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  1. This happened when trying version 1.13. From what I found after some quick searching, this may be linked to a debug version of visual studio. source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51437963/msvcp140d-dll-missing-is-there-a-way-around
  2. Solid, thank you very much. A thought, is it possible to tell Gnome Glasses the sorting order? If not can that be added? I had some Trimates dropped in B1, they were always at the top of my list. I'd much rather have old things at the bottom so it's easy to know what's new and in the now. If that's already possible and I missed it I apologize.
  3. Been goofin around with this for a bit. Thanks for this. Few things... I identified a problem. I doubt it's something that can be fixed, just putting it out there is all. I use 800 internal res to have a larger game UI so I can see healthbars and whatnot easier. 800 res + resizing the main game throws the gnome UI off. I need to make the window small to get accuracy, drag/resize the gnome UI elements as I want, then resize the main game window to a size I want after. Can we swap field order? Specifically, I don't care for star rarity as #1, I want names 1st to help save space. Can we set the size of a field? Specifically, I don't need the star rarity field to be so huge.
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