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  1. I had feedback that confirms that the times would be very (too) hard to beat without the broken HPapwr of Brooding Requiem. I leave them a bit more (one week maybe), feel free try to beat them/redo them meanwhile.
  2. I think the GM with 60 bullets should finally overtake the FG. And 90 if the goal is to make it equal to the FM. edit : joke aside, why not.
  3. C & B weapons : no. A : yes. Top tiers A-rank weapons are equal to some 12 or 13* S rank (and even more) like Black Rebellion, Skull Ankh or Twin Dil Edge.
  4. It's because you dont play a lot, but the drop rate is good. Go see the player shop, in total there must be 100+ grinders. The problem comes from elsewhere. edit : not saying the drop rate is good for all grinders, maybe those of intermediate level (+4/+6 or +7) deserve a small boost rate.
  5. Alternative idea that seems even better : Remove the Weapon Repair and take away the "back to 0" if the grind fail. (Exemple my blackbull is 6/10, try to go 7, but it failed : the 6/10 became 6/9) 1) It dont break the design, and those really want a 10/10 will have to put the effort into it (but the effort without the frustration) means farming for another one. 2) The frustration of the failure will be mitigated by the fact that if I decide to grind my Cursed Dark Flow, I know anyway that the weapon will be more powerful, at least 3/3 or 4/4 if I use S+7 and above 3) Better economy : if I know I can make my weapon more powerful, see 2), then I would buy.
  6. The drop rates for grinders seems to be good. (according what we can see in shop) But the current system has (only ?) one problem: the price of Weapon Repair. It's a double frustration : having broken our weapons and having to redo everything but also paid twice (both grinders and WR). Increase the drop rates for grinders wont change that. I think this system is good, but you absolutely have to change prices for WR. Otherwise it will be counter productive and it will disgust people. My suggestion WR C : 25k WR B : 50k WR A : 1,5mil WR S : 3mil (which is already a lot for many, knowing that you have to pay the grinders again) These prices are more accurate, without it being easy to have 10/10. Just a lot less frustrating and more motivating for the players.
  7. there is an issue with infection SE (it display like it was level 4 on dark shot, but act like it was level 1) same seems to goes with zagenga, think it works like it was level 1 now.
  8. Some numbers (CAST/140/FG20/Cronos unit) Yak Zagenga 40 with 1hp (and Skull Ankh 8/8) 1900 per critical on pannons Yak Yoga 40 around 1500... It's probably not correct (or means Zagenga not worth it and need to be balanced)
  9. The nerf should not impact that mission too much : mobs are small levels, so at 140 we should not see too much difference. That said, sad to not have left the SE for the xbows and Yak Zagenga. Because it was too much op with Dus Skadd, not with that (and it was risky so there was a counterpart) Anyway, 24/08 : - HP affects Pwr SE has been lowered (to its normal state, apparently) Since I did some tests, I share : As CAST/140/FG20/Cronos unit : Yak Zagenga 40 with 1hp (and Skull Ankh 8/8) 1900 per critical on pannons Yak Yoga 40 around 1500... If its correct, Zagenga not really worth it anymore (on higher missions at least)
  10. @FB ice Like said above EQs is the worth thing than can happen here. And the addictive nature of random mechanics has to be found in the loot system. @Nhisso With the current system, no lifers / unemployed are already advantaged: simply because they are no lifers / unemployed lol someone who spends his life on the game will always have an advantage. Moreover, those system is better for everyone, the occasional player may be certain to run rare missions and compensate for his "delay". edit : and the 20gc are an exemple. We can go for 30gc, it must be reasonable (no life or not, it's not everyone who will spam 25 or 30 missions per day) + do you know what's the drop rate on those missions ?
  11. You right for currency, just forgot about GC. Also, the Rng will stay ofc but it wont be the only way to do all that.
