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  1. Just like some quit PSU og because of this or that... If we took the discord seriously, the game should be dead since at least 3 years. it's been 6 months since this person told that he quit soon, so its more a running gag.
  2. To be an economist is not only about understand models and systems : it's also to foresee and anticipate. It was easy to see that this grinding system would change, because there were already topics since 2017 in that direction. Think about it for your PhD, because it's a shame that you couldn't take this simple variable into account. Also, nothing in PSU is difficult. And the difficulty of a game is not based on having a frustrating RNG system. Think about it too, just in case you decide to have another PhD in gamedesign. I don't mean to sound rude, but you make up problems that aren't fundamentally.
  3. Don't see what could be the map/layout that is close to Noah (PS2 final dungeon). But something based on Bio-systems lab with MB at the end could works : Block 1 : Forest (Block 3 of Forest of Illusion, since the last part seems to go "underground", like the lab is hidden) by night (to make it different from the rare day time) Block 2 : Aquatic Mama Block 1 with the colors of AMF/Military Subway Block 3 : Sleeping Warriors last block, with grass instead of svaltus, colors of AMF/Military Subway Again, depend on how far we can custom colors, spawn, having different block from different planet mission, etc.
  4. Some ideas I have in mind : Solo missions (and "competitive" ? event only ? idk) : VR Guardians Challenge (random name, just focusing on the concept) - Larges ennemis only - Based on "futuristic"(to stick with the VR idea) maps so maybe Aquatic Mama B1 as B1(since room are enough big for larges) and Mines w/e the block as B2 and final block as Parum central (if that possible) but with swap color. Just some examples. - Idea is to have a mission that gather all differents large ennemies (or a good amount, maybe we can have two missions of that kind, like on PSO with MA1, MA2...) with drops at end only (dunno if the idea good, but the purpose is to avoid having a spam of it for specific large ennemie's loot and make other missions useless) - Competitive side : if event, something like MAG so based on numbers of kills. If regular, well maybe TA leaderboards ? But can be difficult since each type needs a separate lb... Tower of presumptuous name (ya know, Eternity, Infinity or w/e) - A lot of things are possible in terms of enemy or kind of scenery but key point is having a succession of small areas with few spawns in each, of 5-6 ennemies, no more. Could start with 3 badiras in the first floor, and ends with 2 jarbas for exemple - The particularity of the mission (and the interest, but the concept could be used elsewhere) is there is no difficulties. A lv1 newman force 1 can play it. The key point is to measure your overall progress. Let say, if the tower is 30 floors, 1-4 are C floors, 5-9 B floors... and it ends with S2 (with the current state of the game, ofc it has to be dynamic but you get it). Let say we are at an endgame state, so the final floor could be lv200 ennemies with custom speed increase and/or various affix - Many things are possible in terms of reward : pre-made loot at the end or at each stage (like floor 10 = 2x meseta boost tickets + 400k and/or one good beginner weapon...) and it could be reseted each month, 12x in a year you have a personnal challenge to do AND that could possibly motive you to spend money and not let the market dying (right ? ;) ) - It has to be difficult, at least in the last floors, otherwise it will kill the purpose of it... - Competitive side is same as above but if like only a few cleared it, maybe not TA lb but just a "how far you can go", reseted monthly aswell. New rares missions : The Golden Ark - Based on Holy Ground map (or any relics, but dunno how far you can customize the color) could be nice to have something, well, shiny/goldy ? - Mesetas drops ONLY both foes and boxes. With a boost, like +1000% (or +750%, 1500%... idk, this have to be set accordingly to the current economy, what are the money sinks, etc....) drops could be determined also in a range of +100%/+1000% (like : you ran that rare mission in B, that thing give usually 150 mesetas, but this time it roll x2, x3... x10, so basically the rng is about % you will have) - About the mission itself, should be similar to other rares (in term of blocks, ennemies numbers), with maybe custom effect on ennemies, like shiny aura, to remind that they are rich. Again a lot of things are possible, but the idea is to have another choice in rares missions for those who are broken or dont need loots in og rares. The Grinders Keepeers - Similar as above but with grinders basically. Speaks for itself, but if something drops, its base S or S+1/S+10 (higher is the grinders, lower is the drop rate). To make things a bit funky, why not add those infinity grinders too but with extremly low rate... - About ennemies, feels like both droids and staterias would suit well somehow. As for regular missions, there is like a lot of possibilities and same goes for events. Could think of more, but for now im ok with anything in terms of layout, maps or ennemies.
