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  1. Bumped. Another update again. Version 2.05 - Changes to LB,RB,RT,LT Left and right arrow icon - Changes D Pad icon - Highlight texture effect was adjusted - A adjustment changes to the Player color gem to look alot better - Added new Color icon for clothes - Changes to the weapon palette texture - Changes to the weapon palette selection effect color - Changes to LT notfication button icon - Added new icon for Locked,Auto Follow,Auto Run,Party - Changes on Partner card Priority icon - Changes color on the grinding bar - Changes on the unavailable icon
  2. DING I mean Bumped. UPDATE TIME! Added New version of the Modernize User Interface V2.04 Version 2.04 - Upscaled Menu Icon and New icon - Changes for SUV blast gauge Effect and Button prompt - Changes for Photon fortune star color (RAINBOW?) - Color adjustment to the Button Icon UI - Changes for Lobby action font - Changes for LT and RT font - Changes for Elemental icon - Changes for LEVEL UP font - Changes for Player online status under partner card List
  3. Bumped PSO Areas is Upscaled https://www.mediafire.com/file/bvsp6z4ws4rzcp4/PSO+AREAS+Upscaled.zip/file
  4. Bumped. Added Infected Caves Download and screenshot Preview
  5. Bumped. Added Seabed Relics screenshot
  6. Bumped. The HIVE Is Upscaled! MISSION AREAS DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0y3jlyz5f9tn1dj/HIVE_Upscaled.zip/file Seabed Relics Upscaled DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ob93evc548hia3b/Seabed_Relics_Upscaled.zip/file Infected Caves Upscaled https://www.mediafire.com/file/me1e038vhv8umso/Infected+CAVES+Upscaled.zip/file BOSSES ARENA Dulk Fakis 1 Arena is Upscaled DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ur8j2utix5cakxr/Dulk_Fakis_1_Arena_Upscaled.zip/file Adahna Degahna Arena DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g5jz9f553v3908n/Adahna+Degahna+Arena+Upscaled.zip/file De Ragan Arena DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p1coyxy6n6rpv49/De_Ragan_Arena_Upscaled.zip/file DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/t2g9tq67kk9fa4x/De_Rol_Le_Arena_Upscaled.zip/file Magga's Arena DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bmoya3u22ys74p3/Magga's+Arena+and+Dimmaglous+Upscaled.zip/file
  7. Its probably asking for the other data file that contains the UI. I will add the other 2 file tomorrow. Feel free to DM me in discord if you have other question. Thank you for bringing this up
  8. Bumped. Hi I am part of the Upscaled project team. I have these 2 I been working on and its ready to be released to the public. https://www.mediafire.com/file/taq4n4vxiulwolc/Inherlt+Laboratory+Upscaled.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/6fhp46c6ult8g03/Mother_Brain_Arena_Upscaled.zip/file
  9. Bumped. Version 2.02 Added Here is the notes that is included in this version Version 2.02 - Upscaled font numbers - Color adjustment on the HP/LV character UI - Color adjustment on Striking weapon type icon - Changes EXP Font - Changes PA Disk icon - Color adjustment on lineshield/unit Icon - Changes on the X,Y Attack UI - Color adjustment on party Icon - Color Adjustment on Item Ranks (C,B,A,S) - Changes on Star rarity. PREVIEW: Upscaled number font comparsion OLD NEW HP/LV Character UI comparison OLD NEW
  10. Bumped. Added a new updated version V2.01 and Added UI Preview for V2. Nintendo switch V2 added
  11. I just want to say of my behalf.. This really hurts me seeing Marm like this because this man done soo much for clementine since 2014. I came into clementine scene around 2016 summer closed testing phase started to help the team. Marm is a really nice person and talk about passionate about the project where it want to go once he have most of stuff working. we have some hiccups in the past and im not going go much detail about it. I care for this man well being and i told him “Take the break you needed, you done too much for clem” Im glad he finally getting that chance that he needed. Now for the people that were involved with that cruel thing. Parallaxed: It shocking me to see this man did this type of stuff for money/greed. I never seen this coming because I thought he was nice person since he help alot with clementine over the years. I can’t believe this happen and it hurts me alot for actually doing this ultimate betrayal to marm. I trusted this man.. Flawless: I am not surprised at all because he literally one of biggest scumbag of all Phantasy star community he touch upon. A very Toxic player. I wish karma will strike back to him and failure to setup a PSU server. mil: He is toxic and does not care for the casual player/community feedback. He care for himself and for TAs. Soly: I can’t say much about this because i know soly for awhile in my time in ultima and help me alot with item lost. If he part of this mess then this is very disappointed because this man care about improving more on PSOBB QoL stuff. Conclusion: I will defend and support clementine no matter what. This server will always be the main hub of PSU. I wish a good luck on gnome,Kyu and rest of the clementine team to bring a brighter future for this server. I believe in them. Marm, if you reading this please take care yourself and if you need a friend talk too my DMs always open. You always be loved in clementine. Remember that! Without you then there will not be clementine. You the one revived one of our favorite Phantasy star game and we cannot thank you enough of your dedication you did to this server. Thank you so much!!
  12. I will be collab with Valen on his upscale project. We are doing amazing job upscaling or recreating texture to make more HDish. Falz 2 arena was excellent job from Gotanks. MORE STUFF TO COME! Next update will be added the Fakis 2 Arena!
  13. This is fucking amazing. I had never seen Guardian colony looking good clean. PSU can be HD soon! Keep up good work valen!
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