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  1. Killroy

    Mother Brain

    Mother Brain Boss AI is working and the mission Seed express is fully playable. It was added on June 5th Update. Added AI for Mother Brain. This is the first revision, and it's still a little buggy. I've done my best to research and have it act as it should, so I hope you can at least enjoy this fight once again. Additionally, the same AI is applied to Dulk Fakis (temporarily). *Copy and paste from the June 5th Update post.*
  2. http://www.psupedia.info/Types.html This contains all the information about types and bonuses. Human: They gain stat bonuses for the Fighgunner, Guntecher, Wartecher, Protranser, Acrofighter, and Acrotecher types. Beast: Gain stat bonuses for the Hunter and Fortefighter Types. Cast: They gain stat bonuses for the Ranger and Fortegunner types Newman: They gain stat bonuses as Force, Fortetecher, Guntecher, Wartecher, and Fighgunner types.
  3. Killroy

    Error 51

    Until marm able to get it back up but no ETA
  4. Killroy

    Error 51

    Login server is currently down atm.
  5. Pretty much yea if you not patience enough to wait until we reach that point then sorry to tell you. I want functionality first and get most of that annoying bug crushed as possible.
  6. Well im the guy who work on PAs changes in the past but Im not aloud to do any changes until marm gives me permission to do so. I really don't want to do bandaid fixes then later something happen gets worst for other classes and the cycle continue its just getting stressful for the clementine team imo
  7. As cyan said in the past in the clementine discord we are not that stage to do balance changes I honestly want to focus on functionality of the server like getting alot of stuff working first and finish the server then worried about balance after the developement. Its just alot of bugs need to be addressed first.
  8. Alright I take it serious this time. I can't make any judgement for MF because I never play it during this testing phase but I seen frustration from other players that seeing there damage was not good enough on a enemy have multiple hitboxes. We don't know how to activate limit break and raising up technic modifier that big might be little to much Gunmaster is amazing is what I saw but I notice some problem with laser bullet have strange width size and GM having grenade launcher that is making fun of FG Fighmaster... well I play this class and I am not using Dus skadd all the time however its LV50 but I have many other PAs I rather use to not be bland in someway or not get bored all the time with that PA. I know its amazing PA for alot of stuff but its just not how I play soo fuck FM meta. Only thing is Dus skadd is going get nerf in the future when we go PA balance phase
  9. Make sure to run admin on PSUC.exe
  10. It was posted in clementine discord. This will be a very long maintenance due to update being VERY BIG
  11. Thank you for these information! Gunner elemental bullet fix will make GM alot better.
  12. 5 would be too much imo. I rather have 3-2 which the one I voted from Dia scape doll thread.
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