better - Added new Color icon for clothes - Changes to the weapon palette texture - Changes to the weapon palette selection effect color - Changes to LT notfication button icon - Added new icon for Locked,Auto Follow,Auto Run,Party - Changes on Partner card Priority icon - Changes color on the grinding bar - Changes on the unavailable icon
  8. DING I mean Bumped. UPDATE TIME! Added New version of the Modernize User Interface V2.04 Version 2.04 - Upscaled Menu Icon and New icon - Changes for SUV blast gauge Effect and Button prompt - Changes for Photon fortune star color (RAINBOW?) - Color adjustment to the Button Icon UI - Changes for Lobby action font - Changes for LT and RT font - Changes for Elemental icon - Changes for LEVEL UP font - Changes for Player online status under partner card List
  9. Bumped PSO Areas is Upscaled https://www.mediafire.com/file/bvsp6z4ws4rzcp4/PSO+AREAS+Upscaled.zip/file
  10. Bumped. Added Infected Caves Download and screenshot Preview
  11. Bumped. Added Seabed Relics screenshot
  12. Bumped. The HIVE Is Upscaled! MISSION AREAS DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0y3jlyz5f9tn1dj/HIVE_Upscaled.zip/file Seabed Relics Upscaled DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ob93evc548hia3b/Seabed_Relics_Upscaled.zip/file Infected Caves Upscaled https://www.mediafire.com/file/me1e038vhv8umso/Infected+CAVES+Upscaled.zip/file BOSSES ARENA Dulk Fakis 1 Arena is Upscaled DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ur8j2utix5cakxr/Dulk_Fakis_1_Arena_Upscaled.zip/file Adahna Degahna Arena DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g5jz9f553v3908n/Adahna+Degahna+Arena+Upscaled.zip/file De Ragan Arena DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p1coyxy6n6rpv49/De_Ragan_Arena_Upscaled.zip/file DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t2g9tq67kk9fa4x/De_Rol_Le_Arena_Upscaled.zip/file Magga's Arena DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bmoya3u22ys74p3/Magga's+Arena+and+Dimmaglous+Upscaled.zip/file
  13. Its probably asking for the other data file that contains the UI. I will add the other 2 file tomorrow. Feel free to DM me in discord if you have other question. Thank you for bringing this up
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