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  1. Ohhhh okay! Good to know it's not on my side! I'll definitely be watching for when it's up again, thank you for the reply and have a good day!
  2. I'm a new player that hasn't gotten to play the game yet and as I launch the game by using administrator on the PSUC.exe, I login with the correct username and password and start network play on server 1 and I get the words "Checking for new patch files" but for some reason it wont go past that. I tried the manual patch and the rewrite patch but can't get it to work, I tried using the PSUC.exe in the first place because the launcher kept giving me an error about the server not working or something and wouldn't start downloading. So I went in to the game files and checked the patch folder after I got stuck at the "Checking for new patch files" screen, I went to the Patch folder then through that to the Data folder and I'm not sure if both are supposed to be empty. But anyways, I'm about to give up and would definitely love for someone to help me through this so I can actually play the game. Thank you in advance.
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