  5. That said, zalure 5 feels too high. Maybe 3 is enough, and 4 later with a pseudo-GAS system is the way to go. Or maybe it's zalure itself who's too powerful...
  6. The GM and more generally the ranger classes are at this stage precisely because there was debate last 5 or 6 years on this forum and especially the previous forum to discuss it. GM was bad on the JP server (lack of damage, AoE...) that's why I advocated multiple time for a laser width increase and some boost there and here, and many other thing. So if you think it's bad why not, but explain what should change concretely. Basically, I've never seen any of the regular players, among those who DONT play GM or any ranger classes, complaining about it. You said "Gunmaster literally has no weaknesses" and then you ask me to prove what I'm saying. Go into more detail, and I am sure that you will be heard if what you say is relevant.
  7. Regarding balance : 1) I still think GT is (by a bit) too strong; reduce the support techs 40 -> 30 could be a good start... No point having something that outperform FG whereas it an hybrid class. Maybe slighty reduce bows power (by 5-7%) could be a thing too idk 2) From what I've heard/see, twin claws are super OP, and this make (for now) FF a bit better than FM 3) Just stop with GM lmao. Just like in the previous serv, people tended to think it was "the best class" for w/e the reason but the fact is : MF outperform GM. Cuz : dps =/= damage output. Damage output is better as ranger, but dps is better as force, since you have top-tier AoE choice. Also, Grinna S dies in like 5-6secs with top geared MF, more 10secs as GM. So even versus monotarget, MF shine.
  8. It's also designed for teamplay... Would be weird to solo in like 10min an event mission in the hardest difficulty tbh. Also, not directly related, but I drop this here : This sound very cool.
  9. The problem with that statement is that difficulty has another purpose (than giving us drop) in a game like this (which, basically, is about getting a character as far as possible in terms of power) : measure the progress. You want S2 for drops, but you want S2 and higher lvl to point out the flaws of your character and so trying to minmax and/or found a good group for getting the loots in the current difficulty... its not "This serves to encourage playing on S2", its the design. And it's "fun". Bacically, its "okay now I enter that dungeon with that wood stick and It takes forever to kill that... So I come back later with 2 more levels and that iron sword +2 and now its ok, and I can become stronger, etc" it's an ascending spiral
  10. Regarding the loot: I think that having something guaranteed is a good idea which must continue, provided that we do not abandon the RNG; putting the context of the event aside, I do not imagine that we can have the guarantee in one way or another to build a top pallet. In my opinion, it is necessary in balance, to the advantage of the RNG. Concretly : x is the best weapon, y is the second one. X is rng, y guaranteed if you play enough. For exemple, in z event your Eternal Psychodrive is RNG but you can have one 15% weaker if you spend like 15-20h spamming this or that. On a side note, I think those prototypes weapons are (maybe ? just a personnal opinion) a missed opportunity for a good money sink. With maybe some mats and "a lot" of money, it would be nice to allow us to upgrade them (with another condition idk, like 2k monsters killed with that weapon like a "potential awakened") hope this point will be taked in consideration, really think its the way to go A bit out of context, but since all this come more or less with the event (which is better than some og events so Idk what to say except good job)
  11. I do not know if you talk about the game in general OR the event in your The State of The GameTM part since you base your arguments with example from the events like it was all the game, but anyway... Facts are : it is possible to easily complete a S2 mission with lv150 monsters in 5 minutes. And we are currently level 100. What's hard in that ? Also, for the event, best time is around 10m for a full team, 20m duo. Like you say so again, don't see the point to point out an exagerate difficulty About gunmaster : Possibly. But the time you use twin mayalee for debuff ONE target, you don't DPS. AoE, some one hit spot large ennemy. In some situations, a lot of classes are doing as good as the GM do. You should give more examples. About KS : yeah, the purpose to that is to ohko low sta ennemy. And the block 2 in this particular event make rifles useful. It will always like that with incap, and its not a GM "issue" since FG/GT can do that. Also, this event is overall better for fighters, minus bosses and block 2.