  12. The second idea needs to be reworked. It is surely possible to avoid the RNG there too, for the rare map. The goal was also to have more diversity by having sort of rotating weekly (mini)event, but that another topic. Yes, everytime its possible (when a good idea comes up) I think we should always think to reduce the rng as much as possible (intelligently, always keeping in mind that we have to farm and invest to see the desired power) Also, I add an idea about grind (weapons affinities)
  13. Not directly related to recent update (22/08), but as events happen, I share an idea I had for a long time. In a game like this, the RNG must be the rule for the loot. But for the rest, is it really necessary? it's more frustrating for the player, and it makes a lot of people run away. I propose something stronger and more pleasant for the following mechanics, explaining how and why (will be updated time to time, if I have an idea about something) About rare missions : Suggestion : have the opportunity to buy them, with a special currency (provided for this purpose, I think its possible to make another one, since there is the custom Weapon Repair) How : At the end of a mission, at least S and above, and as a reward of a rank S (just like PA fragments) we could win one Clementine Coin (dont have other idea...) The price for C & B rare would be 5, 10 for A&S and 20 for S2 (as exemple, and I give these prices according the current loot we can have in) Ofc, everyone must pay. Why : - We know exactly what we have to do to make a rare mission. It takes time, but we have an horizon, we can have a goal to do a rare mission or two a week rather easily, playing a little every day for casual player. - there is a social dimension a little more interesting than selling the rare that we have once every 100 runs : as soon as you have enough money, you have to look for people who can afford to pay too. If you play with your bae, it can be the conclusion of a long run session, as a kind of reward that we are sure to have. About rare map : Suggestion : At least one day a week, all missions on a planet are automatically rare missions, with rotations. Exemple : first sunday of the month, all Parum missions = rare map for 24h. Seconde sunday, all Moatoob mission, etc. Why : - Same idea as before, less frustrating (+ it ends that awful mechanics of 6 players split for hunting one...) - it allows for more diversity, at least once a week - its like weekly event, which is always good for many things About grinding (weapon affinity) : Suggestion (maybe hard to do, I don't know) : Basically : the more you use a weapon, more you master it (waa). At level 10, the weapon is unbreakable. How : Many ways are possible. My thoughts : it works by level of enemy killed. Exemple for a rod : 1->2 : need to kill 500 ennemies. 2->3 : have to kill 750 ennemies (+750, not +250) 3->4, +1000... ... 9->10 total of 100k (maybe its too high, dunno, but you have to deserve it) = the weapon is now unbreakable (you can fail at 9/10 100 times, but it will stay at 9/10) (we can also imagine small boost each level, why not +2% damage boost on PA when you reach level 5 with that weapon, +5% PA xp when you reach level 6 with that weapon also) There are gamedesign choices that were "good" (let say decent...) 15 years ago, not now. Do not hesisate to share your feels about it Thank you !
  14. I have the feeling that it comes from the grind itself. I do not feel like it works... Got the xbows Skull Ankh 8/8, and dont seems to deal much more than when it was at 0.
  15. This new spear seems powerful. Maybe too much ? Maybe even totally broken ? :< That's what I was told by some players. They also advised me to not add these times, others told me to add them : as you can see I prefer to add them. The game is still in beta and in these conditions, I prefer not to say this or that is good or not, since I am not a mod/dev. But they are also right to say that it could create unfair situations, so I would like to remind you that if someone complain that a time can't be beaten due to a major change (for example, HP affects power of the BR significantly reduced) then the time will be cleared. Let's leave it like this for the moment.
  16. Aelphasy / Cast / FG / lvl138 / TIME = (3:12)
  17. Times updated. No worries for missions that we forgot, just run them and they will be added. Will try the one you did this week end, don't even remember it lol Zagenga is indeed one of the best thing to do as gunner when soloing. Feel like GM is better for play in party, and FG better for solo play.
  18. That's really what you want ? Seems to me exaggerated. My solution is simply to redo our runs that will erase the previous ones, little by little. And as say BUT everytime we notice that the good time of someone is really unbeatable with the current "meta", the person will be contacted and his time will be deleted from the leaderboard: he will have to redo it. But if you want me to remove everything, it's not a problem. I will still wait for the opinion of others. Anyway from 22/08/19 (08/22/19) : - Level cap is now 140 - Grinders are now dropable in area drops (until synthesis working) - Bullets knockback are back (especially GL and rifles) - Some new items and weaps
  19. I thought stupidly that you were talking about clementine, my bad, I'm tired lol Anyway I think it's way overpriced 7.5 and 10 millions like said above. It will rather dissuade the players, and curb them to invest in grinders. Something like 2,5 and 5mil should be more reasonable.
  20. But when you think about it it's a good idea. The grinders will sell permanently, it will boost the economy and surely stabilize prices. When you need money for grinders, you don't undercut price too much, I think. We will see after a few days how it works. There's a beginning to everything ! And you'll be able to fix it in a few hours, I'm sure it's very emotionnal. Feeling all weird inside ?
  21. We will recognize the poor with their full pallet of 5/5 and 6/6. Cant wait to laugh at them.
  22. I would also like to see some FT/MF (it would be interesting to compare the times between classes), but I think they all wait for some boost Anyway I will update your time, but don't forget to specify the mission, your level, your class ... like that : Saru Kazashi/Cast/FF/135 Time = 5:03
  23. Unsafe Passage Aelphasy / Cast / FG / lvl135 / TIME = (3:30)
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