  12. Ok with the 7. That's why Ive made a topic month ago about the RNG point (which doesnt have to be ultimate rule for everything). And for rares missions, we could imagine another currency to pay them and/or the possibilty to convert the PA frag since they start to stack and some have an obscene amount in stock... No question ofc to make a system that allow to run 1 rare per day for casuals and 2-3 for hardcore players, but something around that per weeks sound about right imo. Very clunky/imprecise idea, need to be deeply elaborated, but I hope in the future (months or years, not an hurry) some RNG point will be reworked/rethinked, and especially rares missions.
  13. Could be a good idea. (or not, see Zeta post below) Also, this make me think that some custom ennemies/bosses (if that happen) could have an AoE pattern that remove all buffs (more a bosses stuff, with a new pattern for S5 custom falz or w/e)
  14. Never heard of Deathbullet. Maybe you refer to killershot, which is a situationnal PA which works ONLY on robot and well on droid (and some magicians like Bal Soza) so the "is the only thing people are doing" cannot be, even at AMF since Zagenga outperfom KS on packed droids. Also, a lot leveled their KS to 21+ (which is enough iirc to have SE maxed) before kappa. You complain about something that doesn't exist. For shotgun and overall ranger damage, try to play with good fighters : they don't have to be ashamed in comparison of good rangers.
  15. For the lack of challenge point, it's true but I don't think the game has to get very difficult. In the future, I will like to see higher rank of difficulty and maybe event and/or special weekly mission and/or something like Diablo rift feature (infinite tower or something)... but something only designed for endgame... Because its easier for devs than rethinking the whole game and its where the game has to really start in this kind of game. For the first point, its a no. 1 ) The most stuffed and richest players are those who spam missions with random or friends. And from what I've seen, I don't think you clear faster than even a "casual player" party. And if it was the case, then you prove for yourself another essential point : the psychological dimension. Soloing is good for TA and for loot something specific you need. Otherwise, it's boring and a waste of time, and so you play less. 2) Except with some specific item (those coming from rare), the market is flooded with everything you need. That's mean thing drop, and removing the DNR will even more destroy the market. That's fact, not an opinion. For the second point, I thought you changed your mind, since it has been proven is not that much an issue. And maybe not an issue at all... edit : but now I've read the discord, and that I do the synthesis, I think that you had self-disgusted with the game... The problem is more here.
  16. You are not the first to complain about this system Deezy. On the previous forum there was a lot of post on this subject. I believe there are others here as well. So devs are aware I think, all we have is to wait now.
  17. None, I just see that whatever choices they make, there will always be someone to complain about it. That said, I understand your argument
  18. A minority of people (who by the way don't play the game) complained that everything was taking too long.
  19. If breaking remain (and possibly it should, Potato's arguments are fine), then again a slight success rate increase would be welcome. Or, if fail, -1/-1, not -total/-1. What some have experienced lately seems too brutal to me (like 2/2 a weapon you spend hours to hunt) that's torture, not money sink.
  20. At the end of the previous serv, we had a red dot on the mini map to show if something red dropped. Eventually it will comeback, I guess ?
  21. We're not going to keep a system that is possibly the worst I've seen just because a few players have multiple S + 8/9/10... It's like saying in march/april (or whatever the month, not the point) "please dont release Caster Broom, because I have to sell my 8 psycho wand" I will not repeat what has been said by the good posts above, because it is obvious that this system needs to be SIMPLIFIED and made less frustrating. At the very least, failing a 6/10 shouldn't reduce the 10. It's for what I advocate since past server and that's what the first idea of the google doc said which is good. A failed should result in -1/10 (fail at 6, it turn to 5/10) with the current rate succes it would remain a solid money sink. Weapon repair could also comeback (and so, fail = -1/-1) but then, I would like to c/c one of my idea : Anyway, there is like 20 ways (theoretically... dunno if the client could allow everything) to make that painful mechanic a pleasant thing. Good luck !
  22. With previous lasers width increase, this is arguably one of the best balance we had for gunners. Thank you.
  23. It has been implemented on Ephinea since the start of the server or almost, and it is the most PSO played server.
  24. A leaderboard who could show both class level and total mp earned would be nice (and relevant, I would like to be able to situate myself) One with total ennemies killed and/or missions runned, doesnt proove anything ofc but always fun to know. More skeptical about thing like hours played/mesetas earned... Also, event with temporary leaderboard would be nice in the future.
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